hey y’all and welcome to my channel my name is Amy Darlie and this video is going to be a 2020 extreme clean with me so I hope you guys get tons of cleaning motivation from this video I’m gonna be sharing some realistic everyday cleaning in this video as well as some deep cleaning and then at the very end I did do a little bit of a clothing haul just in case you guys wanted to see some of the nude stuff that I got but I put it at the end in case you’re here just for cleaning alright so we are here in my room and it’s not too too bad but do have lots of clothes these are actually already folded and then I have the Hang Ups on top so those need to be put up those I don’t think are folded I’m not sure but I don’t think that they’re folded but if that baskets been sitting there for several days I have some new bathing suits that I got in some new socks some new shirts maybe I’ll show you guys this little haul of stuff that I got also got some stuff from Target and Walmart so maybe I’ll show you guys at the end in case you’re interested in seeing what I got now let me take you in here so the living room is not too too bad Gracie June did stack all of her little papers that she had out here last night we have socks on the table we have shoes scattered clothes on the floor this isn’t too bad but look at my kitchen this is the area that seems to kick messy the fastest y’all let me know what your area is again gets messy the fastest in your home so we have cheer clothes baseball stuff lots of toys Gracie June was playing with these last night lots of mail on the counter Gracie June’s little corsage that she had from the father-daughter dance we have lots up excuse me Cooper we have lots of walnut’ laws but we’ve got some dishes in the sink some dishes that need to be put up I still have all the Valentine’s Day stuff that I’m actually going to make this later on today if you didn’t see my last video I made these cute little snacks for Valentine’s Day I did this one and then these for the kids classrooms but I have to actually finish making the rest today that won’t be in this video I’m going to do it later after I get done cleaning but I’m also gonna do some little emoji cuties so I’m gonna put little emoji faces on their oranges and send those and with those little snacks and then some drinks but yeah so and then those are for Gracie June’s class just stuff everywhere and then this is the next thing that I’m going to tackle you guys this is so bad all right so this is my laundry room I can’t even open the door all the way so have all this stuff I have more Cheerios then went with a little snack this is from New Year’s some stuff that I’m getting rid of and Gracie toons little Valentine’s Day box that she’s gonna make today stuff everywhere mister cabinet’s open and then this over here isn’t too bad but I do want to get in here and clean and organized and possibly take some stuff to some friends like those cleaning supplies and everything that I’m not going to be using anymore but anyways let’s get cleaning now make sure that you stick around to the end of this video because I do want to do a little giveaway I don’t know if you guys have seen but on my community tab I did share that I wanted to do a giveaway for the next few weeks until we reach 100,000 subscribers and then I’m going to do a bigger giveaway for that but I cannot believe that we are so close and I just want to say I’m so grateful for y’all for all the support you guys give me and all the encouraging and uplifting words it really does mean a lot to me to my family and if you are new to my channel then welcome I’m so so glad that you’re here and I hope that you’ll consider subscribing and joining this amazing community that we have here on YouTube now while you’re watching I want you guys to let me know in the comments what are you doing while watching are you cleaning along with me are you watching and just chilling out on the couch or relaxing what are you doing and then also if you have any prayer requests or anything like that and leave them in the comments and I encourage you guys to respond to each other and pray for each other and all that – because I’m telling you you guys are so amazing to me and I hope that you guys can be there for each other as well say something thank you I sing until my lungs give out your beauty I think I’m crazy thank you now originally I didn’t even plan on cleaning the hutch off but there were crumbs or something that was all over the top of the hutch so I decided I would clean it off wipe it down and all of that and then once I started doing that I decided I needed to tackle this school drawer we put all of our school papers and this is where we keep our homework and markers school supplies things like that that we use for homework so I needed to clean it out and I just went ahead and just tackled that today too I wanna put you in that spotlight looking at you all night all night I’ll sing until my lungs give out you’re beautiful Oh all man walking on it ha you rabbis right bye walking on there Oh now here I’m just doing a little sweep in the kitchen and if you guys know me then you know I usually use my Dyson for this but still waiting on that battery not sure what’s gonna happen with that but I did share in my last cleaning video my new shark vacuum and so many of you have told me that you have sharks too and yes that video was not sponsored at all and I even reached out the shark after that because so many people said that they were gonna try it out so if you do if you do have a shark vacuum or if you bought a shark vacuum because of me sharing it will you guys please like tag me on Instagram and share that and tag shark in there as well because I’ve reached out to them telling them I wanted to try to get a coupon code in case any of my viewers would like to purchase and maybe get like a little bit of a discount even though I didn’t get a discount but they haven’t really said anything to me so anyways I just wanted them to know that I have a lot of people interested and they would like a discount code you don’t know how I shit were inside doesn’t show but my nerves are inside out is because you’re not worthless alright so we are moving on to the living room here and as you can see we’ve got like socks and shoes and I don’t know what’s going on because some days my kids are really good about taking their shoes off outside and putting them on our rack that we have for shoes specifically in our garage and then some days they come in and they just take them off right here they throw their socks off everywhere so I don’t know I think I need to be a little bit more consistent with telling my kids to pick up after themselves Oh now I do get asked often what this little tool is that I’m using on my bed and it’s just called a hurricane fur pet wizard and you can use it on clothing if you wanted to you can use it on furniture like I’m doing and betting whatever else and it just gets the hair we have a dog named Cooper he’s a chocolate lab and sheds like crazy so you guys know if you have dogs but his hair goes everywhere so I do this probably every two days when I’ve made up my bed I usually just go over it with that and it seems to do the trick I love you let’s get some Sun baby now here I’m pulling out some clothes that I have purchased recently and I decided that I would do a little Tryon clothing haul for you guys at the end of this video just in case you want to know where I’ve gotten any of this stuff I know people are asking all the time for like haul videos but I figured this will be fun to just throw it at the end of this video in case you’re interested and I’m putting it at the end just in case you’re here just for the cleaning so stick around to the end if you want to see what I got so just so you know I’m gonna have some shirts I’ve got some shorts I’ve got some faux leather leggings and no they are not Spanx a cover up I’ve got some bathing suits some new shoes from Walmart and Target and some workout clothes from Amazon and from t.j.maxx all right so I’m not gonna try these on on camera today but I have a few other bathing suits coming or at least I found some that I like so we’ll see I might do a little Tryon in another video but this one actually all these I got from Amazon this one is so cute and I feel like it covers you up so good this one is really cute too and I love these colors and then I got the matching one for Gracie June and then this cover-up right here is from Target which is so so cute I love the little tassels on the bottom but I decided not to do a Tryon in this video but I might have to do one soon maybe even on Instagram all right so now we’re moving on to the laundry room and it is a huge mess and I have some laundry to do as you can see here this is usually where we throw like our towels and socks and things that I pick up around the house I’ll just throw them in this laundry basket so I’m gonna do that that load of laundry first and then we will start actually cleaning down the laundry room put your broken we’ll still be up still be up don’t care about the place we will we will still be happy we can pretend at our still stay in the daydreaming chase the thrill make up the way as we go the father moment all right so I ran out of time on day one because I had to go get the kids from school and then we had sports after school but this is day two I’m throwing in all of our cleaning rags and I’m gonna wash them with my laundry detergent but I’m also gonna bleach them I always use Clorox bleach on these just to get them nice and disinfected and then I’m going to finish cleaning the rest of this laundry rooms to be hobbin the latter you’ve heard it before all these years ago I was young in our wall sticking it to the board we don’t need the personalized for tomorrow never see the end of the night I’m sorry what do we do what are we what do we need to learn when everything’s said and done why do we do to love what we do to love what we love whenever they said why do we do all right so a little hack if you have any clothes that are super soiled or super dirty and you need to get them clean again I’m using the Fell’s naphtha I’m not even sure if that’s how you say it but I’ll put the name of it on the screen in case you want to get it it’s just like a bar of soap that’s from Walmart I got it for 98 cents and I use it on the kids shoes to get them nice and clean after they’ve been in the mud I also use them on casings baseball pants so when he goes in he slides and he gets clay all in his like red clay all in his pants then I can just use this and hand wash his pants in the sink and it comes right out so definitely go pick up this 98 cent borrow soap bells naphtha at Walmart what are we do to love why I’ll try twisting down the words to say it is time up and waiting five things to explain how you make me feel inside don’t you guys love a huge transformation there is nothing better than seeing a room go from super messy and working really hard to get it really clean so I am so excited to finally have this done now hopefully it’ll last a while all right so now we’re just gonna clean in my bathroom I’m using a little handheld vacuum just to vacuum up the hair from when I blow-dry my hair this morning so I’m also cleaning out the bathtub right now I usually do this after Gracie Jun takes a bath once or twice a week because she’s basically the only one that ends up using this bathtub most days so I usually do that then but we had some sort of leak in our bathroom we have no idea where it came from and we actually have to get a plumber over to try to figure out what’s going on but when we had the leak it was sopping wet in our bathroom and it soaked our rug so we also have our rugs sitting outside right now and it’s starting to smell like mildew and we really need to clean it so if you guys have any suggestions on how you would clean a rug after that’s happened let me know in the comments so I can do that but hopefully we can figure out what the heck is going on in our bathroom pretty soon he just goes way up now this is the last room that I’m cleaning in this video and then I’ll show you guys my little clothing haul but I also wanted to tell you really quickly how you can enter that fifty dollar PayPal cash giveaway so I really wanted to do a giveaway because it’s been a little while since I’ve done one here on my channel and I just wanted to do it for my subscribers just to say thank you for all the support and how amazing you guys are and I asked you if you’d rather have a PayPal cash giveaway or a Walmart gift card and most of you were undecided you said you could do either one so I just figured PayPal could be used for Walmart if you really wanted to so to enter to win $50 PayPal cash all you have to do is leave a sunshine emoji or the word sunshine down in the comments and you will be telling me that you are entering the giveaway the giveaway will last from February 17th today when the video is posted and then it will end on February 23rd Sunday at midnight so you have a week to enter and then I will announce the winner on Monday I will actually reply to your comment and then I will also announce it on my community tab and on Instagram just in case you’re on all those places so that you can see who the winner is and the winner will have 24 hours to email me to claim their prize so I hope you guys are excited about this giveaway and I know I am and I will actually be doing another giveaway and next Monday’s video too so let me know in the comments what you guys would want for that giveaway alright the first thing that I was going to share with these leggings but they’re actually the ones that I already have on and these are the 90 degree reflex leggings these are off of Amazon and I’ll put a price on the screen I’ll have to look it up cuz I can’t remember but I got these in this like gray color these and I also got them in black I might have got another color I can’t remember but I love these they are high-waisted and I workout in them all the time I usually work out in the black ones because when I’m jumping around if you’re a mom you know I might pee on myself a little bit so I like to work out in the black ones but when I’m and not jumping around workouts then I’ll wear these so anyways I love these they’re super comfy and this shirt is actually a new shirt that I got off of group deals it just says be kind and the shirt that I wore last week it said mama needs a nap I got that one off of group deals as well and so even though these probably are not on there anymore I do have a coupon code that gets you 12 percent off if you ever shop on there so definitely look for that in the description box alright next I got this Reebok tank top I love this it’s so comfy it does have like a little cutout in the back this is from TJ Maxx but I’ll link a similar one in the description box that I found on Amazon and yeah I just love this it’s so so comfy and I like it for workouts cuz you get that airflow all right this is another tank top that I got off of Amazon this is so good especially during the summer when you’re doing those summer workouts but I got this one it’s a three pack I got the black and then I got this like brownish color and then it also came with a pink one but it’s dirty from working out the other day but I love these also because of the airflow alright next I got this shirt from Walmart for $5 it’s one of those time and true and I got mine in a large I love these because it makes it like super flowy if you size up and then the shorts are from Target and these were $17.99 and then I got some basic little leopard flip-flops those are from Target as well and they were $4.99 and excuse my white pasty legs I do have some um tan it’s a self tanner but apparently I don’t ever put it on so anyways I love the way that these shorts fit they are long enough to cover your mom but but they’re comfy too alright got this black shirt off of Amazon and it also has like little pocket holes right here two pockets and it’s a little bit longer so I mean I don’t feel like it’s like leggings long but it’s definitely really cute you can front tuck it the shorts are from Target also $17.99 and then these I need to get my toe nails painted too but these are from Walmart and they were like $14 so that’s the next little outfit all right this next cute kid did this all right this next shirt is from Suns sunshine sisters I can’t even talk today but this shirt is from sunshine sisters it says be kind I loved the saying if you haven’t noticed I have like the right done mug I’ve got like three shirts that say be kind and then they also sent me one for Gracie June so this one they just sent to me but they have tons of different options with this same saying on it and so they sent one for me and one for Gracie June so I can’t wait to be twinsies with her all right and then the next shirt is this one it says chick-fil-a diet and if you guys know me you know I love me some chick-fil-a but this is from a company called enj designs and they are on Instagram so I’ll link them down below as well I had so many people send me this screenshotted and an Instagram message as well and they’re like you need this shirt but I do have several chick-fil-a shirts as well all right so I put on those faux Finke leggings and this is what they look like on I just wasn’t really wanting to pay ninety seven dollars for the Spanx ones so I got these these are the wild fable brand from Target and these were $16 I feel like they are pretty decent but I mean I don’t own a pair of Spanx so I’m sure that the Spanx probably don’t show near as much as these do but I figured they were worth it for $16 so maybe one day I’ll buy the Spanx and I’ll have to let you know how they compare all right so that’s the end of my clothing haul that’s the end of this cleaning video I hope that it gave you so much cleaning motivation and also you tips and tricks maybe along the way don’t forget to let me know what you were doing while watching if you’re new say hey let me know where you’re from I would love to have you as a subscriber here and don’t forget to leave me a sunshine emoji down in the description box or the word sunshine to let me know that you would like to be entered to win the $50 PayPal cash giveaway and of course I always appreciate it when you’re reshoring my videos with your friends and family or on Instagram just make sure that you tag me so I can reshare as well and I will see you guys in my next video bye


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