4 x Keto Recipes

4 x Keto Recipes

– Let’s see if this is edible, all right? – Yeah, let’s see. If not, we’ll give them lunch. (upbeat music) (popping) – Key. – Leg. – No, toe, toe, Chloe. – Toe. – Yes, today, Chloe, what we doing? – Keto. – Keto. I have been bombarded, Like, literally hurled requests to try some Keto recipes. Do you know what that is? – No. – Brilliant. – Basically, it’s kind of like the “in” diet thing at the moment and I never endorse any sort of diet here on the channel whatsoever. Unless they pay me $1,000,000. Right? – You’re not an oak. – But seriously though we
don’t endorse this by any way means possible. You don’t
need to be on a diet, do you? – No. – I mean, I don’t either. – Only if, um, if you’re like
a Christian or something. – Chloe and I are gonna
make some Keto recipes. We’re gonna do a bread,
because obviously carbohydrates are quite a lot in that. So we’re gonna do a garlic
bread, but then we’re gonna turn that bread base into a pizza. And then we’re also gonna
show an alternative version to a pizza and then we’re gonna do… – Brownies! – Mmhmmm. – What do we do first? – All right, first thing I
want you to go down there and get the biggest bowl you can find. (bowl clangs) – Careful! – The good thing about
this recipe Chloe is, – That it has a very big bowl. – It does, it basically all
gets done in one big bowl. So this is the vessel that
we need to add our things in. I’ve given Chloe a blunt,
kind of table knife thing. Yeah, just slice that parsley up. (giggles) That’s parsley, yeah? – Yeah, I know. – The good thing about
a blunt knife like that (giggles) is she can think she’s Gordon Ramsay. The parsley’s done, but we
can actually make some of it into garlic bread as well
but we’ll do that separate so we need to chop up this garlic, and what can we use for that Chloe? – This. – Shating, what the heck is that? It is… – It’s got your logo! – It’s a garlic rocker with
Barry Lewis etched on it. Check that out. Right, rock it away mate. (laughs) – Not very good for kids is it? – [Barry] All right the first thing that’s going into our bread – [Chloe] Is Cheese! – [Barry] Yes, that is some mozzarella. Okay, so rather than using standard flour, we use almond flour which we’ll also use in the
end for brownies as well. You are allowed something
like one gramme of flour or something. Carbohydrates,
Chloe, one gramme. – Okay. – [Barry] Did you eat some cheese? All right, go get your parsley and push all of that in there. This is obviously optional. You can just keep it
completely plain if you wanted. This is some baking powder. Boom. This is some soft cheese, not cream cheese but we’ve talked about
it quite a lot recently. This is the future of the channel. – I might get my own. – [Barry] Do the salt then. – Pinch? – [Barry] Oh Yeah, good pinch. See like that. (laughs) – There we go. A little
bit of pepper on there. (grinding) – Do I mix it now? – [Barry] Yep, let me hold the bowl. Go. And that is going in. You all
right on your little step? In it goes. Boom. (beep) – All right 30 seconds. – 29, 28, 27, 26 two, one! Ding! (beep) – [Barry] All right, I’m gonna
take it out, grab the spatula and I want you to start mixing that again. – It’s really soft. – Is it? (laughs) Go! (beep) We’re now adding two eggs in there, yeah? (tapping) – Yeah. – And Chloe that’s gonna be cracking. – Okay. – [Barry] It’s gonna need
a bit of a daddy mix. – [Chloe] Daddy mix. (mixing) You have a glob. – [Barry] Whoop. You wouldn’t have done that would you? This bowl has got your garlic in it right? – Yeah. – [Barry] But we don’t want
all of this to be garlicky. (laughs) Your face then! I want you to push half of
this mixture into that bowl with the garlic can you do that? No, no, no. That into there. So we’re gonna make a garlicky
dough and a plain dough. Yeah? – Yeah. – [Barry] It’s gonna taste good dough. – Yeah. You don’t have to get too close. – [Barry] So obviously you
don’t want to use your spatula in there and then back in there
so you use a separate spoon to mix the garlic if you’re
doing both, you probably aren’t, but you just don’t want to make
sure that we’ve gone through this effort of mixing the
garlic in there and then putting the garlic flavour back in there. What are you doing Chloe? – So I’m basically making
an like, oval rectangle. – [Barry] Yeah, like an egg shape? – Yeah. – [Barry] Is that for the garlic? – Yeah. – [Barry] So that’s gonna
be our flatbread and is this your assistant? – Yes. – (older girl) Hello. – [Barry] Hello. You’re
like Gordon Ramsay, are you going to shout at her? – Yes. Where’s the lamb sauce? (laughs) – And you need to put that on there. – [Barry] Yeah, that’s it, you tell her, you put her to work. All right so while
they’re doing that anyway, I’m going to bang in some mushrooms okay? These are some big old
porta bello mushrooms. This is just going to
be another alternative for your pizza. Baking them for like 15 minutes. All right so I’m doing the
adult step of sticking them in to bake for about 20 minutes. And the kids are in there
playing, some chill out time. You girls can help me tidy up if you want. (tv muttering) This is the pizza base, but you can see, well no, you can’t see at
all cause it’s steamed up. (laughs) It’s browning around the edge,
it’s perfect, but remember, it’s going to get baked again because this is the pizza base. The flat bread just once, 1 bake. So we can put that to the top. Now the mushrooms, let me show you. Can you see that fluid in there? We want to get rid of that. We’re gonna make some peanut
butter, hazelnut brownies. Does that sound good to you? – Yep. – [Barry] Right, you’re gonna
need a big old mixing bowl. The first step, I want you to take Boston, and put him in the bowl. No, no, don’t. Some dark chocolate that
we’ve melted in the microwave. We’re just gonna bang that in there. And meanwhile, I have
melted, or partially melted some butter. (beep) In that goes, and the
timer’s going, so the other flatbread is ready. All right you keep doing that mate. Mix that in. Oh my gosh, yes. Look at the colour on that. – (older girl) That looks so appetising. – [Barry] That’s looking good right? But we can pimp that up, that’s
the garlic one but we can make it more buttery,
more garlic in a bit. Where’s the butter gone? – In here. – [Barry] Nice. Right, now we need to add
loads more ingredients. You ready? – Yeah. – [Barry] This is not sugar. This is that really weird
sweetener stuff that my mom likes. Just like she likes Ryvita. Ooohhh yeah. – It’s like castor sugar when
it’s all like you pour it in. And it’s like (explosion) – [Barry] Almond flour. So this is exactly what we used
on the pizza bases as well. That’s good mate. All right it needs a bit
of moisture doesn’t it? – Yeah. – [Barry] Here are 3 eggs. Boom. Get them in there will ya? (crackling) – [Barry] Eggcellent. – Thanks. You’re cracking me up. – [Barry] Oh yeah, look at
the difference that’s made. These are some chopped, roasted hazelnuts. Oh, I’ll do that for you,
you keep stirring mate. It’s like our little chocolate factory. And last but not least
this is some cocoa powder. All right this is a lined baking tray. You’re right, that does look like soil. (upbeat music) All right Phoebe, you’re just
spreading that round are you? – Nice. – [Barry] Blimey Governor, Mary Poppins? – Nice, yeah, nice. – [Barry] That’s Australian. So the peanut butter that we’ve warmed, you can see that it’s got
a bit of movement in it. We’re just gonna put some
sploges on. All right. We’re gonna move that
around, just cut into it. Try not to hack up the
batter too much mate. – [Phoebe] Oops. – [Barry] That might have
been daddy’s fault actually. Try it with a bamboo
skewer instead like this. Just swirl it round. Happy with that? – Yes. (ding-dong) (barking) – It says it’s a fully
baked French Baguette. (laughing) – [Barry] Baguette? We didn’t order a baguette. – [Barry] Oh my gosh, it’s arrived. Phoebe. It’s actually not as big as the last one but it’s still all right. – There’s 2. – [Barry] Yeah. All right. You’re probably old enough
to put it in the oven but I’m gonna do it all right? – Okay. – [Barry] They’re going in for 20 minutes. Back to the pizza. It’s like that film “Back to
the Future” you ever seen that? – Dun, dun, dun! (laughing) We’ve got the whole family
involved now haven’t we? – Hi – Yeah, but apart from Phoebe. – [Barry] Where’s Phoebe? – She’s playing Mario cart. – [Barry] You playing Mario? – Yeah. – [Barry] All right, so
um Mario Cart is obviously something I don’t do
whilst I’m filming videos. – You love that game. (laughing) – Yeah, I never play it. By partially baking the mushrooms
getting that moisture out, we can now use them as pizza bowls. This is some tomato sauce
with some added herbs. Basil. – And cheese. – [Barry] Yes, mozzarella,
so go for it guys. All right good work Chloe. – [Chloe] Oh. – Nice. (gasp) – [Barry] Chloe, you’ve
turned that into a garden. (laughing) – [Barry] Do you know
what we’re forgetting? – What? – [Barry] What’s your
favourite thing in the world? – Pepperoni. – [Barry] There you go Chloe. Remember we were in the
shop earlier and found this? – Mmhmmm. (laughing) – [Barry] Can you stop eating it? (lauging) – I love it! – [Barry] I know you do but it needs to go on the pizza as well. – Right. – Okay. My mouth’s on fire. (snorts) Maybe don’t get the spicy one. – [Barry] Go on look at you go. – I love cheese so. – [Barry] You love a
lot of things don’t you? – Yeah. (lauging) – [Barry] You’re just gonna
stick pepperoni all over it? (laughing) – Oh spicy, spicy. – [Barry] All right mate. – I feel like I’m a proper chef or cook. – [Barry] You are, you are very good. – Wah lah! Yeah (laughing) – [Barry] All right the brownies
are supposed to be done. Um, I have never, ever seen
that before in my life. It’s all bubbling. Actually it’s looking more
brownie-like by the minute, as it’s cooling down. – Oh yeah, as it’s cooling,
look, you can see it kind of evap- going the bubbles. – [Barry] Yeah. Yeah, there we go. Uh. – That’s weird. – [Barry] That is weird. (laughs) – [Barry] Any how, let’s get
the mushrooms and the pizza back in there, really
just to warm it through. The very last thing we’re
gonna do, I’ve got about 100 grammes of butter
there and a little bit of garlic clove left,
just gonna warm that up so it melts into a garlic
butter for about 20 seconds. (beep) – [Barry] Hey presto, huh? – Oh. It’s like being in
an Italian restaurant. (laughs) That’s really strong. – [Barry] And this is
just a little bit of basil but obviously we could
add some parsley again but seeing as we’ve got
it already chopped there. Mix that through and that
will really freshen up that flatbread. We’ll let Chloe do that, I think
she’ll actually enjoy that. – I think so too. – Oh I didn’t think it was gonna firm up. Look at that Chloe. You made that. – Can we eat some? – Yeah. – It’s gonna make it nice and gold. – [Barry] Yeah. That’s looking great. Well done mate. I’ve got to say, now that
it’s all calmed down, this does look way more brownie-like. (laughs) (crackling) – Oh yes. – [Becky] One. – [Barry] I reckon these will
be even better in the fridge. Yeah. We’re thinking about
like drizzling dark chocolate on the top but I think
we’ll leave it like that. It kind of looks, I don’t know. – [Becky] I like the
colours, when it’s like this. – [Barry] Yeah, it’s like
rusticky looking isn’t it? – Yeah. – [Barry] Like the surface of the moon. (gasp) (laughing) – [Barry] I heard that. – Brownies! – [Barry] Brownies! They look blooming awesome! – [Becky] They look very good. – [Barry] We’ll let these cool down fully and the pizza’s, Chloe! – Yay! – [Barry] I think they’re done! We’ve got some brownies plated up. We’ve got the flatbread
patiently with garlic and butter on it. Oh Mrs. B out with the pizza! – Pizza! – [Barry] Yes. I like that. It smells awesome. And are these the mushrooms? – These are the mushrooms. – That’s neat. I like that, that’s awesome. We’ve got quite the feast haven’t we? – We have. – So we’re gonna get our kids. So just to reiterate again,
we are not doing the Keto diet we are not endorsing it,
we were just asked to do it just to try it so let’s see
if this is edible all right? – Yeah. Let’s see, if not,
we’ll give them lunch. (laughs) – [Barry] Oh my gosh, look at those! They look pretty cool. – [Chloe] Oh I really want to try it now. – [Barry] This needs a
teeny bit more of a refresh, but other than that, that smells so good. Oh, it’s soft, but firm but fair. – [Girls] Oh! – [Barry] Yeah that’ll do. – Proper stonking. (snorts) – [Barry] Phoebe’s gonna try
the garlic bread that we’ve cut into little strips. – Mmmm! – [Barry] Great! (laughs) I guess that’s a yes. – I’m going to be trying the pizza. – [Barry] Is that just cause
you want to eat pepperoni? – No. Oh, lovely. (snorts) (laughs) – [Barry] They’re kids, you can
tell if they didn’t like it. So I think this is okay. Mrs. Barry can’t stand mushrooms,
so I’m going to try this. Ah. – I feel like I need to catch something. (laughing) – It’s a bit hot. (laughing) I burnt my tongue off. – I just sit there like that. – The cheese was all clinging
together like one big clump. Um, okay, let’s just slice it. That’s a bit better. Oh my gosh. All right? – Yes? – Yeah. – Nice? – That works. – Yeah? – That sort of works. I mean it’s different. – Okay. – [Barry] Mrs. B gets
the brownies oh my gosh. Mrs. B is a very good judge of brownies, she makes the best brownies. – Mmmm. Wow. – [Barry] What are they like? Are they dense? Are they gooey? Are they rich? Are they smooth? – They are, very rich and quite crumbly. They’re not gooey, but
they’re really nice. – Well there you go, that’s it. That was our little attempt
at doing some Keto recipes. If you want to see more,
we’ll do some more, but we just thought we’d tackle them. I would eat that like,
and not be bothered by it if I was on the diet. And yeah, it did the job. What did you guys think, you like it? – Mmmm hmmm. – That’s a yes. – I think I need some water cause the pepperoni is quite spicy. (snorts) – So Keto, aka the pepperoni
only diet for Chloe. But yeah, there you go
just a little bit of ideas and inspiration. I guess 2.5 recipes in
one video cause we kind of remixed stuff but thanks for the rest we’ll see you very soon! – [All] Bye! (rap music) – [Barry] Check your level player. No matter what your style,
the kitchen’s for me. Simon’s moustache,
goatee, maybe all three. (rap music) – Daniel Son. – Yeah. (laughing) – You don’t get that reference. You’re going to remember this
for the rest of your life. Watch this, see this? It moves, blue cloth,
little bit damp under there. (grunts) – It’s moving. – It’s moving, yeah. – Whop whop waahhh.

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