#1 Weight Loss Problem AFTER 40 (HINT: Not Your Diet or Exercise)

Hey, everybody out there! Coach Dan Long here with
the Over 40 Protocol. And today I am in Maui. And yes, I have a
couple of tips for you. I want to share with you
straight from– look at this– I’m in the ocean, yes. You look at this behind me. I mean, the wind
is kind of crazy, but this is Maui, Hawaii. And I want to bring you–
see this link down below? Don’t click it. Don’t touch it. Don’t even look at it
just yet, because I want to tell you a couple of things. First off, when it comes to
being over 40, I understand. I’m 46 years old. I’ve been training moms, dads,
kids, professional athletes, Olympians, you name it,
for over 20 plus years. And the one thing
that I can tell you is that I have determined that
if you’re over 40, the number one problem– it’s not your exercise program. It’s not your diet. It most likely is, guess what? Your hormones. Yes, your hormones. See, these fad diets, Keto,
paleo, vegan, Nutrisystem, South Beach diet, all these
diets, what are they doing? They’re not allowing you to have
a flat stomach and or six pack abs for you guys. So that’s why I wanted to
take some time out right now and shoot this short video to
give you a solution that all starts on, guess what? Day one. Yes, starts on day one. Now literally, today
I had cheat foods. I had tiramisu because
I was so hungry. And I could. And I also had a
flatbread pizza. Yes, how can you
come to Maui, Hawaii and not have a Hawaiian style
pork and pineapple barbecue flatbread pizza? You can. And I’m going to tell you how. Three components that you have
to do that are so strategic that you have to pay
attention, because it’s a protocol that all combines
together specifically for someone like yourself if
you’re over the age of 40. Maybe you’re 50. Maybe you’re 60. Maybe you’re in your
70s, it doesn’t matter. It will work only
if you’re over 40. See, number one, the
component number one is strategic meal timing. You have to time
your meals in the day strategically to be
able to make them work. OK? Number two– I’m going to
do number two here with this in my hand– number two is
strategic meal pairing. Yes, if you can meal
pair, then you too can also get that stubborn stuff
around your waist themselves to release and burn off. Number three, which is what
all my clients from all over around the
world, thousands, loved the most is to be able to
put high-carb cheat meals back on your plate, just
like the flatbread pizza that I told you about
that I had today. If you want ice cream, you
want cookies, you want pie, you want cake, you can have
it– burgers, all that. But you have to do
it strategically. OK. So I didn’t want to have
to come all the way to Maui to explain this to you,
but I will tell you if you take advantage of
this link below in a minute– not yet. Don’t click it. OK– You’re going to
absolutely love the results that you’ll start feeling on day
one and every day there after. You’re going to boost
your growth hormone. You’re going to boost
your metabolism. And you’re going to
fight the aging process, because no one wants to
feel like it’s not working. And if you knew that it could
start working on day one, would you be interested? I knew you would. Now it’s called the Over
40 Hormone Reset Solution. OK? Now if you pay attention– I almost thought I
stepped on a turtle because there’s turtles in
this water, believe it or not– if you pay attention,
you too at this link will see that there
are fad diets, all these different
fad diets that you need to pay attention to. I list them all down
on this page below. You’re going to see not
only me and my wife– she’s 43 years old. We have three amazing kids– that she’s living
a healthy lifestyle using this exact protocol. You’re also going to see my
best friend and partner Shaun Hassell. He’s 47 years old, six pack
abs, and he’s a ripped grandpa. Yes, absolutely. And you’re also going to see
his wife Karen, 59 years old. And her story is absolutely
mind blowing, shocking people all around the world at 59 years
old using this exact system. So now if I have your
attention, and you want to be able to vacation
in places like Maui, wherever it is that your
favorite destination is and be able to use a protocol
that can help you release this midsection and burn
it off, right, very easily, I can tell you right now you
can do that using the Over 40 Hormone Reset Solution
at this link below. Now when you click
this link, OK, I want you pay attention
to the fad diet section– I talked about
Keto, paleo, vegan, all these different diets
that are on there, all right– but then also the most
important is strategically understanding the meal
timing, the meal pairing, and the strategic
high-carb cheat meals that can go back into
your diet starting today. And that means pizza. That means cake. That means wine. That means all your
favorite foods. But you have to do it
strategically by following this protocol down below. All right, it’s your turn. Thank you so much for
stopping on this feed. This is me from Maui saying you
know [INAUDIBLE],, which they always say, which I always
say it probably wrong, but you know, aloha, which means
hi and amazing and goodbye. Aloha to you. It’s time for you to
click the link below.

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