10 American Foods That Should Be Banned (Part 3)

10 American Foods That Should Be Banned (Part 3)

Just when you thought we couldn’t find any
more preposterous foods that so desperately needed to be banned, we’re back again, and
you won’t believe the foods and dishes we found this time. Here are the 10 American
Foods That Should Be Banned – Part 3. Piccadilly Snow Cones Some things should just be left alone. Snow
Cones, a refreshing treat of shaved ice, topped with an assortment of flavors, usually of
a fruity sort, have been the staple of fairs and corner stores for quite some time. But
we ask who in the name of all that is good on this planet decided that Piccadilly would
have made a good addition to the old recipe that hasn’t really wavered for decades? But
before any of us get confused, let’s make sure we understand the etymology of the name
itself. Piccadilly is actually a reference to a road in London by the same name. The
person who named this wacky little treat was probably thinking of piccalilli (which is
a mixture of pickled vegetables and spices) or pickled vegetables as a whole, because
that’s what the recipe consists of, specifically … pickled vegetables like pickles or what
have you topped over the icy treat. Sounds gross? Well, yeah, which is essentially our
point, and that’s why it makes our list of foods we can do without and should be banned. Garlic Ice Cream This one’s sure to keep the old vampires away.
And while Dracula spins, turns heel and runs screaming for the confines of his coffin to
safety, we wonder how you would fare when faced with this creation. For us foodies,
though, we’d say that collectively, we’ve all seen our fair share of weird ice creams,
especially with great shows on the Food Network and channel like Chopped and of course Iron
Chef America. The chefs and competitors on those shows have been whipping up crazy ice
cream flavors like this one and others for quite a number of years, and this one here
definitely takes the cake. We doubt very much that this would be a viable dessert option,
but to each their own. Maybe this would be a different texture and accompaniment to a
savory meal, but we can’t be all that sure, now can we? Especially when it comes to food.
The sky’s the limit, as they say. Watergate Salad The dish also known as Green Goop (how appetizing)
has been around for quite some time. Like Ambrosia Salad and a lot of other delights
from the lost sixties and seventies, the dish got its popularity from the Tupperware parties
famous in the era. This was commonly used as a dessert salad and believe it or not,
also as a side dish. It’s base is made of pudding and marshmallows and it is topped
with nuts and overall, it would make a decent dessert, but yet there’s something so unnatural
looking about it. The name itself references a pretty horrible presidential scandal: Nixon’s
fall from power. And we are reminded of the fiasco every time we hear the name of this
dish. But is this the only reason to ban this recipe from our American recipe books and
vernacular? Not at all, as the recipe itself is pretty horrid … offering not much in
terms of epic tastes, especially the epic tastes American cuisine is known for. It’s
rather bland and well, boring for lack of a fancier term. Lobster Ice Cream And speaking of crazy ice cream recipes. We
had to include this odd flavor as well. Who doesn’t like a nice lobster tail grilled to
perfection, topped with some garlic breadcrumbs? Sounds great, right? Particularly when served
right next top a delicious steak. But Lobster ice Cream? Really!? As hard as it is to imagine,
this particular flavor is available to one and all at Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium
as well as other locations. They, in particular, have been churning and serving this awkward
flavor since 1988. The fact that it’s still on the menu must mean something, shouldn’t
it? But do we dare try it? That is the eternal question, and one that as foodies, can keep
us up most nights … thinking about that one thing we haven’t yet tried. So if you
are curious, you can head over to Maine (of course), and try some of this stuff. But if
you ask us … we could do without this ice cream flavor, as well as other crazy flavors.
What ever happened to simple chocolate and vanilla? Potato Flake Chocolate Milk There are in fact so many other ways to enjoy
a large cold glass of chocolate milk. First of all, you’ve got your standard real milk,
but if you can’t tolerate fresh milk, there are a magnitude of other options that’ll do
the trick quite nicely. Specifically, we’ve got almond milk which is a really great substitute
and oat milk as well. And to these options, chocolate syrup or powder can be added thus
creating the chocolate milk that so many of us crave from time to time. Our question really
is though … did we really need another milk substitute? No way! That’s why this particular
product, specifically Reed’s Dairy Chocolate Milk isn’t a substitute at all. It contains
real milk and cocoa, with real potato flakes added to the mixture in order to achieve ultimate
creaminess. Seems a tad redundant to us and looks to be a pretty weird way of glorifying
the potato of all things. But wait a minute, the product is based out of Idaho …. So
that explains it: they are trying to push the potato on as many individuals as possible,
aren’t they? Convincing, or rather trying to convince everyone that’ll listen that potatoes
kind of belong in everything. If you want a creamy glass of milk, just add ice cream
and you’ll get there. Trust us on that one, and leave the potatoes for frying, thank you
very much. Deep-Fried Rattler When traveling to the Southern States of the
beautiful US nation, there are bound to be many interesting recipes or rather variations
of classic recipes we take for granted anywhere North of South Carolina. Snake, or rattlesnake
in particular is a delicacy in many Southern States, and they were introduced into the
diet of many Americans specifically out of necessity, either on hunting trips, camping
trips when food was in shortage, or even by chefs wanting to make bold new advancements
in their respective culinary careers. Regardless, this particular reptile made it to the cookbooks
of many down in the old south and many would say for very good reason. Believe it or not,
there are many that feel that rattlesnake is actually quite tasty. Now, as some of you
cringe or maybe even have a few back-shattering chills run up and down the old spine, or rather
slither, there are those that celebrate this ingredient and for lack of a better term,
protein option. Deep-fried rattler is the most common way of preparing this dish, although
some do grill the snake over an open flame, picking at the snake from atop the grill,
the end result essentially resembling pulled pork. All in all, the common consensus is
that this tasty treat actually tastes a lot like chicken. Gator Nuggets And very much like our earlier entry of the
deep-fried rattler, this one would probably fall under the same category. It is offered
in many southern restaurants, and by southern, of course we mean southern United States.
This is definitely a popular dish in those areas, specifically the state of Florida.
Gators and crocodiles are pretty popularly seen in the swamp lands and of course the
famed Everglades. There are so many reasons to ban this particular dish, one big one is
of course for the conservation of these rare and beautiful animals, and the other is that
this recipe is just oh-so-gross. The latter is an important reason, but the former is
the most important of all. These animals are ferocious, but if left alone in their natural
habitat, they are actually quite harmless, despite what Hollywood has told you over the
long years. Besides, aren’t there enough farm animals to provide us with tasty recipes?
We’d think so, yeah. The Infamous “Garbage Plate” Well, you needn’t go that far into the beautiful
United States to sample this horribly named dish found in Rochester, New York. As it turns
out, the particular place that serves up this slop is actually quite proud of this dish
and they do have a decent fan following. We’ll pass, as the name ruins it for us, as does
the look of it, but be our guest, should you be courageous and curious enough to give it
the old college try. The restaurant in question is known as Nick Tahou Hots, and has been
in operation for a century, having opened its doors for the first time in 1918! The
dish itself consists of: Fried potatoes, macaroni salad, baked beans, topped with the client’s
choice of protein, diced onions and spicy mustard. The finishing touch is the house
flavored hot sauce. The dish is also accompanied with bread and of course butter. All in all,
it’s just too much and the combined flavors are enough to induce a wee bit of sickness
if you ask us. Nick Tahou Hots can maybe start serving meatloaf or something, but please,
if they name it the garbage loaf or something like that, we’re running in the opposite direction,
thank you very much. Fermented Fish Heads This dish is popular in Alaska, that forgotten
state to the North … the place where dog sledding and miles and miles of frozen ground
rein supreme. That’s the home of many fish-based recipes, this one in particular. There are
many variations of this specific recipe, however, but overall, the practice is quite common.
The fish, any fish, is stored underground and allowed to ferment. After this process
is complete, the fish is added to a plethora of recipes, specifically stews and the like.
The practice of fermenting fish is an old native practice–specifically the native cultures
of the north in Alaska and of course the Canadian Territories also found near the North Pole.
But we don’t think that Santa and his Elves are feasting on this one in particular, after
all, Santa loves cookies and milk, right? This practice is also common in the Philippines,
and of course many European cultures. Our biggest problem with fish fermented like this
is the health risk! Alaska has been subject to many counts of botulism, a serious ailment
best described as a toxin-induced weakness with flu-like symptoms and may be fatal, due
to this process alone, so you understand our call for a ban. How about we make less risky
foods more widely available to our 49th state? Jellied Moose Nose Did we save the best for last? That depends
on what you mean by “the best”, of course. The best, as in the worst and strangest, or
the best as in the best out of the worst. We’d have to go with the former on this one,
as these are all pretty bad as far as we’re concerned, and this one would have to take
the proverbial cake as being quite possibly the very worst. So if we could ban the most
horrible foods to be found among the stars of the American cuisine we’ve come to know
and love our whole lives, we’d start with this creepy mess. Also quite popular in the
Northern Territories of both Canada and the United States, this one is served up in a
terrine, combining the moose meat (particularly the snout). It is cooked in its own fat and
juices, then formed into logs or long rectangular shapes, commonly compared to Head Cheese,
and we want no part of either, thank you very much! Stay right here and check out more of our
great videos. All you have to do is tap that screen. New to our channel and don’t want
to miss out? Then hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification

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  22. Garlic ice cream just tastes like regular sweet vanilla ice cream. I felt a little disapointed.
    Never heard anyone call pistachio ambrosia "watergate salad" before. Eat it every July 4th.
    Snake & gator are both tasty, but don't bother with the jerky; it's a ripoff & mostly beef.
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