5 Health Benefits Of The Keto Diet?

5 Health Benefits Of The Keto Diet? Welcome to another JeaKen Video. Today we will be talking on 5 Health Benefits
of the Keto Diet. But before we get started take a minute to
subscribe to our channel, click the bell icon to be notified whenever we publish a new video. The ketogenic diet is most commonly associated
with rapid weight loss, however that’s not where it got its start, and certainly not
the end of the road as far as health benefits are concerned. There’s no denying that weight loss alone
aids in the betterment of overall health. And with weight loss comes a multitude of
other cardiovascular and digestive improvements. But the list doesn’t even come close to stopping
there. Let’s take a look at some of the other avenues
of life this incredible way of eating has a positive effect. A Little History. Originally the ketogenic diet was developed
as a treatment option for epilepsy in children who were refractory to multiple medications. In the 1920s Dr. Russell Wilder conducted
a year-long study indicating a 90% decrease in seizures in approximately 30% of patients. As one would expect, there was a significant
drop-rate in the number of patients sticking with the study, however the results were consistent
at the 3-month, 6-month and one-year intervals with the remaining participants. More recent data suggests a 50% reduction
in seizures in a combined assessment of almost 20 studies with a total of 1084 patients. Both with and without the use of anticonvulsant
medications, the ketogenic diet has been effective in seizure reduction. 1. Brain Power. Because of the incredible results in epilepsy
patients more research has been underway and is showing promising results in treatment
of Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. The studies are indicating increased cognition
and enhanced memory. Along the same lines, perfectly healthy individuals
notice greater mental clarity, increased ability to focus, as well as better migraine control. The “why” is not quite definitive at this
point, however some researchers believe the blood sugar stabilizing may be proponent. 2. Heart Disease Prevention. With weight loss comes lowered blood pressure;
that’s just common sense. Cholesterol also deserves some recognition
in this way of eating. The ketogenic diet promotes a high-fat regimen
with limited carbohydrates which lowers triglycerides and increases HDL (the good cholesterol). This seems impossible since “fat” is bad and
doctors have been telling patients for years to eat a low-fat, heart-healthy diet. Contrary to that theory, carbohydrates are
actually a driving force behind increased triglycerides. 3. Women’s World. Polycystic ovary syndrome comes with a whole
host of symptomatology; acne, mood swings, infertility, fatigue, skin tags, and hair
growth on the chest, face, back and toes. It also brings in painful and irregular menstrual
cycles and the majority of those affected by PCOS have weight gain or problems losing
weight. How in the world can the ketogenic diet help
PCOS? It’s all hormonal. Increased insulin hormone and increased androgen
hormone, the winning duo for a PCOS diagnosis, are a horrific combination. With the ketogenic diet, glucose levels go
down as ketone levels go up. Lower glucose levels mean lower insulin levels. Lower insulin levels mean the ovaries have
no need to produce more androgens, the male hormone. Of course, there is a lot more science behind
it, but the result is still the same: Reduction or eradication of PCOS symptoms, including
infertility. 4. Decreased Inflammation Issues. This category includes inflammation difficulties
like arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acne and other skin problems. Lucky for these folks, the ketogenic diet
is profoundly anti-inflammatory. There are a few types of ketones produced
in a nutritional ketosis state, one of which suppresses an inflammation molecule commonly
found in inflammatory processes. Because of the phenomenal link discovered
with the ketogenic diet and inflammatory relief, more research has been prompted. 5. Grumpy Gut. There is great news for folks with gastrointestinal
problems such as gas, bloating, heartburn and acid reflux. Grains, particularly wheat, rye and barley,
is a food glue helping the grain hold its shape. The ketogenic diet is a grain-free way of
eating, thus these symptoms should lessen or completely abate simply by following the
plan. Another culprit for stomach and digestive
issues is sugary foods. The ketogenic diet’s main concept is low-carb,
so sugars aren’t going to be an issue for the tummy either. While this list certainly isn’t exhaustive,
it covers some pretty good ground on the health benefits of the ketogenic diet. Improved sleep, increased energy and stamina,
and improved control of diabetes are among some other health related benefits with this
way of eating. There is even strong evidence suggesting the
ketogenic diet can help fight certain cancers. As research continues, the list continues
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