7 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas | A Week of Easy LCHF Keto Breakfasts

7 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas | A Week of Easy LCHF Keto Breakfasts

Hello and welcome back to my channel
today I am going to start filming a full week of breakfasts, so I am sauteing away some asparagus here and I am going to just film what I have for breakfast for
the next week, it’s Monday morning today and I have low carb keto breakfasts so I’m just gonna share those every day and if you’re not already
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your favorite low carb breakfast inspiration, I look forward to reading your
comments, so this is sauteing away in heaps of butter and I’m gonna add a
few other ingredients and yes as you’ll see through my week I have a lot of eggs
for breakfast but I’m going to try and balance it out this week and have a mix
of eggs and egg free breakfasts and all of that so let’s see where the week
takes us and I will keep chatting you through my breakfast I’ve added the
better part of a bag of spinach onto this asparagus, to share with my husband
and I add a bit more butter I’m going to let that wilt away and then add a nice
creaminess to make this a low carb and beautifully high fat breakfast, in no time
at all the spinach has wilted away I’m not sure if you can see it there, it’s just
nice I had to kind of zoom in from far away and so yeah I’m gonna add a
little bit of mascarpone now to make this nice and creamy, I’ve added in a
couple of generous portions of mascarpone and now we’ll just mix
through the mascarpone and the asparagus, it’s kind of like creamed spinach but with
asparagus as well and it is so yum and it’s getting steamed yes I’m gonna cook
this and then we’ll see to our eggs, of course this would be great as a side
dish with any meal or just on its own but I’ve been loving this for breakfast
because I intermittent fast and have two meals a day so I’m going to make sure I
get loads of veggies in so you’ve got the asparagus and the spinach you can
have as much or as little, just adapt it to your macros but yep that is
beautifully cooked and creamy to my liking, move it off to a
plate and I’m gonna make some fried eggs and I’ll show you once my plate is all
ready look at those beautiful eggs and with
the asparagus and I love the crispy edges it’s kind of going off the sides of the plate because yeah I like using little plates for
breakfast, so that is my breakfast for today and stay tuned because we got six
more low carb high fat yummy breakfasts coming up, going for an egg free
breakfast this morning I’ve got some low carb yogurt under there a whole lot of
chia seeds, chia seeds some people might not think that you can have them
on low carb diet but you definitely can because most of the carb is pure fiber
which is so good for you and there are a host of other amazing nutrients and chia
seeds as well and I’ve got a couple of lonely blueberries, when I opened up my
blueberry punnet and so they were a few little too soft and squishy so I picked
out the best of them and I couldn’t really do anything with the rest and but
also just so you know if you do find a low-carb yogurt which is also low in fat, the way you can up that is to use cream, so what I’ll often do is
I’ll take out my portion of yogurt and then mix through tablespoons
of thickened cream and that brings the fat level up so you can make this as
high fat as you want by adding as much cream and sometimes I’ll even make it
extra indulgent and add a little swirl of whipped cream to the top but today
that will do me I’m having a smaller breakfast because I’m gonna have a
bigger meal for my second meal of the day so that is my low carb high fat
breakfast for this morning, and this is my breakfast today sizzling away in the
frying pan I put sausages and mushrooms and I may add another couple of
ingredients too but this is just another example of an egg free breakfast I had
eggs day one couple of days without I might have eggs again tomorrow see how I go, but you can definitely, you definitely don’t have to have eggs every day you
can definitely mix it up and so I’ve got sausages, mushrooms and I will show you my completed plate once it’s done. This is my breakfast, my husband’s
sausages are still sizzling in the background, I’ve got my two sausages
mushrooms a bit of mayo in the between there and some cheese that is such a
yummy big breakfast that will fuel me and keep me going and it’s yeah showing
you don’t have to have eggs for breakfast this would make a great
breakfast or dinner low-carb high-fat beautiful.
Welcome to breakfast day I think it’s 4, I’ve got broccoli sauteing in
heaps of butter melting keep adding more butter melting it through I’m gonna cook
this really quickly the smaller you cut it up the quicker it will cook so that
is the trick there, so I’m just gonna cook it all through and add a few more
ingredients, you know what I’m like! Oh! It’s getting steamy, I will
chat with you as I add some more in a little bit. I’m gonna make this a cheesy
dish I’ve added a few handfuls of cheese and now I’m gonna pour over my scrambled egg mixture, right I’ve poured my scrambled eggs mixture over and I’m just
gonna keep scrambling and get the eggs nice and cooked and I’ll show you
once it’s done, seriously take a look at these beautiful scrambled eggs, they’re
creamy and cheesy and so good and if you’re not a huge fan of broccoli or
vegetables this is a great way to get more veggies into your diet, scramble
them up with heaps of beautiful eggs, cream, cheese, beautiful! So that is my breakfast today for morning number four, keep watching we’ve got a few more days to go. This morning I’m keeping it simple with a cheese omelet and I’m making my omelet by whisking up together I’ve got five eggs so I’m using two to
three per person, so two and a half for the two of us five in total, five eggs to
make this omelette and I’ve got a couple of splashes of cream there, it just makes
it so nice and thick and creamy so I’m gonna whisk that together and then get
on and start making my omelette. Heaps of butter in a frying pan now, I love my red spot frying pan because when it gets nice and hot I know and it’s ready for my
scrambled eggs, not scrambled eggs I’m making an omelette today! See breakfast I go a bit crazy because I’ve had a 16 hour fast and I’m a bit hungry but I want to film
to show you a whole different range of breakfasts, so we’ve got the butter nice
and hot and you’re gonna add in our egg mixture now right, I’m just gonna let
that set and become like an omelette, I tend to move the kind of outside in and
the inside out just to kind of get it to cook evenly but not scrambling it so you
need to do need to leave it alone a little bit to make an omelet that’s how to make an omelet 101! So, I’m just going to let this
set a bit and fill it with cheese, if you want you can fill it with any kind of
vegetable, even meat whatever you like, I’ll have my blog post down below where
I’ll give you loads of ideas for yummy easy low carb keto omelette fillings but I
am just going for cheese today that’s all I feel like, I know I’m going to be
having a big a big veggie lunch today otherwise I would often put in some
spinach or mushrooms or really whatever I’ve got available in my kitchen my
omelet is beautifully set and what I do is I kind of cut it in half like this
because I share it with my husband so it makes it easy I’ll cut it in half and
then I’m gonna fill each half with the cheese, just like that and then I’ve been
kind of trying to this one half already should have used my tripod, there we go
sealed over got just one cheese on that – cheese omelettes and I’ll just let
those cook and I’ll flip it over and I’m ready to make sure both sides are
beautifully cooked through flipped over my cheese on it it looks so
good I can see the cheese seeping out oozing out over there and so in a sec
I’m just going to move this onto a plate and that’s my breakfast it looks a bit
like an omelette butterfly, one for me one for my husband I know when I move on plate it always kind of falls apart because I over stuff it with cheese I
did manage to flip it so yummy and so that’s my breakfast this morning keep
watching for more yummy low carb & keto breakfasts, today I’m having leftovers
for breakfast seriously you cannot underestimate the beauty of leftovers I
made my favourite best ever chicken bake last night or yesterday for lunch
slash dinner with my intermittent fast and now I’m having leftovers for
breakfast seriously you don’t have to have traditional breakfast foods for
breakfast you can have anything you want so make a big meal night before and the
next day you’ve got breakfast so I’ve got my leg of chicken, chicken
drumstick, I’ve got some spinach under there, sour cream, avocado, beautiful low
carb high fat nice amount of protein, and kids are
crunching their breakfast in the background, my breakfast is a bit later
this morning and so I’m a tad hungry but yet definitely have leftovers for
breakfast, you don’t need to just have eggs or breakfast foods like I’ve
shown in this video definitely go the leftovers too. And this is my final
breakfast in my week of breakfast it’s steaming and hot so I will be quick, I’ve
made asparagus you can make any veggies you like, we still have asparagus in
season it’s kind of midway through spring and yes asparagus is beautiful in
season it’s so cheap but you could use broccoli, mushrooms any vegetable that
you like and I’ve got two sausages, I know I’ve had sausages early in the week but that was a meat-free meal, this one I’ve got, It’s not meat-free!! I meant egg free meal, can you see I’m hungry and I haven’t broken my intermittent fast yet
and so I’ve got two fried eggs and sausages the other day I had sausages
with all kinds of other yummy stuff and sometimes I like a big breakfast with
eggs and sausages definitely not meat free but if you’re if you’re vegetarian
you could definitely have meat free sausages instead or any meat you like I
often go through salami stages where I’ll have salami everytime at the moment
as you can tell from this week I’ve been having loads of these beautiful
grass-fed sausages which I’ve just been loving so that is my full week of
breakfast – seven low carb high fat keto friendly breakfasts make sure that you
leave a like and subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and
leave me a comment and let me know what is your favorite go-to low carb
breakfast I’m gonna have this yummy breakfast and we’ll see you again soon

8 thoughts on “7 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas | A Week of Easy LCHF Keto Breakfasts

  1. Im in my 4 th week in Keto and Im just perfect I enjoy 2 meals in 24 hrs n walk about 8km a day, I lost 4 kg since, Even though its ok to eat fat n protein in keto, but I think moderation of how much food per day is an aspect one should keep in mind to loose weight. Dr Eric Berg is important source of info.

  2. Evening snacks; Brie cheese cut into small rectangles top them with Philadelphia classic cream and boneless green olives, yummy! but eat moderately!!!

  3. Yummy, you just help me making all night. I struggle so much for trying to flip the Omelette over and it splits up in half. Why not do that on purpose! Hahaha

  4. Banana Pancakes:
    1 Medium/Big banana
    2 eggs

    Mash the banana in a bowl, whisp the eggs, add the eggs to the banana bowl, mix until smooth. Take one portion at a time and fry in butter until golden on both sides.
    Usually makes about 6 pancakes for me depending on the size of the spoon I use (usually one aimed for soups)
    Only takes about 10 minutes to make and bake all together

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