80% Of Your Gains Will Be A Result Of THIS

80% Of Your Gains Will Be A Result Of THIS

What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj on www.SeanNal.com – www.RealScienceAhletics.com,
and in this video today I want to talk about the 80/20 rule. It’s also known as the Pareto principle. You might have heard of it before, but basically
what it states is that 20% of your actions in a given area are ultimately going to be
responsible for producing 80% of the overall results, and then the other 80% of your actions
are gonna produce the remaining 20% of results. So, in other words if you’re trying to reach
a certain goal, the vast majority of your results are ultimately gonna come from a small
group of key things that you do on a consistent basis. Now, this is taught pretty often when it comes
to business but the same idea also holds true for building muscle and losing fat. Now, one of the big issues I see nowadays
is that because fitness in general has just become so huge, you know, here on YouTube,
social media, blogs, there’s just so much conflicting information out there that people
have to shift through and process. And so many of these content creators are
just pumping out this constant fluff and BS to try and be unique, and to stand out, and
to try to build up their following that way. There’s all these different dieting strategies,
special training techniques, breakthrough supplements, ideas about certain foods that
you must eat or you must avoid, exercises you must do or you must avoid, it just goes
on and on and on, and because of that it’s really easy to get distracted and to lose
sight of what’s really important in the big picture. This constant information overload can sometimes
give you the impression that getting into shape is this hugely complex process with
a million different variables that you have to figure out and juggle, when in reality
coming back to the Pareto principle, 80% of the overall muscle building results you achieve,
80% of the fat you lose and the strength you gain is ultimately going to come as a result
of applying 20% of all the possible things that you could do that are being taught and
preached about online. And that’s obviously just an estimate, it
could be 85/15, it could be 90/10, but the bottom line is to keep in mind that no matter
what, no matter what anyone tries to tell you or how convinced it might seem, the vast
majority of your progress is going to come down to the basic fundamentals. There’s just no way around it. There’s no special unknown secret waiting
around the corner, that all of a sudden gonna make a world of difference and double or triple
your progress overnight, or turn the whole process into some easy walk in the park. It’s the underlying fundamentals applied consistently
over the long term that are going to make the real difference. Now, I’m talking about simple things; are
you training with a high enough level of intensity in the gym, are you training with proper form
and centering your workouts around the basic compound lifts, are you hitting each muscle
with enough total volume and frequency throughout the week, are you striving for progressive
overload and getting stronger over time, are you hitting your overall calorie needs and
your approximate macronutrient needs for the day. I know none of this stuff sounds very exciting,
it doesn’t sound very glamorous, it’s not gonna sell programs or supplements as effectively
as claiming that there’s some special shortcut you can use instead, but this is the basic
stuff that most of your fitness journey will boil down to if you want to be successful. If you train hard with proper form and you
get consistently stronger on the basic compound lifts using enough total volume and frequency,
and you support that with the proper amount of total calories and macronutrients throughout
the week, and let’s also throw in that you stay hydrated and you get a proper sleep each
night, those are important, too, a few basic supplements if they fit into your goals, if
you just do those things on a consistent basis, even if you never even think about anything
else you’ll still probably achieve, I’d say 80% or more of your total genetic potential
when it comes to gaining muscle and leaning down, and probably within about 2 to 3 years
or so if you’re mostly consistent along the way. Now, obviously there are additional details
associated with those basic things. I’m not trying to oversimplify things here. You have to learn how to train with proper
form on each exercise, you have to learn how to calculate your volume and frequency and
lay out a solid weekly training split, how to apply progressive overload, how to determine
your calories and your macros and track your progress along the way. I wrote an entire book on these things that
lays it all out step-by-step and I wouldn’t have written all that if I didn’t think that
explaining it all in detail was necessary. But once you do break it all down you’ll see
that it really isn’t that complicated and it really doesn’t take a long time to learn
either if you commit yourself to it. So, I’m not saying that getting into great
shape is easy and even once you do have the right knowledge in place, it still takes time
to get the hang of everything and build up the proper habits, and learn about your body
and how it responds, and things like that, but what I am saying is that for the most
part it really isn’t that complicated. It doesn’t require anything fancy and if you
keep the majority of your focus on the basic fundamentals and just get really good at applying
those few key things, not only are you gonna get way better results in comparison to trying
to do a hundred different things at once, but it’s also gonna simplify everything for
you mentally, which will increase the chances that you’ll actually stick to your program
for the long term. And it’ll also free up time and energy that
you can then go ahead and divert on to other things. The smaller details do become increasingly
important as you reach the more advanced stages of lifting, and if it’s your goal to take
your physique to the highest possible level, but for the average natural lifter, again,
the bulk of your results are just gonna come down to the simple fundamental tasks carried
out consistently over the long term. And that’s where the majority of your focus
should be in order to maximize your chances for success. So, I hope this was helpful, guys. Like I mentioned before, having access to
the proper information is a critical part of getting those fundamentals down as efficiently
as possible because there’s just so much misleading content out there nowadays. So if you do want to cut through all the nonsense
and grab a fully structured step-by-step plan that lays out everything you need to know
in terms of training, nutrition and supplementation using an honest science-based approach, I’d
recommend checking out my Body Transformation Blueprint program by clicking up at the top
of the screen or visiting www.BTBluePrint.com, because that’s definitely a resource that
I wish I would’ve had when I first started lifting. If you did enjoy the video make sure to hit
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Facebook as well for more daily tips and updates, the links for that are also below. Thanks for watching, guys. And I’ll see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “80% Of Your Gains Will Be A Result Of THIS

  1. Hey Sean what are your thoughts on periodization If you solely want to build muscle. Is it beneficial and how often should I be cycling between strength and hypertrophy days?

    For example in six days, PPL (Hypertrophy) PPL (Strength)?

    Or something like one or two weeks of hypertrophy then one week of strength?

  2. It's a little crazy to consider all the fitness info on YouTube et al, but obesity is still such a big problem.

  3. I'm gonna guess before watching… 80% of your gains will come from working out consistently with a focus on progressive overload and maintaining a caloric surplus with adequate protein. The other 20% will be from exotic crazy isolation exercises, supplements, and getting incredibly anal about your diet.

  4. Everything you said in this video newcomers won't understand. Everyone will make mistakes no matter how real of raw you tell them things or try to explain to them. For example one thing I've been hearing for 3 year is GPP and never looked into it and now my body can't progress because I have no work capacity so when people keep saying progressive overload and do a little heavier or a little more that will never help when the answer is to do GPP.

  5. I keep things simple, i train Sunday to Friday and eat completely clean and have everything pre prepped for those days. Saturday is my day off to recuperate and just spend some quality time with my wife and family, i also use Saturday to indulge in any foods i want to eat. I'm only human, i am not a bodybuilder and and dont get paid to do anything regarding fitness and heck i like foods such as chocolate and burgers so on a Saturday i indulge and enjoy. By doing this routine i am healthy and have a good physique, i am getting stronger and feeling good, its great, some people just over complicate things.

  6. Keep up the good work. Every little bit helps and adds up to something big over a period of time. I concur, consistency and sticking to the basics will net amazing results. I have experienced this personally throughout my years of lifting as well. Cheers!

  7. That was super helpful to 3 of my friends … i finally could find someone who supports my idea ! I was tryna convince my friends it never worked but now i think they got it .. thanks a lot

  8. Great video! Very important for people to understand! Thanks for being one of the few willing to speak the flat out, boring truth. The industry needs more of this

  9. FYI correct pronunciation Puh-ray-toe. Probably the most over applied maybe second only to the normal distribution. Like the normal distribution it does not apply unless data supports that it does. The fallacy of generalization Is so common. Also it does not always have to be 80/20. It can be 90/10 or 50/50 etc. But yes it is a good way to communicate no BS as the idea of a concept as you have presented it.

  10. This phrase clicked for me "just because it's simple, does not mean it's easy". There is no shortcut, no magic. Basics are there, you have to work hard, for days to come to see any results.

  11. I am saying this over and over again, since the moment I started to watch Sean's shoulders and chest videos, that was the ONLY time in my life I that started to see changes.

    Hi Sean, can you please speak for push-ups, pull-ups, dips and their importance, I am doing that in addition to your routines, or if you have a video already on YouTube please direct me to it?

  12. I like the Mike Mentzer principle .
    Working out a muscle once every 7 to 21 days…
    Well 7 days is the rule for me.
    21 not so much.
    But who knows. For some it might even work.
    It's not the first time some individual surprises me about something seeming impossible..

  13. Sean’s Pre workout is the best I’ve ever used!! Seriously, give it a try and support his channel. Taste good, simple ingredients at the right doses that are very effective, nothing you don’t need!!

    @Sean – when’s the Protein Powder coming?

  14. This was a great video as usual, Sean. Love how you keep it real.

    I have a question though: what would you recommend to someone who simply has to go through circumstances that get in the way of fitness goals?

    For example, i’m pretty driven when it comes to training and my diet but there things happen like I get sick around once a month despite being pretty healthy because of environment and weather that makes people sick and viruses spread pretty easily.

    Im usually out of commision for like a week to two weeks due to these bouts with sickness and it’s honestly really frustrating.

    With that said,I understand that everyone is going through circumstances that get in the way of their goals in varying degrees. Because that is indeed life!

    Do you just suggest to work with the circumstances we’re given and just focus on training right as usual?

  15. Hey guys, just an FYI that I've started posting a ton more on Instagram, so if you liked the video and want more daily no B.S, science-based tips from me, make sure to follow here:
    ==> http://www.instagram.com/sean_nalewanyj

  16. This is a subject i often think a lot. I find myself many times digging too much into information and i get overwhelmed and frustrated because it is simply too much of it. I mean, i have good intentions, i just want to learn, but there is way too much data within this area.

  17. Great, no nonsense info and motivation! When I watch an ATHLEAN-X video, I always feel like I’m doing something wrong and coaxed into buying something, Sean always makes his videos welcoming.

  18. The fitness industry has confused a lot of people just to sell gym subscriptions, specialized programs and BS supplements. Making such a simple thing as working out SO complex.
    Basics will always stay the same, and no you don’t need a bosu ball to squat in order to get “functional”.
    Thanks man, i really hope your channel explodes so that more people wake the F up, and stop stressing over minutiae.
    Just train and eat for your goal, and have some fun! ✌️

  19. Sean, I've left comments on your videos for some time now and you've always responded to every single one which I appreciated. It's late so I don't expect a response or anything but I just wanted to say it again, great content man. I always respected your channel, and it's a channel that definitely deserves more subs. The flashy content or constant cuts in most fitness channels aren't needed here which is why I respect your channel above the rest. Keep doing what your doing Sean!

  20. Well said Sean. Nowadays, looks like everyone is trying to carve out a niche for themselves and pumping out loads of content on stuff that often doesn't matter at all.

  21. Sean always puts things back into perspective…information overload is what the fitness industry thrives on. Stick to the fundamentals….Thanks for the great content

  22. This is so true, I wish more people just figured;

    There is no cookie-cutter program.

    Find a split that works for you, do enough volume but not too much.
    Focus on progressing your lifts, regardless if you're a powerlifter or a bodybuilder (type) trainee.
    Get enough protein and fats, if you wanna gain, eat a little more than you need.
    While, if you wanna lose, eat less than you need.
    Focus on recovery and sleeping.

  23. I agree wasting 80% of your life being insecure and trying to pack on 5 lbs of muscle that 99% of people wont notice or care about in the least… is basically the WEAKEST thing you can do with your life….

  24. Wow! Seven minutes of rambling on and on to just say:
    80% percent of your gains will come from sticking to basic principles.

  25. The hockey stick plant died of neglect! Bring on the Kendo video eh. I want to see Kanadian Martial Arts Kombat for Feb Sweeps.

  26. Its like slowly wandering trough a Swamp of false information
    BUT i found the right infos on your channel, and the Buff Dudes and Athlean X

  27. I take it the 23 thumbs down are the ones that still believe they aren't in on the secret that others are keeping from them

  28. Its knowledge about the exercises, consistent training for years, A diet that fits You and your goals. and enough Rest days between the workout.
    And knowing that your muscles growth progresses slower and slower after like 2 years.
    EVERY video that trying to tell you a Faster Way or a shortcut is Lying.

  29. That's it, you just ruined fitness industry Why did you have to spell out the truth???!! 20 exercises and fluff and puff is what makes youtube great, what sells magazines, what makes money for supplements and all the "models". Without BS, there's no fitness world.

  30. You speak the truth.. I got into strength training doing the basic movements and got really good at them.. So good that I blew up in a year and was making serious progress and gains..
    The reason I quit the gym.. was honestly I couldn't be around so many dickheads.. Bro this Bro that, try this protein shake.. I wear these straps because I look fuckin cool and all the alpha fitness guys wear them SO…..

    In the end I packed up weight training altogether.. Took 2 years off and lost most of my gains..
    Decided to buy a pair of Olympic rings and was determined to figure them out..
    Started on the basics and worked on up..just like I did with the basic strength training..
    Stronger now and in better shape than I was in the gym.. After only 5 months… [there is an argument there for rebound gains I know ]
    Unsubbed to everybody on Youtube.. except a handfull of guys like yourself, starting strength, Alan Thrall,

    Just couldn't be a part of the fitness community as a whole.. Its such a pile of smoke and mirrors..

  31. Hey sean ive been cutting for a few months now and been losing weight consistently but my weight is exactly the same as it was a week ago, should i lower my calories or give it another week?

  32. Thanks for consistently avoiding fluff/bs/clickbaity stuff. Sadly nearly all the followers of people who peddle in that kind of YouTubing are getting terrible information.

    Keep doing what you're doing PLEASE.

  33. Not really related to the video but I see loads of big guys in the gym who never seem to be tracking their workouts but still build muscle, do you think these are just lucky and gain muscle easily or maybe they know their top reps/sets in their head?

  34. Hey Sean, can you please make a video concerning gastric emptying and its relation to bodybuilding? I think it's a topic that worries many of us "hardgainers." If I wait until I feel hungry (thus knowing my stomach should be empty), it's quite difficult to fit in enough (mostly) healthy calories during my waking hours. But if I choose to follow something like an "eat every 3 hours" rule, it's likely my stomach will forcefully empty before it's properly done its job. It also affects workouts (through preworkout meals and supps), as I don't want to work out too soon after my pre-workout meal and take a pre-workout supplement while I still have food in my stomach, but I also don't want to wait so long that I get hungry during my workout. Up to now, if I have my usual oatmeal+honey+blueberries, banana, 20g whey preworkout meal, I wait about an hour before drinking my preworkout, then workout 20 mins later. Sometimes I go for banana, 100g plain greek yoghurt, and 2 whole eggs instead, so I wait 90 mins due to the fat content.

  35. Sean great Video…I do have a question regarding your book (methods) and age….agree with your training content and I have trained off and on my whole life…currently 68 year old male…before I order your book I am asking your opinion on following being a young old man!!!

  36. I need your help.
    I trained hard for two months and I got exhausted and muscle pain 24/7 even after I took one month off the gym and I am not training anymore and I still feel exhausted and muscle pain won't go away yet!!! What has happened to me please? Thank you.

  37. You deserve more recognition, I remmeber watching some of your videos a few years back and just reminisced about you and wondered, where on earth did you go and found you back, subscribed. Keep up the good work man, really.

  38. what if i just train my arms and skip leg day?
    goodlife is always crowded as fuck where is gym in toronto not crowded?

  39. You don't need to track shit. Get a good program, learn the technique, train hard and eat much food.

  40. It's not the truth you don't need to track macros. He is trying to sell you his book. Eat MUCH food get full. Train hard and get a good training program (many programs Are good work) sleep enough thats it

  41. Thanks for the clarity & simplicity of your message Sean – no need to look beyond this advice for guidance 👊🏿

  42. Quality calories. Macros. Squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, barbell rows, bench presses. That’s literally all you need

  43. The only thing I want to do is get rid of the 5-8 pounds of fat sitting around my middle, and tone up my lower chest so it doesn't sag. If I had a body as lean and muscular as my legs I'd be more than happy

  44. For me, it's not eating enough food, I'll gain weight and then lose weight gain a lb lose a lb. People are saying I can gain a lb a week. Not me unless I wanna get fat, I can see it in my midsection when I bulk

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