10 “Healthy” Foods That Make You Fat (STOP EATING THESE!)

in this video I’m gonna show you ten
healthy foods that you’re eating that aren’t actually healthy this is
important because it’s hard enough to lose weight as it is you don’t want to
be sabotaging your own efforts by eating foods that aren’t actually helping your
weight loss goals so make sure you stick around until the end of the video
because some of these foods that I’m about to mention might surprise you
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healthy foods in order based on when we consume them throughout the day first up
is the almighty breakfast cereal this is probably one of the most damaging things
we put in our body because we get started on this stuff at a very early
age so I was born in Asia and growing up I didn’t eat breakfast cereal breakfast
cereals were completely foreign to me it was only when I moved to North America
that I was introduced to this stuff and I was like what you eat that stuff first
thing in the morning and the main problem with breakfast cereals is that
they are unbelievably highly processed and they’re full of sugar the problem is
it’s also a multi-billion dollar industry through sheer brilliant marketing
eating breakfast cereals has become the norm in North America and they’re really
smart when it comes to marketing this stuff so they put like cartoon
characters and action figures on the box and kids just go crazy over this stuff
and then we somehow justify eating this stuff and give it to our kids because
it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals as if that means anything the
problem is you’re only getting the synthetic version of those vitamins and
minerals because it gets added back to the food after all the processing that
it goes through I literally cannot think of a worse way to start your day by
eating a sugar bomb first thing in the morning by eating breakfast cereal next
up are granola bars protein bars and meal replacement bars they’re all the
same we live in a world where you can have anything on the go so we’re
all busy and sometimes we don’t have time to eat first thing in the morning
so we grab whatever’s convenient and that’s when these bars come in
it’s basically breakfast cereals evil cousin they’re literally the exact same
thing but again through brilliant marketing so they’re labeled as vegan
organic gluten-free non-gmo its high in fiber as if again that means anything
listen a cardboard box is also vegan non-gmo organic and high in fiber it
doesn’t mean that you should eat it the problem is most of these protein bars
and granola bars are laced with sugar or artificial sweeteners so if you look at
the back of the packaging it wouldn’t say sugar all the time it’ll usually say
sucralose or dextrose or maltodextrin or one of the 61 different names of sugar
if you’re in North America then you’ll know what this is but a Cliff Bar for
example has 240 calories 5 grams of fat 44 grams of carbs 22 grams of it being
sugar and 10 grams of protein compare that to a Snickers bar which has
280 calories 14 grams of fat 35 grams of carbs 30 grams of sugar and 4 grams of
protein they’re really not that far off from each other yet one gets demonized
and the other one gets a free pass next up are meal replacement shakes again
people consume this stuff because they’re branded as being healthy it’s
like you know meal on the go and to be clear I know I actually know some people
who’s lost weight on this stuff so I’m talking about those people that drink
like slimfast Shakeology or whatever company that’s just popping up left
right and center here because there’s big money on this stuff the problem is
do you really want to be drinking weight loss shakes for the rest of your life
can you sustain that and what are the long-term implications of drinking this
highly processed concoction that you’re drinking again the problem lies in the
processing so it contains fillers the main ingredients usually are high
fructose corn syrup vegetable oils which are highly highly inflammatory and
they’re usually sweetened with artificial sweeteners to keep the
calories down the problem is it’s not satiating you drink this stuff and
you know an hour or two later you’re hungry already
it’s laced with preservatives it’s laced with the 61 different names of sugar
that I mentioned earlier and they tend to be really expensive and you just have
to use some common sense here I mean you’re not eating real food here you’re
eating food-like products by drinking you know these meal replacement shakes
next up is fruit and I’m gonna get a lot of flack for this but I don’t care I’m
all about telling the truth fruit seems to get a health halo from a
lot of people and I guess if you’re replacing you know eating a bag of chips
and you’re eating fruit instead then I guess that’s a great first step but if
you’re trying to lose weight you should really limit your intake of fruits
especially the ones with high sugar content because here’s the thing your
body can’t tell the difference between eating fruit and eating candy it gets
processed the exact same way and the problem with fruit is it contains a type
of sugar called fructose which your liver can only process and high levels
of fructose in your system leads directly to fatty liver disease which is
directly linked to obesity and people still have this idea that they need to
consume you know five servings of fruits and vegetables every day that number by
the way is completely made up it’s not based on good science at all the
government literally just thought that five servings seems like a
good idea and that’s how that information became enshrined does that
sound like good science to you? And the other problem with fruit is the fruit
that we’re eating today is not even remotely close to being the same as the
fruit that our ancestors ate back in the day fruit today is genetically
modified to be sweeter it’s genetically modified to be bigger like banana back
in the day looks drastically different from a banana today same as tomatoes and
berries if you look at what a watermelon looks like back in the day versus the
stuff that we eat today they’re drastically different bottom
line is if your goal is weight loss you should be limiting your fruit
intake to avocado and berries next up is fruit juice this is the evil cousin of
fruit because now you’re getting it in its highly processed concentrated form
and that is a very bad thing at least with fruit you’re slowing down the
absorption of all those carbs and sugar in your body because of its fiber
content but when you drink fruit juice all of that gets taken away and when you
drink this stuff it literally acts like a sugar bomb once it enters your system
it’s no different than drinking a can of coke and the other problem with juice is
its serving size sometimes if you go to one of these fancy cold-pressed juice
places it’ll say oh it has five oranges cool my question is who eats five
oranges in one sitting and I don’t care that it has you know vitamin C or
whatever you can get vitamin C from better sources even broccoli has vitamin
C again drinking juice is no different than drinking a can of coke yet coke
gets demonized and juice gets a free pass for some reason next up are plant-based
substitutes and I’m gonna get a lot of flack for
saying this especially from the vegan community but
again I’m all about speaking the truth and I have nothing against vegans by the
way good for them but here’s the problem with plant-based substitutes let’s use
beyond burger for example it’s all the rage these days you know a lot of
fast-food joints have them a lot of restaurants serve beyond burgers and
people think it’s like the second coming of Jesus or something the problem with
beyond burgers is that if you look at the back of the box there are God
knows how many ingredients there are on a beyond burger versus let’s say a
burger patty the burger patty has one ingredient beef the beyond burger has
God knows how many ingredients and the amount of processing that it has to go
through for it to even look like you know a burger patty they need to make
this plant look like meat and a lot of processing needs to take place for that
to happen again most plant-based substitutes are highly
highly processed and it’s the exact same thing with like let’s say vegetable
chips listen they still need to be deep-fried in like canola or sunflower
oil which again are highly inflammatory bottom-line it’s when you’re trying to
make these healthy food choices just stick to single ingredient foods like
what’s the point of trying to go healthy by eating plant-based foods when you’re
eating an unbelievably highly processed food that makes zero sense to
me next up is diet soda listen diet soda is one of the biggest
lies in the fitness industry and again through brilliant marketing it’s being
branded as the healthier alternative to regular coke because it contains zero
calories as if that means anything in your body and I always say this in every
video but it’s worth repeating every single time your body doesn’t count
calories you have no calorie counter in your stomach your body however has a
physiological response every time you drink a can of Diet Coke it triggers an
insulin response and that’s important because insulin is what controls your
body weight so every time you trigger an insulin response your body goes into fat
storage mode and that’s how people get fat drinking this stuff diet coke
destroys your gut microbiome and it’s directly linked to obesity and here’s
the thing right do you know anybody who drinks diet coke and has lost a lot of
weight because of it no it’s the exact opposite and the other thing is people
use diet sodas as a crutch for their bad food choices like they’ll order the worst
thing on the menu and then they’ll say oh can I get a diet coke
with that please next up are low-fat dairy and low calorie foods it’s 2019
and we still have a fat phobia i spend a lot of time at coffee shops and you
still hear so many people order their skinny vanilla lattes there’s a lot of
research out there these days that shows that saturated fat and cholesterol are
actually not bad for you it was wrongfully demonized back in 1960 and it
led to unintended consequences like the obesity epidemic that we’re dealing with
these days the problem with low-fat dairy and low calorie foods in general
is that to make anything low-fat or low calorie fat is the main thing that gets
stripped away so it goes through again a lot of processing they take away the fat
because fat is calorically dense and once they take out the fat they need to
replace it with something else to make it taste good and that something else
is sugar so usually anything that’s low fat is actually high sugar low calorie
ice-cream is a perfect example of this so if you know about the brand
halo top if you’re in North America it’s really popular because it’s low calorie
it’s literally the dream you know you can eat low calorie ice cream but again
it’s highly processed they use sugar alcohols in this stuff and it’s really
not that much better than eating regular ice cream but again people eat this
stuff because they think it’s healthy next we have artificial sweeteners so
you’ve got your stevia Splenda sucralose maltodextrin they’re all the same it’s
branded as zero calories and people think that it’s good for you but again
your body still reacts to artificial sweeteners the same way your body thinks
that there’s food coming in so again it triggers an insulin response it triggers
the cephalic phase in your body again your body thinks there’s food coming in
so the more you consume this stuff the more you trigger an insulin response in
your body and persistently high levels of insulin leads to insulin resistance
and insulin resistance leads to diabetes and obesity listen
artificial sweeteners does not get a free pass in your body again zero
calories means nothing nothing that sweet gets a free pass and last but not
the least healthy whole grains if we do a little history lesson here back in the
60s obesity wasn’t a problem in the US and
back in 1977 the US released their first Dietary Guidelines for Americans they
told Americans to eat eight to twelve servings of grains and if I were to
pinpoint one reason why we have an obesity epidemic in north
America it’s because of the overconsumption of grains that and the
combination of us going from three meals a day to six meals a day and processed
grains does two really bad things to your body
number one is again it triggers an insulin response because most of the
grains that we consume are highly processed the higher the processing the
higher the insulin response and again if you’ve been watching my videos you’ll
know how important the insulin responses is in your body when it comes to setting
your body set weight and number two is that grains contain anti-nutrients
specifically lectins which is rarely ever talked about anti-nutrients reduces
the consumption of vitamins and minerals from a meal it can also trigger an
autoimmune response in your body because the lectins bind in the gut wall of your
stomach and your body starts attacking itself in the process
that’s how autoimmune diseases are born yet nobody talks about this stuff here’s
all you need to know about healthy whole grains okay so we evolved as humans two
and a half million years ago modern agriculture started ten thousand
years ago so that was when we started cultivating grains so our bodies evolved
to eat a certain way two and a half million years ago and then we started
eating grains ten thousand years ago if you do a little math that is 0.4% of
human history that we only started eating grains simply put our bodies
haven’t evolved to process this stuff yet our entire diet revolves around
grains these days North Americans predominantly still eats a very high
carb low fat diet and there’s nothing inherently wrong with eating carbs by
the way like a lot of you know traditional people still eat carbs like
the Okinawans and the Kitavans for example they eat a very high carb diet they eat
a lot of yams and tubers for example and they don’t have an obesity problem the
poison lies in the processing and that’s been a major theme from all the foods
that I mentioned in this video at the end of the day you just want to make
sure that you revolve your diet around single ingredient foods you want to
revolve your diet around plants and animals try to avoid refined carbs and
processed carbs don’t drink liquid calories and avoid added sugar and make
sure you do your own research before you start eating the next trendy healthy
food remember there are no bad foods only processed ones the next question
then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose
weight because let’s be honest 80% of your body composition
is determined by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do
you have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to
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