11 Natural Treatments for White Tongue

Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today we will be talking about 11 Natural
Treatments for a White Tongue, and did you know that having a white coating on your tongue
could be indicative of a lot of health problems, from adrenal fatigue, to a microbiome problem
in your gut such as leaky gut, or even low energy levels called low Qi in the body in
Chinese medicine. There are all different types of factors that
can be causing a white tongue, so on today’s episode I’m going to be going over what causes
a white tongue and the natural remedies, herbs, the essential oils, and things that can help
you get rid of it and take control of your health. And by the way, help me spread the word right
now that food is medicine. Take a minute, punch that share button and
click that like button. Millions of people are suffering with conditions
related to a white tongue, and don’t know how to overcome this. Let’s first talk about what can cause a white
tongue. Number one, dehydration. If somebody is not hydrated, it can cause
them to have a white tongue. So of course getting more fluids and not just
water but electrolytes in the diet on a daily basis. Electrolytes are going to be potassium, sodium,
magnesium, calcium, and even chloride. These are electrolytes that keep the body
hydrated. So again, dehydration is a cause of white
tongue, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids, especially warm fluids like warm
tea, and then vegetable juices can help with hydration. The next thing would be poor oral hygiene. Of course if somebody isn’t oil pulling, brushing
their teeth, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, actually green apples, and carrots, and celery,
those actually help with good oral hygiene as does brushing your teeth. And so again, poor oral hygiene can be causing
these issues as well. An illness or infection can cause a white
tongue. So if somebody gets very rundown, gets a cold,
or flu, or has another sort of disease that’s especially affecting the body’s immune system,
or spleen, or digestive system, this can happen as well. A dry mouth, again, oftentimes correlated
with dehydration, making sure you’re getting plenty of healthy, healthy liquids in your
diet is great as well. A few other causes is sugar, this is a big
one. When you start to get a white coating on your
tongue . . . by the way, there are different causes of white tongue. Either your tongue itself can be pale and
that can show that whiteness, or it can actually be a coating on your tongue and if it’s the
full tongue or back of the tongue, all of those are different conditions that we’ll
get into here in just a minute. But sugar, if there’s yeast in the body,
that can cause a white tongue. Especially if you’ve just eaten sugar and
go look at your tongue, oftentimes it’s more white right afterwards. Reaction to medications, you know, medications
can leach nutrients from your body and actually cause yeast overgrowth. In fact, birth control pills are one of the
top medications that have serious, serious side effects when it comes to causing major
yeast overgrowth in your body. Also having a candida infection in your body,
so candida, a type of candida yeast infection will absolutely cause that white coating on
your tongue. Smoking and tobacco use is another one. Over use of alcohol, that will typically not
cause that coating on your tongue. It will typically cause a paleness because
of all the stress it puts on the liver. Also worry and emotional stress, this is a
big one that will cause a white coating on your tongue. In fact, what will cause just as much of a
yeast or candida overgrowth as sugar consumption is a lot of stress and worry. In fact, that really wears down the spleen,
according to Chinese medicine, which can then cause yeast overgrowth, and congenital heart
disease. If somebody struggling with a heart disease,
that’s another factor. And let’s move right into one of my favorite
topics, and that’s Chinese medicine. When you get a coating on your tongue in Chinese
medicine or depending on the coating, it’s indicative of certain health problems. Let me give an example. If somebody has a coating, and by the way,
go and look at your tongue, stick out your tongue, “ah.” Look in the mirror, your bathroom mirror. If you have a coating on your tongue but it’s
mostly on the back of your tongue, that’s correlated with adrenal fatigue and low what’s
called kidney Qi but that means you have adrenal fatigue or you have kidney issues right there
if you have more of a coating on the back or the posterior part of your tongue according
to Chinese medicine. So you can self diagnose by simply looking
at your tongue in the mirror. Another thing that can be causing a white
coating on your tongue is a spleen deficiency. If you stick out your entire tongue and there’s
a coating on your entire tongue, that’s indicative of what’s called a spleen deficiency and that
typically means that your body, especially your blood cells, things aren’t sticking together. So your spleen is responsible for making things
stick together. Especially if you’re a person who has a
loose stool, loose bowel movements, not well-formed, having some basic digestive issues, and a
white coating on your tongue, that’s indicative of a spleen deficiency. One of the things that can cause spleen deficiencies
are worry and stress. Other things are consuming too much sugar
or refined grains. The other thing is consuming too many damp
food such as dairy products, or eggs, or wheat products, or bananas, or sugar, all of these
things cause dampness to accumulate in the body. So a spleen deficiency is typically just,
your body’s too damp which makes you susceptible to yeast and candida overgrowth in your body
which can show up on your tongue as a coating of a white tongue. Another thing here is a Qi deficiency, and
that is where your kidneys get very worn out in Chinese medicine. Now, the way you know that you have a Qi efficiency
is not if you have a coating on your tongue but if your tongue is pale. Your tongue should actually be a nice bright
pink color, okay, when you stick it out and look at it in the mirror. So if it’s pink it looks good. If it’s like a light pink or even becomes
like a pale, a very pale pink, that’s a warning sign that you have a Qi efficiency and that
your energy is depleted. And your kidney, in Chinese medicine, is responsible
for bringing up your energy, and here’s another way you know if somebody has low Qi. You know, sometimes they would say in Chinese
medicine that person has a glow about them or bright eyes. So if you have this energy, your eyes are
bright, you’re very, you feel really good like you just feel good, you know, you feel
good, you’re energetic. They would say in Chinese medicine that person
has high Qi, that person has really high energy fullness in their body. If somebody’s energy becomes low, their kidneys
aren’t working as strong, their lungs, their liver, these organs become deficient. People is tend to start to struggle with motivation,
say they feel lack . . . not as motivated and they feel energy depleted as the day goes
on. They start feeling, not really serious clinical
depression but oftentimes there’s a modest depression, they can get down some days. But there is just this overall lack of life,
and energy, and a glow about the person. If somebody has the lack of that, that’s low
Qi in Chinese medicine and typically that can also be correlated with a pale tongue,
so not a coating but a pale tongue there as well. And I’m going to talk about how to help
improve some of these things here as well, and a likely gut imbalance. If somebody has a white coating on their tongue,
typically they have too much bad bacteria and yeast in their system and they have a
lack of soil-based probiotics and good bacteria and probiotics in their system, which is affecting
their overall immune system. So this is how they would diagnose or deal
with some things in Chinese medicine. Now let’s talk about those remedies that help
the body overcome a white tongue. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training,
take a minute right now, punch that share button, click that love button. Help me spread the word right now on how to
use food as medicine and overcome these chronic deficiencies that so many people are struggling
with today. Number one remedy, probiotics. We know probiotics help with a number of things,
but the number one thing, the right type of probiotics will do, probiotics will crowd
out the bad yeast and candida and support the growth or help replenish those good bacteria
in probiotics that your body is so deficient in. And so again, probiotics really help with
that microbiome imbalance in the body. Now, another thing that can also help a white
tongue is baking soda. Baking soda is very alkaline in nature and
so that can actually help. A lot of times when our bodies become too
acidic in terms of the foods we are eating on the regular basis, and if we have things
like reflex to where things are coming up, we want to dry things down. Baking soda can help with that. Coconut oil pulling, we know oil pulling. Coconut oil is very high in medium chain fatty
acids which are antimicrobial which help balance out the good and bad bacteria ratios in the
body. So oil pulling is where you’re going to put,
like take a tablespoon of coconut oil, swish it around in your mouth from between 5 minutes
and up to 20 minutes ideally. And a great time to do that when you’re in
the shower, you know, you put in a tablespoon of coconut oil, you shower and keep in your
mouth and then you spit it out in a paper towel and throw it away afterwards. That’s great time to do oil pulling there
as well. By the way, if you’ve ever done oil pulling,
I would love to hear from you right now here on Facebook Live or Youtube Live. Let us know if you’ve done oil pulling and
seeing benefits with that. Sea salt, now sea salt especially good types
of truffle salt that are found in things like the bed of the Pacific Ocean, they are very
high in not just sodium but they have good amounts of trace minerals as well. And actually a little bit of sea salt or minerals
is actually good to support the adrenals, so we talked about one of those conditions
causing a pale tongue or the white coating in the back of the tongue is a lack of electrolytes
or hydration, so sea salt with lots of water is actually very, very good. And again, you don’t want to do a lot of sea
salt but I’m talking about you know, a quarter of a teaspoon and water, drinking that down
very, very good at supporting the adrenal health there as well, just sprinkling some
on your food. Astragalus, this is the chief urban Chinese
medicine that is nourishing to the spleen, very good for dampness in the body, strengthen
these organs as well. So if you have that white coating on the full
of your tongue, you absolutely want to take astragalus up to six months at a time, very
beneficial for the body. They’re one of my favorite herbs, also act
as an adaptogenic herb, helping your body better deal with stress. Colloidal silver has antimicrobial benefits. This is especially good if you have a cold
or flu. Again, I know there are, some people that
worried about colloidal silver. It’s completely safe if you’re doing about
a teaspoon a day, or a teaspoon multiple times a day if you have an illness. But again, colloidal silver can be very beneficial
or just plain silver is good as well. Garlic, now garlic contains allicin, an antimicrobial
that is also an antivirus, anti-yeast, can kill off these bad bacteria in your system. So adding garlic to your diet on a daily basis
can prove beneficial when it comes to getting rid of that white tongue. Now probably the most powerful natural antibiotic
in the world today is oil of oregano via oregano oil. And oregano oil contains a compound called
carvacrol and even some level of thymol and both of these compounds in oregano oil kill
off bad bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungal, infections. So oregano oil, very powerful. Now, I don’t recommend taking a regular oil
more than 10 to 14 days in a row internally. So you can add oregano to your meals, to burger
meat, to chicken, add it just as a leaf to your meals on a regular basis. But if you’re going to go through a candida
cleanse, and really cleanse your body of bad bacteria. oftentimes people will do oregano oil about
one to three drops, three times a day with food for about 10 days as well as eating a
lot of probiotics during the day as well when you’re doing a candida cleanse like that. And Pau d’Arco tea, they actually believe
if somebody is stricken with candida and that’s the cause of their white tongue, Pau d’Arco
is the most powerful tea anyone can consume. I recommend one cup three times daily of Pau
d’Arco tea, and this is very cooling to the body and helps eliminate any type of fungal
or candida issue there as well. Bone broth, you know one of the things I did
for my patients in the past when they struggled with candida or white tongue, I would have
them do a bone broth cleanse where they drink bone broth, they drink Pau d’Arco tea and
then they consume loads of probiotics and they do that for three days in a row. Then after three days for breakfast and lunch
they drink bone broth all day along with Pau d’Arco tea and probiotics and for dinner
they’ll do a big salad meal, meat, lots of veggies, maybe a whole grain, that type of
thing. But that’s a perfect diet for getting rid
of the white tongue. And of course, good oral hygiene, brushing
your teeth, good for getting rid of a white tongue. But all of these things in combination, great
natural remedies for getting over white tongue. I want to highlight a few. I would say the best are probiotics, astragalus,
oil of oregano, Pau d’Arco, and bone broth, the most powerful natural remedies at getting
rid of a white tongue. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this live training. If you have been enjoyed it click the like
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