3 Day Water Fast | A How To Guide

3 Day Water Fast | A How To Guide

In this video I am going to uncover how to
do a 3 day water fast. Hi, I’m Dr. Zyrowski from NuvisionExcel.com. If you are new to the channel it is such a
pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification. Join our notification community and you will
be able to excel your health and your life. In this video we are talking about a three
day water fast. This is actually a really cool topic because
it is actually one of my favorite fast to do. You have heard me talk about doing a 3 day
bone broth fast, which I like too but a 3 day water fast is great. It’s very doable, it’s something that
is not hard to do and when I talk about this 3 day fast, I am referring to a 36 hour fast. So you are fasting 3 consecutive days in a
row. The number one reason I like it is out of
convenience. When you are fasting, it is a really good
idea to make sure you are not really pushing your body hard. It is time to let your body rest a bit, time
for your body to restore and when you are fasting you don’t want to be pushing your
body to the limit and hitting hard exercises and working long hours. That is not what you want to be doing. The reason it works so well out of convenience
is because i like to jump into a 3 day fast on a Friday, fast Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now when you go into a 3 day fast typically
the first day is not bad. You have a lot more energy, Friday you are
going to have enough energy to get through your work day. Come Saturday you are going to have a little
bit more of a depleted energy. So the good knows is that is a Saturday and
you are not working on Saturday, you have the opportunity to rest a little bit, take
a nap whatever you need to do. Same on Sunday, usually on the third day your
energy starts to creep back up a little bit. The good news is if on Sunday you have the
opportunity to rest, you can and you can break that fast on Sunday night. Once again that is great because two of the
days you were off, you were resting, you weren’t working. Then going back into your work schedule on
Monday, if that is how your work schedule is then you are able to eat and have energy
to get through the week. Out of convenience that is why I really love
the 3 day fast. Now, let’s jump into a couple details of it. The first one is ketosis, when you are going
into a 3 day fast, 4 day fast, or even a 7 day fast whatever have you, it is always best
to go into it in a state of ketosis. So it’s best to prep yourself for going into
the fast so being ketosis is beneficial so you are not changing from fat burning to,
sorry not sugar burning to fat burning during the fast. What that will allow you to do is not have
a big crash, okay. Being in a state of ketosis before going into
a 3 day fast is a really great way to prep yourself for it. The next big question is what kind of water
can I drink? Flavored water, sparkling water, mineral water? So here is the deal, flavored water will likely
make you hungry. So i don’t ever recommend drinking flavored
water. Sparkling water is typically just fine, the
other thing that is great too is drinking a sparkling mineral water or just a mineral
water in general. And the way you can drink mineral water is
simply by taking a cup of water and actually here is a little trick. You take a cup of water, put a little sea
salt in it, mix it up and drink that. That will replace your electrolytes, help
you feel alot better, help energize you a bit and that will be great. When it comes to the type of water i also
like using the distilled water. Distilled water is pure H2O, we know it is
chemical free, toxin free, we know that it is pure H2O. That is why they use it in labs, so distilled
water is always a great resource for pure water. Moving on to supplements over here. A Lot of people ask me do I take supplements
during this time. When you are fasting it’s not really the
time to focus on your supplements because you have all this other time to take supplements,
we really want the body to do its thing. Fasting is a time to detox, heal and do its
thing and supplements aren’t really necessary on that. I recommend on a 3 day water fast you withhold
the supplements and focus on that either prior or after the fast. The next big question I always get is medication. Should I continue taking them or should I
not and that is a topic you should discuss with your doctor and come up with a plan with
your doctor as to how you should navigate a fast while on your medications. You know as a rule of thumb you should never
just go off a medication that you are on without talking to your doctor. So work with your doctor on how you should
navigate a fast along with your medications. Now last topic is breaking the fast. I think this is very important, I think breaking
the fast is as important as the fast itself. So, when it comes to breaking your fast it’s
important that you do it correctly. Most people are very hungry at that point,
so they want to slam themselves with a big meal. You should actually eat very lightly, you
should start with steamed vegetables and so that your body is able to break those down
very easily. I also like to have a bone broth during that
time, I also recommend probiotic rich foods. That is a really great way to make sure you
are getting lots of probiotics reseeding the gut with probiotics during that time, home
making some probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, kimchi is a really great way to
do that and so come off that fast very gently, very lightly, steamed vegetables, probiotic
enriched foods, and then you are going to really see a lot of great results with a 3
day water fast. Now if you haven’t seen my other video on
fasting check that out because that is going to really sum up all the benefits you are
going to get out of doing a three-day water fast. Other than that guys be sure to subscribe
to my channel, give this video a thumbs up, share it with your friends, check out my other
videos over here on fasting and I’ll see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “3 Day Water Fast | A How To Guide

  1. OOPS! Did you catch it? 🙃Sometime you just get in front of the camera and things come out wrong. You are all right, I did mean 72 hours. Cheers to fasting! 🙂

  2. I want to try a water fast of one day per week, after a few weeks increase it to every third or forth day do the fast, after a few more weeks try the two day fast and if everything goes well, I could consider three day fast. Doing it without research or precautions in such an agressive way seems a little too intense for me.

  3. Just started ! I've tried it before but on 3rd day i've almost fainted 🤣 it's my second try lol i hope this time I'll be stronger 😊

  4. Per 2 liters of Distilled Water, Add:
    1 Tbsp Food Grade Potassium Chloride
    1/2 Tsp Himalayan Pink Salt
    1 Tsp Baking Soda
    1/2 Tsp Food Grade Epsom Salts

    Take Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to rid the body of toxins, heavy metals, parasites, worms, and heal NUMEROUS health conditions. 🧘🙏🛌💦

  5. I worry if I will gain weight back after long water fasting. E.g. after month of fasting I will eat OMAD on keto

  6. With all this stuff about fasting and not eating and consuming calories, why do people go nuts when someone does a 500-800 calorie HCG Diet?

  7. I broke my last 3.5 day hard dry fast on beef broth, cod liver oil, egg yolk then whole egg, then calves liver and was totally fine. I was quite worried as I'd heard about probs with constipation but I think animal products get almost totally absorbed so it's a good way to restart motility as opposed to fibrous foods.

  8. I do my first water fasting now, Doc.. I'm still comfortable with it. It's that okay doing WF not in Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Thank you

  9. If there could ever be a definition of 'first world problems' then perhaps the suggestion that we should stop drinking the most fundamental and basic necessity for life for three days could well be it. Good grief.

  10. I did close to a full 72 hr fast. I had a plate of dinner and strawberries now I feel full. I lost a total of 8 pounds. :p It feels amazing how I can lose weight by fasting. I must do again. 🙂

  11. Weekends are hard for me since I like to go to restaurants on the weekend. Sure energy dips a bit but Monday – Weds works best for me.

  12. I think I might have some sort of eating disorder because I never ever want to be more than 101 pounds. I believe currently I’m 95 pounds but im growing fast so I think I’m gonna do a 5 day water fast

  13. I'm on my 3rd day now, hope it will be easy. 2nd days was quite lethargic to me, tried to do some light workout and my heart was palpating (was palpating in my sleep too…)

  14. Drinking distilled water is BAD medical advice. That's how you will go hypotonic – not enough electrolytes in your body (reverse osmosis because concentration gradients are reversed). It's actually dangerous to drink distilled water.

  15. Started my 3 day water fast at midnight, it’s been 22 hours and I’ve been at work and have work for the next 2 days 🚶🏽‍♂️

  16. At this moment im on hour: 33 of 3 days fast, for first time. 2 amazing things that gave me motivation: 1. 100% bad breath has gone thanks to no foods getting in. 2. On the 2nd days i can do much more exercise than my body willing to do a day before.

  17. Are aloud to eat anything during the fast? If so what and what time's?. Is it ok if I drink Evian water? Should I exercise during the fast?

  18. Yes ! I did water fasting for 3 days and lost 3kg. It has a great benefit for health and also based on my experience, I highly recommend "water fasting" for quick weight loose.

  19. I started yesterday. Start weight 343.
    Day 1: 337
    Day 2: 332 3 inch off waist ❤️
    I'll update tomorrow 😊

  20. Starting this 3 day water fast tomorrow. Wish my luck. Trying to drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks . Just introduced cardio into my workout so I'm sure I'll lose some muscle mass but be more defined . Wish me luck

  21. Hi! How should I break my fast for a day or 3 days fast? I’ll start a 1 day fast fist time but will try to extend it to 3 days. Doing IF for several months now and been out of IF for a week eating even at midnight. Hope my body is so used to IF that it wouldn’t be that difficult to fast for a day tomorrow though I’ve been eating junk. Thanks! 💪🏻

  22. Dr I am now 35yrs, for all the years I kept fasting for 2 hours thrice (between meals) everyday, that is more than 2000 hours in every year; still I am gaining weight consistently. Show me the way please

  23. comment section: how's fasting going for you??

    me: ion know its only my 1 day out here (in lil uzi vert voice)

  24. What? Dr. of what? Advising people to drink distilled water for 3 days isn't just dumb, it's downright dangerous. Be advised that if you do, you'll flush out calcium, sodium and potassium that are essential minerals for proper electrical signalling between your cells. Prepare to pass out or experience heart fibrillations in a worst case scenario.

  25. Can I drink fresh coconut water to replenish electrolytes while water fasting? Like a glass a day?

  26. Yep on my third day I had a lot of energy.
    I did have bread and sweet potato when I brokw my fast but will jump right back on fasting tomorrow.

  27. Is it ok to break it with a green juice shake or a protein shake? I break mine with a super green powder shake. Still not 100 % if I should do that.

  28. I HAVE to exercise when fasting… I’m on a swim team. I have swim practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with meets on Tuesday

  29. Is green tea fine or should I stick to just water? Also, what about sugar free chewing gum (good for your teeth and dental hygiene)?

  30. It was hard for me to do. People who like food and to eat will have a hard time with this as I did. I think we all know people who don't enjoy food as much and eating isn't as important to them. Those folks will find it easier to do a 3 day fast.

  31. Dr. Zyrowski, thank you for the information! I had Orthostatic hypotension last time I did a 36 hour fast so now I'm scared to go longer than that. Should I be concerned?

  32. 'Dr.'Nick , bone broth is toxic shyte – putting dead animal crud in your body is crap but if you want to make your body a graveyard have at it Hoss ! Those same elements in bone broth that you erroneously expound as wonderful, can be found in much safer and healthier juices or liquid food items – AND, distilled water is good for certain medical purposes and may have its place in a hospital [ steam sterilization etc ] BUT distilled water has no minerals in it, and therefor is a terrible idea unless you don't mind the body getting 0 electrolytes which you need when fasting – i have done 40 day fasting when i was younger [ i am 76 now and in excellent health ] and water that has all the elements is needed [ unless it is from a source that is high in iron or other excessive hard elements ] i suggest you rethink your role as a health expert and do a little more research – your advice with bone broth, and dead water [ distilled ] can work for some [ the body is very resilient in spite of improper fasting ] but there are ways to fast that are FAR healthier and much better than the suggestions you put on this post .

  33. Distilled water is super dangerous. Never drink it! Especially not when you're on a pure water diet!
    That guy has no clue what he's talking about!!

  34. Question, I’m on thee day fast now and the way I’m thinking of breaking it is making a smoothie with yogurt which has probiotics in it. Is it ok if I do that? I usually do a fruit smoothie.

    I switched to a plant based diet 4 months ago and I felt so great that now I’m doing fasting which I never even thought of doing ever, I order natural alkaline water now, I turned into a health freak lol. Nice channel! Definitely subbed!

  35. I m on 2nd day of fasting now , first day was bit rough food carving feeling hungry but once it’s gonna I had good sleep just like normal and today I feel totally normal hopefully I will pass 3 days and trying to achieve 7 days straight for once in 3 months .

  36. Thank you, Dr. Nick, Do you recommend to use cream of tartar as a supplement for potassium? please advise.

  37. how often do you recommend i should fast for optimal weight loss. I have done several 3 day fast or longer but generally not more than once a month simply because im hesitant to do it more often, but am very able to do it more frequently.

  38. Glad I had the opportunity to see this video today, (Thursday). Going to be starting my 3 day fast tomorrow! Goodluck to everyone else partaking in the fast!

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