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– Hello friends. We have been out and about. We just filmed a week in a life vlog So the footage from it will be in that. But we just went to a
big homeschool jump time at a new trampoline park somewhere in our area. And now I have four days or so until I’m gonna go do that big, once a month grocery shop
and haul for February. We are just out of eggs. No cereal, oatmeal is gone… We do have bread for
toast but unless we wanna have just toast the next couple mornings or a few mushy bananas. I guess we do have smoothie stuff. We could do smoothies. But, I wanted to go into
Aldi and get a few… This is just gonna be
like breakfast things and odds and ends for a few days until next week, when I
can take a dedicated day to shop for the entire month of February. (upbeat happy music) (carts clinking together) (cart wheels rolling on pavement) (bag crunching) Good price on oranges. We will get some more of those. One more thing of bagels. And then this Flatbread
looked pretty good. 16 carbs minus 9 so that’s… I guess better than nothin’. We’re having lunch on the
drive home from the jump park because it takes us about an hour or so and we’ve got basketball
and stuff this evening. There’s a couple different little snackies and then the caramel apples so we’re… We’re gettin’ lunch to eat. And then for everybody’s
terat with their lunch for 49 cents… (upbeat happy music) So this is a really good yogurt price. 29 cents. Three cases down there and
then three up top here. (upbeat happy music) Here is all the good interesting stuff. Just all the Aldi finds. You never know what you’ll find. Ooh, a copper crisper. Ah, $9.99 nice. I like the buffet serving bowls too. Ooh, $6.39, very nice. A lot of kitchen stuff in here. (upbeat happy music) Because we are on-the-go today everybody is eatin’ their
Aldi lunch in the van and I am eating two of these
cause they seem really small. It’s like a chef salad. Two of these will be the
appropriate salad size for me. Whenever we get home I
will do this grocery haul. Okay friends, we are back and I probably already mentioned it… We’ve been a-jumpin’ all
afteroon at the trampoline park and now some of the kids are goin’ out to basketball practice and some of the kids, and myself, we have Taekwondo. So we’ve gotta get these
groceries back here I’m gonna talk about, put
away, heat up some leftovers, run out the door. So let me show you what we got. Okay, so in this haul you’ll see I only got four gallons of milk. As I mentioned, I’m doing my big, once a month grocery shoppin’ haul. Several of you say you
love to hear kid noises so you’re gonna get a lot
of those in this video. But, not only did we need
breakfast stuff, we have so many activities over this next few days. And there’s also, as I’m
gonna show you in a minute, lots of lunch stuff. Okay, anyways. So, four gallons of milk. That is for the next four days. Then the yogurt was just a
super cool, amazing deal. Only 29 cents. At Sharp Shopper I get
the discounted yogurt for 25 cents. So at 29 cents at Aldi
I got 6 cases of 12. Their eggs were 99 cents. I got six dozen. Travis and I do a lot of eggs. I’ve also been doing those Trim Healthy Mamma Muffin in a Mug and I need an egg every time I do those. This is that cereal bar deal that my friend Ashley on
Larch Family Management… She gets a case of these for her kiddos cause they’re only $1.39 a box. And I thought, “You know, if I saw these for a $1.39
a box at Sharp Shopper, and sometimes I can get
these there for 99 cents. Sometimes I get really really
marked down, two for a dollar. But $1.39 was not a bad price, and with all the lunches
and ready-to-go snacks I need for the coming days, these will be helpful, and they’ll last beyond the four days. I got two bunches of the grapes. These were a $1.19 a pound. Grapes go… Those will be gone in two days. One bag of oranges. Only three little packs of blackberries and these were $2.19 a pack. When I do the Trim Healthy
Mama Chocolate Muffin in a Mug I will put cream or sugar
free Cool Whip on it and I like ’em with blackberries. If I can stash these somewhere I’ll be able to put some blackberries… Or a kid will eat these in 2.5 seconds. Okay, I mentioned we were
out of all breakfast things. So, I got one container of oatmeal. Really and truly this could
be two morning breakfasts but I got us a variety. So I got a pack of oatmeal. I got two things of peanut butter because we were totally
out and that is so sad. Showing restraint, I only
got four packs of bagels. These are nice, big, thick bagels. I love their bagels there. They were only 99 cents a pack. I got two things of syrup. I’m not planning on
doing waffles or pancakes but there’s been several
times in the last week where I’ve thought, if we
had syrup I would do it. So there’s a possibility
that Sunday morning I might be able to pull that off
so we’ll have some syrup. We also have some Corn Flakes. I only got, let’s see… I know I got a fourth loaf of bread. Where did you go bread? It’s probably still in the van but I got four loaves of bread. And then I got myself this Flatbread. It’s not quite as low in carbs as the other low carb bread
I like to get at Wal-Mart. But, 16 carbs minus 9, so that’s still less than 10 carbs for the wrap. And I shove all kinds of veggies and meat and stuff in it. We got some real mayonnaise
because I had got Miracle Whip last time because that’s all
the last Aldi we were in had. But we got some real mayonnaise. Got some more pepper rings
and some jalapeno slices. I’m so excited, my 15 year old is starting to like spicy peppers with me. So, he’s on my team. And, Aldi today, yay. They had pepper jack. If you’re a long time viewer you know I go through a saga sometimes
where it doesn’t matter whatever Aldi I go, they’ll
have no pepper jack. What a lot of these items are is tomorrow we have a two hour
homeschool roller skating time. We’ll need to pack a lunch for that. The next day, four of our kids have basketball games on Saturday. It’s gonna be all day long. So I need to pack lunch for ten. Also, what I got a bunch of today that was included in this
haul was our lunch for today. So when I tell you the price, know that also included lunch
for ten while we were out. I had one of these salads. I ended up only eating
one, that was plenty. So this’ll be my lunch for tomorrow. I had gotten, I think I
showed this in the cart but I got several of these until I bought all they had so then I just got traditional Lunchables. These sliced apples and caramel. They were 69 cents for
the little to-go-packs. We did’t eat ’em today so
the kids will eat these. I’m sure they’ll eat these tomorrow. I got some of these quick
Snack Sticks for Travis and I. I got several packs of this
cheese dip and crackers. I got four packs of six
each of the Raisins. I got just one pack of
turkey and one pack of ham because I have a pack of roast
beef and a pack of turkey, but again, whatever the math
is on all of these sandwiches and such that we’ll need
over the next few days, I knew I would need two more packs. And then I had one pack
of cheese left so I got several packs of these cause only have either 10 or 12 slices. And then their Pretzels
continue to be an amazing deal. These are only 59 cents a bag. And Travis had one of these for lunch. I had gotten two of these
packs of beef jerky. Oh, and Liam had asked me… He said, “Mommy, we have not
had the macaroni and cheese in the box in a really long time.” So, for 33 cents a box,
I got a whole case of it and I’m sure, at some
point, that might be what they have on Monday, when
I do my big grocery shop. Anyway it goes it’ll be some fun. Treat meals for the kids to
have some mac and cheese. So here’s a look at the haul again. So like I say, in just I’m
gonna get back to do it. It’s been a few months since I’ve done true, once a month grocery
shop and so I’m gonna get that started again for February. It’s been fun goin’
every week or so but now I’m ready to be completely stocked up and just have to do a little fillin’ haul in the middle of the month like the good ol’ days. So this total haul came to $195.00 and I know I’m focusing… Sorry, I’m looking at
kids on a fire truck. I know I’m focusing heavy
on the next four days but obviously this is more of a one week grocery shoppin’ haul. Whenever I mention time
frames, like if I say, one week or four days or one month, sometimes people think literally all this food will be gone in four days. Many times when I do those
big, once a month grocery shopping hauls I will have food items left from that haul for five to six weeks that stretch out. It’s more about having a
budgeted amount for food and then makin’ that
money stretch to buy food and get the things that we
need to feed our family. So I’ll see ya tomorrow
with a brand new video and talk to you in the comments below. Bye-bye.

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