Hello everyone. My name is Priti Nath Guru We all know that today’s we live in the world of 24 x 7 So the people who works in night or evening shift and deliver us services and products Due to this they face some health issues because they are not working in natural timings So this video is dedicated for such people We’ll talk about some points that to be followed so that they can take care of their health First of all we’ll talk about Exercise Nature says that we should work in morning and sleep in night But the people who work in night or evening shift generally They work in night and sleeps in morning which is against the nature So for them its very important to be more concentrated towards exercise because Due to such routine they have to face lot of medical problems i.e Stress, Sugar, Headache, Anxiety issues So its important to keep your exercises in your mind and try to give a healthy lifestyle to yourself I understand when you work in night then you want to take rest in morning But its a matter of your health So when you work in night and the moment you come back in morning Then either join gym or do some walk at least People who are not doing till now, try to do it from 10 mins to 30 mins Though you must be tired but nothing is as important than your health Second thing which I would suggest you to keep you movements active while and where you are working Concept behind this is – Don’t stand if you can walk, Don’t sit if you can stand Don’t lay down if you can sit & don’t sleep if you can lay down So do it as per your possibility and do walk if it works else you can do your work in standing position Try to do it at least for sometime only but we should do it But if you have completely sitting job then try to give some movements to your hands and legs Also keep the movements of head & even if you rotate your neck Even if you keep the movements of your hands so that will be added in your activities This will be beneficial for you to give you a healthy lifestyle Though physically we are going against the nature But try to take maximum of nature friendly or natural food items in your diet We should have maximum intake of vegetable and fruits rather than having junk food Because due to night shift and lack of time people prefer eating food in canteen Canteen in offices provides either junk or fried food So try to carry some fruits or vegetables with you from home so that you get natural food Before you go for work you should have balanced dinner which contains All group of food items including fruits, vegetables, salad and Dal – Chapati. Try to have minimal quantity of carbohydrate Taking balanced diet will help you to pass 3-4 hours easily rest you can take some light snacks Take the fruits from carried from home, that will be better for you Don’t take too much coffee and tea Have proper intake of water and never tries to avoid water Make sure that you have 3-4 litre of water intake in a day & less intake of tea and coffee Apart from that if you have any medical issues like Headache, Stress & Anxiety. Moment you notice any symptom of it, never ignore it rather you must take medical help Because these problems can be severe for the people who work in this kind of job or routine People who work in evening or night shift, they face these types of medical issues Which can turn into complicated so before they turn complicated you must take prior medical help Apart from that try to stay happy and do medication if possible One more thing to be take care by the employees and the employers who belongs to this industry Work should be done in forwarding shifts rather than backward shifts Forward Shift means – if you had work in night shift then your next working shift would be morning And after working in morning shift you next working shift should be evening Rather following evening shift after night shift and then morning shift No backward shifts instead maintain forward shift so it will be easier for your body clock to adjust with it I hope you’ll like this video & following these tips will enable you to have all the health benefits Please do like and share my videos & do subscribe my channel Thank you….

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