hey guys welcome to today’s video today’s video is going to be a grocery haul but it’s gonna be a little different than the grocery hauls that I’ve shared here before my channel because I have been doing my grocery shopping a little different and I wanted to share it with you guys I’m gonna prop you guys up right here on my windowsill so if you guys have been following along for a while now before Jane went to kindergarten last year I used to do all of my grocery shopping for the entire week on Mondays because we would just get our Monday going and just get the week started then when Jane went to kindergarten I changed that to Sundays mainly because I needed to have enough snack and food items for her lunchbox and so waiting till Monday’s I found that on Monday mornings I had nothing to pack her for lunch so we changed that to Sundays and it worked pretty good we would just go to church and then come back and then either go all as a family or sometimes I even got to go by myself to the grocery store so that really worked out then recently I have been using instacart which is like the online ordering this video is not sponsored but I absolutely love instacart I did do a little bit of the grocery ordering and then you go pick it up that’s nice too but the delivery is even better because I don’t even have to get the kids in the car so I was doing that for a while now I’ve switched it up even more so because when I was doing the grocery shop all for one week a lot of times the meat that I would get for later on in the week would go bad by the time we got to use it and especially if I wasn’t actually shopping and I had someone shopping for me I couldn’t really look at the expiration dates we would have ideas or we would have the plan of what we were going to be eating for the week and then when them food came I would look at the meats and see what was gonna go bad first we would eat that first but just more times than none some of the meat would go bad and I don’t really like freezing the meat and thawing out the meat because that just takes too long or we’d forget to thaw it and it would just be a huge disaster and wasting a lot of food so we decided to do two shops in a week and the reason I’m okay with that is because I do the online ordering if I had to go to the grocery store twice a week I probably would not enjoy that but since I’m just ordering it online it makes it a lot easier to do two quick shops so all of that to say today I put in an order today is actually Monday yesterday Sunday’s is when I do in order and Wednesday’s is when I do in order usually but yesterday we were doing some fun summer activities so I saved the order for today and so I just ordered it last night and I set it to be delivered today around noon and I just got a notification on my phone that they started shopping and so basically I’m just gonna share with you when it gets here what I got and tell you guys what dinners we have planned and then I probably won’t do the next shop until Thursday of this week instead of Wednesday and then I’m gonna share two weeks with you today so it’ll probably be four different orders and I’m just gonna explain all the dinner ideas we have and what we’ve got and what the snack idea is and again it is still summer here so this grocery shop is gonna be a little different than when school starts and I have to get a lot of different things for school lunches so if this video turns out good then I will share this again when Jane goes to school and our shopping changes up a little bit so I will come back in just a second when the groceries get here okay so the kids are being loud out here but I just wanted to show you guys an example with instacart again this video is not sponsored but I just want to show you they text you while they’re shopping so they’ll text you like hey I started shopping and then if anything is out of stock they will share that with you too so I just got them a text saying that the bagels they he replaced the bagels I ordered the Thomas whole-wheat bagels and he replaced them with the chewy brand I think so you can either click the link here to approve it or like ask for something else but what I like to do is if I am home while they’re shopping then you can go on your computer it’s a lot easier here and it says that this person is shopping well it’s not focusing but I can view here and it comes right up so so basically he just replaced the whole wheat with the white bagel and that’s fine with me so I just hit approve and then you can say other options you can get like a different brand or you can just say refund and it’ll refund your money and then like on meats you can see obviously when you order it you don’t know exactly how much it’s going to cost so originally it was gonna be 1471 but after he picked up the two packs of pork chops for me and ended up being 298 or 1098 and same with like fruit and stuff there’s always a judgement and then he’s still shopping for all of this anyway he’s just wanted to show you that so I just got the text message that they are here and so I’m gonna go to the door and get all my groceries and then I’ll show you what I got [Music] [Music] Wow look at that [Applause] [Music] [Music] so I feel like I’m always saying this time trying to eat healthier and so some of these options you will probably laugh at but I will explain what I have in mind for this and so this is since it’s already Monday this is just Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays food I might have to still shop on Wednesday instead of Thursday like I said before but I’ll explain everything so the halls look a little smaller because it’s not all for one week so let’s just get into what we got today so the first thing that I got was just some orange juice again the kids love having orange juice in the mornings and that’s basically it then they have water throughout the day this is actually a horrible non nutritious meal but the kids absolutely love ramen the chicken flavor and so we’ll give this to them for lunches sometimes and they’ll eat this with like a fruit or a vegetable this is just like if we need something super quick I got myself I splurged and got myself some of these dark chocolate dove in hopes that I can just have one or two of these at night and it can curve my sweets craving because I absolutely love sweets so we’ll see if I end up eating one whole bag in one sitting or if this will actually help me just have like one or two we’ll see I’ll keep you posted I’ve got some strawberries for the kids then we have run out of shampoo and stuff for the kids so I get this purely fun kids three and one because it can also act as body wash and then the girls need extra conditioner so I just get this vo5 it’s like the cheapest one and since their hair doesn’t need like special conditioner I’m gonna smell it actually smells really good this helps with their hair especially in the summer it gets super tingly and then again some detangler when they get out as well the kids love these yogurt covered fruit snacks which again aren’t the best for them but they love them so that’s kind of like a treat with their lunch I have some Cheerios Chris always makes fun of me because I like these plain Cheerios I do sometimes put a little bit of either honey or sugar in it but I don’t like honey nut cheerios so this is for me and I like to add fruit to mine I also got a can of cinnamon rolls I sometimes make these for the kids just for a special breakfast I got some white American cheese the kids love this on their turkey sandwiches and we turkey sandwiches a lot for lunch which explains the turkey I get 1 pound of thinly sliced Boar’s Head Turkey then I got a thing of Colby jack cheese I’m gonna try to eat healthier for lunch and I thought like some peanuts and some avocado and some boiled egg and some cheese can just be like a good little lunch let me know if you guys want to see a what I eat in a day video soon once I get into the swing of things but cubing these up and then I we also have cheddar cheese as well I got this traditional trail mix and so this can I can eat like handful of this either at snack or even with my lunch got some brown sugar because we are running out I got some avocados I like making some guacamole for lunch and then I eat it with these pita chips that I love and all I do is add salsa and lime juice to an avocado it’s really good got some apples and some peaches for the kids here are the bagels again I tried to get the whole-wheat but we like the plain as well so that’ll just do we got lots of bananas the kids love bananas I got a command hook for our bathroom we got pork chops and asparagus is what we’re eating tonight we’re gonna grill some pork chops and cook some asparagus and that’s one dinner then Tuesday night we are eating out and then I didn’t get anything for Wednesday night that’s why I said we’ll probably have to do our order on Wednesday instead of Thursday like I said then we got some Oreo thins these are the kids favorite cookie they like this and the regular they also love chocolate donuts and then Krista Chris’s bubbly drink yep so that is it for our first Monday slash usually Sunday order okay so I actually just got back from the pool it is Wednesday and I put in my grocery order this morning and took the kids to the pool and then the groceries just got here so I’m still like wet but that’s the beauty of the instacart delivery thing so I did my order this morning the person shop for me while I took the kids to the pool and now we have our groceries right before lunch so I’m going to show you guys what we got and tell you guys the meals we have planned for what we got okay starting over here we got a little thing of skim milk and then the fair life because Jackson is lactose intolerant we got some more salsa because we have run out of salsa and I like to use that in my guacamole for lunches we got these chewy dip things the kids love these chocolate granola bar things we got some more cream cheese because the kids have been loving bagel and cream cheese in the morning I got some more b12 vitamins because I ran out we got cashews let me try to show you and I got these because we are gonna be doing a lettuce wrap like a chicken lettuce wrap and those go in and then we like to eat the rest the chicken is for the lettuce wraps as well so tonight we’re gonna do lettuce wraps Thursday night we’re eating out because I’m taking Jane to a play and Chris is taking the littles out and then Friday night we’re doing breakfast for dinner which is why we have bacon and these potatoes that’s for breakfast and then we have some Oreos the kids one of these last time when I got the Oreo thins so I ended up getting these this time I’m gonna see if the kids like this smart food popcorn I think they might but we’re just gonna give it a try because it’s a healthier snack choice I you guys saw me get one of these command hooks last order and it worked great for my bathroom which I’ll be showing you guys soon we’re doing a bathroom makeover so I got another one I got some more bananas and some more apples the kids have been loving both of these fruits we got some seasoning salt because we ran out and we love using that on certain things this bib lettuce is for the lettuce wraps and so is the onion we got some broccoli Seema broccoli Piper and Jackson love these and I’m gonna probably cook those tonight with the lettuce wraps and then these little smoothie things so we do make our own smoothies but these are quick go-to when I don’t have time so I got a few of those and then we have in the freezer oh I see yeah we have these pre-made smoothie things that I make when we have a little bit more time for our Wednesday shop and so now I’m going to show you that is for one full week and then we will be back on Sunday to show you week number two I forgot we also got two more eight packs of bubbly okay guys we are back for our Sunday grocery shop it is eight o’clock at night we just got our groceries we’ve been down on the boat all day so I had them delivered late now like I said this video is not sponsored I’m gonna show you guys the downside of using instacart because I was at my mom’s house when they were texting me and like I showed you the beginning of this video you can go on and ask like for refund if there’s something that you don’t want or different options and I couldn’t do it on the phone for some reason so I got stuck with a few things that I’m not happy about they also delivered it 15 minutes earlier than the time frame that I asked for so I wasn’t here and so the groceries were sitting out on my porch for like 10 minutes so I wasn’t really happy about that I’ll just show you a few other things so it’s a give and take there’s pros and cons to everything I’m just gonna show you what we got I must start over here today we got some more produce we got some more peaches we got some tomatoes we’re gonna be doing hamburgers so we got tomatoes and onion for the hamburger we got some more avocados for guacamole the bread so when I got here the bread was like that on the brown paper bag so it’s all smushed in the middle so I’m not happy about that at all also the bubbly Chris really only likes the grapefruit one so they didn’t have a grapefruit so now we’re stuck with a strawberry because by the time I got okay by the time I got the text message he had already checked out so now we have two of the strawberry flavors so hopefully Chris likes these got some Wheat Thins we got some more carrots more Turkey which we always get lots and lots of bananas we got some more cheddar cheese we got two bags of broccoli because the kids are really liking that I got two things of Chobani Greek yogurt and vanilla flavor and then the kids like these as well but not so healthy once with the Oreos the kids loved the smart food popcorn last time so I got more that we got buns for our hamburgers the pita chips for the guacamole these yogurt covered gummies the kids like some more Parmesan cheese because we ran out some lettuce for the burgers some more muffins for the kids some more of these potatoes is so easy to make and so good we got beef for spaghetti and beef for the burgers and then this I thought that I only ordered two apples but clearly I ordered more than that so we have to go back and look to make sure that that wasn’t their mistake and that was my mistake so I might be making like apple pie or something or we might just be eating lots of apples but that is it for our Sunday shop so we have breakfast for dinner one night we have burgers another night and we have spaghetti another night and then I’ll do one more shop to show you guys on Wednesday okay guys I’m talking quiet because Chris is on the phone but today is Wednesday and we just received our last grocery haul for our two-week grocery thing that I’m sharing with you guys I can’t think of what I’m trying to say I have no makeup on and today is just a cleaning day I’m actually filming a cleaning video for cleaning the Kaos channel if you guys don’t know I do have a cleaning channel as well but today I’m going to share with you guys what we got so we already have a meal for today which is Wednesday so I just got a meal for Thursday now rivers drinking in the background and then Friday and Saturday we’re gonna be out to dinner it is our last weekend before Jane goes back to school so we’re living it up and then we’ll be back on the grind so again I feel like this last two weeks of grocery shopping has been very different than what it normally looks like when we’re on like a regular school schedule so I will definitely be sharing with you guys some of our other grocery hauls if you guys want to see that once we get back into routine and Jane is in school and everything as far as like her lunchbox and all that things will be getting a little bit different so just going to share with you guys what we got today so we got a few little snack items these are Jackson’s favorite crackers so we got some of those these are Jane’s favorite crackers she likes to take these like when we’re on the way to dance or something for a little snack Jane loves these in her lunch box I’m starting to just like stock up she likes he’s actually for snack not her lunch box and then we ran out of cheez-its we get our cheese that’s usually at Sam’s Club but we ran out so I got a little box before we can dig it back to Sam’s we are doing stuffed peppers as well this week so I got some Monterey Jack cheese for that some more orange juice we didn’t need a whole another gallon but we did need a little bit more so I got a half gallon we got some ground beef for the stuffed peppers some more Colby jack cheese the kids love Colby jack and cheddar those are their favorite kinds of cheese to have like with crackers and stuff we got some more peaches and some more bananas we got lots of different vitamins and stuff so kids are going back to school or Jane is so we’re gonna start back on our elderberry gummies and we also do elderberry syrup sometimes as well we ran out of I do pro fin so I got some more of that and then some more of our probiotics the kids take these every single day not necessarily this brand we like a different brand better but they didn’t have it today that’s some more turkey some more toaster strudel the kids love the cinnamon one I did so good with these dove dark talks I actually have a few more and this really does curve my sweet tooth so I don’t try to eat all the cookies in the house then we have the peppers for the stuffed peppers onion for the stuffed peppers parsley for the stuffed peppers tomato paste and diced tomatoes for the stuffed peppers and then bar soap we were in out of as well so that is it for our grocery haul I hope that you guys enjoyed this like I said a few times now this was very different as far as grocery shopping goes we don’t eat out this much we like to try to eat at home but since we’re trying to live it up in the last two weeks this summer things were a little different so if you guys enjoyed this please let me know and I will definitely be sharing more of these as well in the future I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up and we’ll see you in our next one [Music] [Music]

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  1. Hi,I love grocery hauls and grocery shopping.Looking at the products etc.My daughter started school yesterday. I would love to shop for a living.

  2. Please share more of these and lunch ideas! My daughter started Pre-K and I’m always searching for new food ideas to try with her. She’s SUPER picky and it’s hard to always have new ideas for her 🙃

  3. I’ve never tried a grocery delivery service but with 5 kids I need to. I feed my kids ramen and I still occasionally eat them.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I can’t believe you didn’t get chocolate chip cookies 🍪! I thought you loved to bake them fresh! Eating healthy I guess that’s why. Lol. I would love to see a What’s for dinner videos from you and Chris. Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!

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