6 HEALTHY FOOD SWAPS | Healthy Eating Tips – Christina Tsiripidou

6 HEALTHY FOOD SWAPS | Healthy Eating Tips – Christina Tsiripidou

hey guys it’s Christina and in this
episode I will mention some of my favorite healthy food swaps when
starting a healthy life I know that it can be overwhelming because there is so
much information online and this is what overwhelmed me and so I had to step back
and say okay how can I make small steps how I can make healthy life sustainable
and what helped me is to make very small changes in my everyday life and these
are the ones that I’m going to share with you today. so my very first swamp
was replacing refined sugar with natural sugars so this is one of the relatively
easy ones so just find and the refined sugar that you have in your cupboards
and throw it away yes exactly just throw it away or you
can actually use it for body scrub it’s up to you but that’s what I did
identified all the product that how do you find sugar or the sugar itself I
just removed them from my kitchen and I replaced them with natural sugars I
replace them with honey with agave syrup with maple syrup with coconut
sugar and things started being much easier because then all I had to do is
to choose from those ingredients the other foods hope that you can do is
replacing your white grains with whole grains so I just replaces my white rice
with brown rice white bread with whole-grain breadd and that made a
difference a lot of difference in my everyday life and it seems such a small
thing but it’s it’s massive it’s huge for your diet and its huge for your
lifestyle what was also a savior for me is to replace all my sweet snacks with
nutty snacks or with sugar free snacks so for example I used to eat a lot of
chocolate in the afternoon around three four o’clock which I then replaced with
a lot of nuts which have really good fats and
kept me going for the rest of the day. What I also tried was to find refined
sugar-free chocolate and it used to be a bit difficult when I started so there
weren’t as much available in the health stores but now it’s booming
so today it’s much easier to find energy balls that are sugar-free or you can
also make them yourselves the health food swap that I’ve done it’s more
about drink swamp aura basically I used to drink four cups of coffee every day
yeah I know um and slowly slowly I said okay so what
is the different thing that I can do I know that coffee is not the best drink
that I can have a special if it’s in such a great amount and I decided to
start drinking green tea. Green tea was good but it I don’t know about you it
just left a little bit of bitterness in my mouth so when I was discussing with
my mom I’m just so recommend it something amazing and so the next time
that I went to Greece or next time that I was buying more natural ingredients I
just started buying Greek Mountain tea which is an incredible tea
replacement it’s it’s what I drink now it’s what I drink almost every day and
also camomile so these were the two swaps that I’ve done and then because I
started liking what I was drinking Greek Mountain tea is so delicious honestly
so then decided to swap my morning coffees as well and now I rarely drink
coffee I don’t advocate not drinking coffee not at all if this is something
that you like you can I still drinking once a week but it’s just make easier
not to have as much coffee as I used to one of the very interesting swaps that I
did was swapping my cereals with oatmeal and if you knew today’s you know exactly
what I’m talking about and it’s the very first time you try oatmeal
especially if you don’t know how to eat it it’s not the most pleasant meal that
you can have then as I got to know it and as I was trying to push myself and
to enjoy it I realized that actually I can have it with a little bit of honey
with cinnamon with apple with berries and it just became one of my favorite
breakfast so do that swap your cereals with oatmeal just add a little bit of
of color in it by adding fruits and natural sweeteners and the last swap for
today that I’ll share with you is swapping dairy milk with a plant-based
milk again it’s not that I’m advocating not to drink milk
it’s just dairy milk has a lot of hormones nowadays and it’s very
difficult to find a really good quality dairy milk so be more open-minded and
just introduce more flavors in your life and adding plant-based milks such as
oatmeal almond milk coconut milk hazelnut milk there is just more
flavoring they just add something different to your everyday life so for
example when I do drink coffee I usually add oat milk in it because I discovered
that I like the combination of coffee and oat milk when I eat my oatmeal it’s
usually is with coconut milk or with almond milk I just find it delicious.
Things like that little bit swaps like that this is what I recommend for a more
sustainable healthy life you don’t have to change everything at once just very
small swaps that makes the difference these were my six ones for today and if
you like this video please give it a thumbs up comment on the section below
with your thoughts and do let me know if there’s any other swap that you’ve done
that changed your life or at least made your health journey much easier. Share this
video with your friends and do subscribe because there is a lot of wealth of knowledge
and inspiration here on this channel take care and I’ll see you in the next

13 thoughts on “6 HEALTHY FOOD SWAPS | Healthy Eating Tips – Christina Tsiripidou

  1. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if there were any health swaps that helped you make a healthy lifestyle sustainable.

  2. I have noticed the healthier I eat the less crave I have got for coffee. This is my personal experience, I don't if anybody else feels this way. Great video Christina once more!

  3. Those are very good swaps, I will try the sugar swap first. I like coconut almond milk. Thank you Christina. ~ Vero

  4. You know, oatmeal has become one of my favorite breakfasts too! πŸ™‚ and I love it with coconut milk…which totally surprised me. I love that you like that too! I feel more 'normal'… πŸ™‚ hee hee…. Thanks christina! ~Elizabeth πŸ™‚

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