hello welcome to my channel my name is
Iva Scelfo and I’ve recently adapted the ketogenic lifestyle after many and
many hours of doing research and today I would like to share with you the amazing
things I’ve learned so far when you start a new diet or a new
lifestyle the most important thing you are the most interested in it’s probably
the benefits am i right so I want to share with you five amazing benefits of
ketogenic diet number one ketogenic diets suppress your appetite I don’t
know guys but for me hunger is the worst side effect when you’re starting a new
diet it’s one of the reason people feel miserable and call it a quit key your
diet helps kill the appetite and keeps you satisfied for way longer the amazing
thing is that fat and protein keeps you full for longer and satisfies you faster
so you actually end up eating fewer calories number two ketogenic diet leads
to more weight loss the studies show that people who are on low-carb diet
actually can lose two to three times more weight than people who are on
low-fat diet and my favorite part that all without being hungry one of the
reason why is that is that people on low carb diet actually get rid of the excess
water in their body that’s why people on low-carb diet actually notice the rapid
weight loss in the first two weeks note that ketogenic diet it’s not a diet
it’s rather a lifestyle so if you want to see a long-term results you get a
really stick to it it’s not a quick fix benefit number three increased level of
HDL cholesterol the good cholesterol today we live in society which make us
believe that fat is something what’s bad for us it’s proven that low carb diet
actually increased the HDL the good cholesterol therefore it helps with the
ratio between the my good sir eyes and HDL which is the
good and bad cholesterol it’s also well known that higher your levels of HDL are
lower the risk of heart diseases number for keto diet actually reduces blood
sugar and insulin levels when we eat carbs they are broken down into simple
sugars glucose and then they enter the bloodstream because blood sugars are
toxins your body responds with hormone called insulin insulin is the hormone
which will tell the cells if they should start burning the glucose or storing
however these days latter people has problems with the system and they’ve
been called insulin resistant and that’s where diabetes comes to play cutting
down on carbohydrates you will actually remove the need for all of that insulin
and therefore blood sugar and insulin just will go down number 5 blood sugar
tends to go down on a keto diet having elevated blood pressure so called
hypertension is an important risk factor for many diseases this includes heart
disease kidney failure strokes and many others low carb diet is actually a very
effective way of lowering high blood pressure so you’re gonna lower the risk
of heart diseases and live a longer life so guys this was 5 amazing great
benefits of low carb ketogenic diet so for whatever reason you might want to
try this ketogenic diet just remember it’s not a diet it’s actually a
lifestyle so if you want to see their long-term results you have to stick with
it guys this is it for today’s video please give it a thumbs up if you liked
it and go and share it with anybody you think might benefit from it and if you
have a couple of minutes you should definitely go and watch my daily food
vlogs they are full of keto recipes and I believe those recipes will help you to
successfully start this ketogenic lifestyle with me and if you do I’ll see
you there by


  1. It was hard to pick only 5 ketogenic diet benefits as there are so many!!! These are in my opinion the Top 5 KETO DIET BENEFITS for me

  2. Iva with another banger! As someone who's finishing up a 16 hour fast (done in an hour) I couldn't agree more to your first point – helps with the fasting immensely!

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