4 DIET Mistakes To AVOID (Worst Weight Loss Tips!!)

4 DIET Mistakes To AVOID (Worst Weight Loss Tips!!)

Hey, you guys! Let’s crush some of those diet tips that
may be holding you back from reaching your goals. Hey, you guys. I have four of the worst diet tips. Do not follow any of these that you may hear. I know you can hear them through the rafters
many times. So, the first and foremost is, you’ll hear
that fat makes you fat. Of course, if you eat excess carbs, you’re
going to get fat. If you eat excess protein, you’re going
to get fat. If you eat excess fat, you’re going to get
fat. But fat on its own is a good thing. Don’t listen to that one. Fats are more calorically dense than a gram
of carbs or protein, but don’t avoid those healthy fats. They help you achieve your goals. They help you with your recovery, they help
you with your growth, your energy. You really have to remember you need fat to
burn fat. So, don’t be afraid of getting those fats
in your diet. That was pointing me in the wrong place here. That would be your olive oils, your nuts,
different lean meats. Any of that stuff that you can eat throughout
the day, within reason, that has fats is a good thing. So do not shy away from having any kind of
fat in your diet. Number two: you’re at work, you’re thinking
“It’s 5:00. I have to run home because the cutoff time
for eating is 6:00. I’ve heard it turns into this if I eat after
6:00.” That is completely cuckoo crazy. Do not live by the clock. Trust me. I’ve been there. I used to be that person. I used to say, “I have to eat everything”
and I’m starving by 9:00 and I haven’t even gone to bed. Don’t let it get in your head. You’re not going to gain any extra weight
eating later at night if you’re within your caloric maintenance level. That’s the key, you guys. Your body is going to utilize those calories. So that is totally false. The thing you need to think about is ‘how
is my blood sugar’. That’s really your main concern. Keeping it stabilized throughout the day. Definitely through the night when you’re
sleeping, it’s really critical. You want to eat when your blood sugar is starting
to feel – we all know that feeling we get when it starts to drop. That’s the time you need to eat. If it’s 9:00 at night, 10:00 at night and
you’re feeling like “how am I going to make it through sleeping”, that’s the
time you grab a handful of nuts, or something that takes some time to digest. But you’re not sitting there eating a bag
of chips. So, eat responsibly if you’re going to eat
a little later at night. Number three: can you build muscle if you
follow a vegan based plan? A lot of people are like “No, how in the
world can I go to the gym and then eat a salad for dinner, and make any gains?” I’ve actually been on a plant-based diet
for about eight moths and I’ve had zero problem maintaining or gaining any muscle. For me, it’s been easier to put on muscle. The main thing you have to be concerned with
is making sure you’re getting in enough protein, but you also want to make sure you’re
getting your fats, and good carbohydrates. All of that stuff. It’s a really good mix of eating plenty
of grains, your fruits, your good fats, a lot of the beans. Hummus is packed with protein. Obviously, seeds. There are tons of great pastas out there. These are black bean pasta. It has about 14g of protein. So, there are tons of great ways. I never feel like “Am I not going to get
enough protein in today?” I’ve had to cut it back because sometimes
I feel like I’m eating too much. So, absolutely you can. For sure. Then last, but not least, supplements are
going to get me ripped. We all know a guy or girl who is going out
buying a ton of supplements. You go to their kitchen, they’ve got them
lined up on showcase, and they’re not really getting in the gym. They think this is the magic bullet. If I’m taking my supplements I’m going
to get totally ripped. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it happens. Supplements are made to help supplement your
workout. So, they’re there to help you get the extra
protein, nutrients, everything your body is going to need. It’s supplementing your current healthy
eating program. So that’s the way you need to think of it. It’s not a meal replacement. It’s not a magic bullet. It’s not going to take the place of getting
into the gym and kicking your butt to get a good workout. That’s not what it’s meant to be for. So, supplements are great. Let’s say if you’re traveling, but you’re
still getting your workouts in, that’s when – if you have to have a meal replacement
instead of eating something unhealthy because you’re at the airport – that totally makes
sense. But you’re still getting your workout in. So hopefully that answers a lot of questions. You’re like “Oh, thank God I can eat past
6:00 now.” This is going to tie into one of our really
good programs we just put out called Max Shred. This is a great program. You’re going to benefit from all the science-based
exercises. The tips for fat loss and building muscle
with the program is really great. The workouts are all customizable with your
fitness levels. All the eating programs are customizable,
depending upon how much fat loss you’re looking for. So, check out our new Max Shred program. It’s great. It will help you if you have more questions
about what you should be eating every day. It lays it all out for you. I checked it out recently and it’s great. It made things so much easier to just look
and say “Oh, I can do this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Thanks for joining me today. I hope this was helpful and I’ll see you
guys soon.

8 thoughts on “4 DIET Mistakes To AVOID (Worst Weight Loss Tips!!)

  1. Regarding fat, people need to understand that it's the combination of fat and simple carbs that is really, really bad. That will pack on the fat faster than anything.

  2. Hai I want to be a strong and take proper diet plz guide me properly and send complete diet plan with best exercise to lose weight ,I don't want to look bodybuilders I just want to fit inside and outside.
    My weight is 89kg and 5.2 height and I'm 35years old mother of 2 children.
    I waited your reply

  3. I have been lifting weights 3-xs a week with cardio 2-3 for 10+ years. I’m in my 40s and have had a consistent weight of 140, 137 if I restrict calories/carbs.
    I have been out of the gym for 3 weeks with respiratory problems. BUT I am now 133lbs and lost the fat in my thighs, hips(love handles) and abdomen(pooch). I would say I have lost very little muscle tone, but the rest of me is more trim. I fit much better in my clothing, especially my waist and thighs.
    What am I doing in weight training or cardio that makes me heavier or bloated? Overtraining? Causing high hormone/cortisol levels?

  4. Hi, Thanks for your videos. I’m learning so much. I’m a 34 year old female who used to weigh 215lbs just obese & lost fat by simply bicycling and restricting calories to 1,000 before I knew any better. 2 years and 80 lbs later I had fallen head over heels in love with weight lifting and learning about iifym and micros too. Now I weigh 145lbs and only have 1 rest day a week. I incorporate cardio via hiit and still cycle some but mainly weights. I also carb cycle eating healthy & my highest carb day/highest calorie day is 1,518 lowest at 1,200. I feel satiated and wonder why fat loss has stopped. I’m afraid to drop anymore calories so as not to lose muscle mass. Thinking of 1 refeed day every 12 weeks? I also cycle with lo/hi reps/sets with the weights to constantly progress over a period of 12 weeks and keep building. Thanks again for any input. Consistency isnt my problem, I love the structure-I just need to know I’m doing it right. I wont ever walk on a stage, but I’d like to lose this extra fat and see the muscle that IS under it lol.

  5. Ladies, be careful of cutting out fats. Our female hormone, estrogen, is stored in our fat. Notice how some really really thin women don’t have their menstrual periods? They don’t have enough fats in the body to produce estrogen. And estrogen isn’t just important for fertility. It’s also important for bone health etc.

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