5 MUST KNOW hair extensions tricks for FINE and THIN hair | Milk + Blush

5 MUST KNOW hair extensions tricks for FINE and THIN hair | Milk + Blush

(upbeat, high tempo music) – Hi guys. Welcome to the channel. Today’s video is going to
be all about how to use your Milk and Blush hair extensions, if, like me, you’ve got fine or thin hair. I know from experience that
it can be really irritating if you’ve got hair like mine to put the hair extensions in, and conceal the wefts and making sure that they look flawless. But I’m going to show you some
really, really clever tips on how to conceal the wefts and make sure your hair
looks amazing all the time. Okay, straight into tip number one. If, like me, you’ve got fine hair, sometimes these bits of
hair at the bottom can poke out of your extensions. I mean, that can happen anyway, whether you’ve got
thick hair or thin hair. But I find with my hair
it looks especially bad, because they’re wispy, so what you can do for this, is if you’re putting
your wefts in as normal, just gonna pin my hair up so you can see, you’re gonna take this bit of hair, and just twist it around, and kind of pop it up like that. It doesn’t have to be neat because you’re not going to see it, and then you just pop in
some bobby pins to secure it. So, if you can see that, you’ve got a nice little base there. And then you just put your
first weft on top of that. So as well as hiding
those little bits of hair at the bottom, you’re also giving the wefts something to cling onto as well. I mean, you can do this
whether you’ve got thick hair or fine hair. It’s a good tip to use whenever you’re using hair extensions. Right, top tip number two. When you’ve got fine hair like me, or it’s thinner, don’t feel like you need
to use all of the wefts to make your hair look thicker. For example, there are all the ones I use
and you can see that’s plenty. The nice thing about Milk
and Blush hair extensions is that they’re so thick. You don’t actually have to use
all of them so you can judge what style you’re doing or
what look you want to go for, and see how many you’re happy with. On to tip number three, if you’ve got fine hair and
it’s quite soft naturally, you might worry that the
wefts will slip a little bit when you’re wearing them
throughout the course of the day. If you put a little bit
of product in the root, it will give something
for the weft to grip on so you’ve got that extra bit of security. I like to use a little bit of dry shampoo. You can get so many
different dry shampoos now. It’s not just for kind
of greasy hair days. This one is actually a volumizing one which is really nice
for fine or thin hair. So I’ll show you how I do it. Pull a section of my hair
where I need to put the weft, and just clip that out of the way. And then just pop a little
bit of the dry shampoo right in the root. And you’ll feel already that
your hair has got that little bit extra texture. And then you just pop
your weft on top of that. And just clip that in as normal. And then you’ve just got
that extra bit of hold, extra bit of security for your wefts. So, on to tip number four. This is similar to the dry
shampoo in that this tip gives you a little bit of security blanket when you’re wearing hair extensions. It stops you worrying
about your hair extensions slipping out or falling out, and it’s back combing. So I like to use a couple
of different things when I’m back combing. I either use a simple comb like this or a back combing brush. I’d really recommend getting one of these. They’re really good for back combing, really good for different styles and updos and everything like that. So I’ll show you how I do it. Just gonna pop that out of the way. And take your backcombing tool, and just gently backcomb the root. So it’ll stop your wefts from slipping, and look. It doesn’t slip at all. Tip five. Crimping. Don’t panic. Trust me, it works. If you don’t like backcombing, I know some people don’t like
the knots that it leaves, or find it hard to wash out or brush out, get yourself one of these little crimpers. These give you instant root lift, and they’re really, really handy for putting your extensions in, and not having to put extra
product or anything like that in your hair. They’re also good for different
volume of styles as well. So I’ll show you how I do it. Just grab the piece of hair that your weft is going to clip onto, and go as close to the root as your can, and just hold that for
a couple of seconds. As you can see, that’s given me root lift. And then you just clip
the weft on top of that, flip your hair over, and you’ve got pretty
much effortless volume. So I’ve utilised my top tips to put my hair extensions in. As you can see, my hair looks far from fine. It looks really thick, really volumous. And I find it really helps
as well to pop in a nice curl in your hair as well to make it look that bit bigger. I’ve used a larger barrel tong, and curled away from my face. This gives you more volume. And just brushed it out slightly. And, as you can see, it looks lovely and thick. So that’s the finished look. If you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to like,
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us on Instagram as well. Any questions or comments, or any videos you’d like to see, pop them below, or head to the Milk and Blush website, and I’d love to have a chat with you all. See you next time. (upbeat music)

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