– What’s going on everybody? It’s your boy Tanner
Wideman of BarbarianBody. Today we’ve got a full-body, at-home, dumbbell-only workout routine. For reference I’m personally
gonna be using a pair of 25 pound dumbbells. We’re gonna be going
through the first round right here together. We’re gonna be hitting
the upper body, the core, and the lower body. If you guys wanna try
and challenge yourselves I challenge you to repeat
the workout two total times. If you really wanna push it I challenge you nail it three total times. And as always, be sure to let me know down in the comment section
how far you were able to get. Let’s get straight into this one. Alright we’re gonna kick this workout off by starting with the clean and presses. We got 10 total repetitions. Ready? And go. (exhales) Nice and controlled manner. Separating this into two movements. You begin with the clean. Stop for a second and
then initiate the press. Three. (exhales) Four. So we’re gonna be getting three movements. Compound movements for the upper body. Then we’re gonna be
getting into the lower body and finishing off with
the arms and the abs. Four more. Three. Next we’re gonna be
gettin’ (exhales), two. Some dumbbell back flys. (exhales) One more. (exhales) And good. Dumbbells down. Gettin’ into position here. I want that butt back out. Lower back nice and straight. Bring those dumbbells up. Retract the scapula, 10 total repetitions. Ready? (exhales) And go. (exhales) Focus on squeezing the shoulder blades. That’s what’s gonna help
you recruit the back while you’re performing each rep. Five. Four. Three. Two. One more. And good. Dumbbells down parallel to each other. What we’re gonna be getting into here are some three
second negative push-ups. So comin’ down for three seconds. One, two, three. Back up. Squeezing the pecs, tryin’
to shorten that muscle. Ready? And go. (exhales) Eight. (exhales) Little bit fast on that one. Three seconds on the way down. Seven. Six. Focus on squeezing those pecs every time you’re comin’ back up. Four. Three. Two. One more. And good. Perfect. Next we’re gonna be gettin’ into some of the squats. We’ve got that lower body here now. So we’re gonna do again. Front squats. Position the dumbbells in front of you. Coming down, pause for a second, and then right back up. We got a total of 12 repetitions. Ready? (exhales) And go. Pause, back up. Gripping the floor with those feet. Keep those knees nice and wide. Prevent them (exhales), from closin’ in. Four. (exhales) Five. (exhales) Six, halfway. Seven. (exhales) Eight. (exhales) Nine. Lower back nice and straight. Ten. Two more. Pause, back up. (exhales) Last one. And good. Next we’re gonna be gettin’
into Romanian deadlift. Feet shoulder-width apart. Come down, dumbbells down
just below the knees. And then back up. 12 total. Sorry, 15 total. Ready? And go. (exhales) Comin’ down nice and slowly. Get a stretch in those
hamstrings and those glutes. (exhales) 13. (exhales) 12. (exhales) Breathing as always here. (exhales) 10. (exhales) Dumbbells nice and close to those legs. (exhales) Your thumbs and your index fingers should just be gliding down the legs. Good. Five more. Keepin’ that lower back straight. Three. And again the dumbbell swing’s next. Two. Last one. And good. Toss one dumbbell down. We’re gonna get into
shoulder-width stance right here. Grabbing the one dumbbell by the one head. What we’re gonna be doing,
hinging at the hips, down in between you, and then back up. Arms parallel to the ground. Focus on squeezing those glutes at the top of the movement. We’ve got 20. Ready? And go. (breathes heavy) 14. (breathes heavy) 10, halfway. (exhales) Eight. (exhales) Squeeze the glutes when the dumbbell is all the way up there. Five. Four. Three. (exhales) Two. (exhales) One more. And good. Next we’re gonna be getting into some calf raises right here. Grabbing both dumbbells. What we’re gonna do is you’re gonna come up as high as you can. Focus on squeezing those calves and holding for a second, back down. Up, hold, squeeze. Back down. We got a total of 15 repetitions. Ready? And go. (exhales) 14. 13. (exhales) Good. Comin’ down slowly. Focus on contracting that calf. Try to shorten it as much as possible. And if you have a little
piece of two by four, you can even use that so you
can get a little bit more depth as you’re bringing those heels back down. Just make sure you have your balance. Four more. (exhales) Three. (exhales) Two. (exhales) One more. And good, perfect. Now we’re gonna hit the ground right here. What we’re gonna be getting into are some lying school crunches. Whew! Dumbbells right up. Hinging at the elbows. Dumbbells down towards the shoulders and then right back up. We got a total of 10 repetitions. Ready? And go. (exhales) Eight, come down slow and controlled. Keep those elbows tight,
shoulder-width apart. Don’t want them drifting outwards. (exhales) Five. (exhales) Four. Three. (exhales) Two. One more And good. Now comin’ up here, toss one
dumbbell in front of you. We’re gonna be gettin’
are some Russian twists and how we’re gonna be performing this is we’re gonna rotate. So you’re gonna bring your feet off to the ground right
here, rotate, drop, rotate drop. We’re got a total of 20 repetitions. 10 on the left, 10 on the right. Ready? And go. (exhales) Rotate, drop. Rotate drop. (heavy breathing) Five. Six. (exhales) Eight. (exhales) 10, halfway. (exhales) Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One more. And good. Whew, alright. Now we’re gonna be getting into some of the biceps here. We’re gonna be gettin’
some hammer-grip curls. So, arms right beside you. I want you to focus on keeping the upper arm
completely stationary. Bringing those babies up. Coming down as always
in a controlled manner. 10 total repetitions. Ready? And go. One second on the
eccentric and then back up. (exhales) Good. Eight. And after this we got our last exercise. The iron-grip pulls. Six. (exhales) Five. (exhales) Four. Three. (exhales) Two. (exhales) Last one. And good. Toss those dumbbells down for a second. Shake out the hands. Here’s where it gets tough. And by the way, if you guys don’t have the
hex angle rubber dumbbells that I have right here
to perform this exercise, you guys can go ahead and
just perform some wrist curls. So we’re gonna be getting two
sets, it’s one actual set, we’re gonna do a drop set. So all you’re doing. Grip those dumbbells. Hands are a little bit greasy here, okay? You’re gonna bring ’em up, hold. Holding for as a long as we possibly can. Last exercise. Ready? (exhales) And go. Just tryin’ to crush those dumbbells here. (exhales) I might have to do this a few times. My hands are very, very greasy right now and slippery. (exhales) Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. (exhales) Good. I’m actually gonna
perform four total drops. Ready? And go. (exhales) Three more. Now if you’re doing your wrist curls just keep performing them the entire time that we’re executing this. The iron-grip holds here. It will help you to develop
some forearm strength and build the size of
those forearms as well. (clunking dumbbells) Good. See how those landed? Two more. Ready? And go. (exhales) Now if you’re able to hold it
longer than I can right now, all the power to you. Hold it as long as you possibly can. Just try and complete the full duration that will perform this drop set. (clunking dumbbells) Not so lucky on that one. Final set here. (exhales) Rest for a second. Ready? And go. Squeeze. Give it everything you got here. Squeeze the hell out of those. (exhales) Actually if you guys want and are having the same problem as me, grab yourself some chalk
would be a great idea to help you to remove some of the sweat so you can hold those
dumbbells a little bit longer. (clunking dumbbells) So there you guys go. That concludes the first
round of this total-body, at-home, dumbbell-only, workout routine. As I mentioned if you guys
wanna challenge yourselves try to complete the
workout two total times. If you really push it I challenge you to nail
it three total times. And always, let me know
down in the comment section how far you were able to get. If you guys enjoyed
this video then be sure to smash that like button down below. And also be sure to
subscribe (snapping fingers) for weekly workout tips and nutrition tips that you will not want to miss. Thank you so much for joining me guys I’ll see you all in the next video.

100 thoughts on “11min Home FULL BODY Workout 2.0 (DUMBBELL ONLY FULL WORKOUT!!)

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  27. 10x DB Clean & Press
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