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yo yo yo yo yo we got nine number nine things to stop doing if you want to lose weight and most of you guys do I’d say like 85% yeah so we are here to answer your problem we’ll try okay number one stop thinking you can eyeball your macros wonderful prism plunge track yeah there’s so many apps out there we use my fitness helpers like the free version we’re not like paying for it or anything and there’s a setting you can put your fiber rings so we need to just do your that carbs right there as well yeah if you guys using My Fitness Pal go into the settings and start tracking fiber take out sodium or sugar right if you’re not losing weight one the immediate thing you should start doing is tracking macros to make sure you’re doing everything right you want to know for sure you’re eating the right amount yeah there’s no point in not knowing that if you’re having trouble with your wife exactly chances are you’re not you know you’re eating to maintain or higher mm-hmm tell we’re still counting on keto maybe they don’t count as much but it’s just another method to help you just get out that road bump you’ve hit right with late-loss yeah so the benefit of Quito is long-term the calorie restriction happens automatically and easily it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to happen ever we still have to start eating left right so it’s okay mr. fat setting unrealistic goals like I’m not going to lose 10 pounds in a week probably not even a month two months so I’m not going to set that up for myself and then no you know failure is right around the corner so every little victory small or big if I just stay on track today I think this is that something in the works all worth celebrating right especially if these goals that you’re not reaching or discouraging you that’s a big issue yeah I think it’s a good strategy to have really ambitious long-term goals but maybe you want some reachable short-term goals like a good one might be adhering to the diet for X number of days like that’s the goal it should be a number on the scale it should be really anything other than just things you can control the scale you can’t control all the time right does that take this to number three and I used to be very much like this I will and wake up me a pound of cheesecake and then be like up there goes a diet or whenever I’m doing I can just eat shitty the rest of the day one day it can all give up once you cheat you know just cheat I guess if you have to and then get right back on that yeah I’m guilty of this not as much anymore and what helps me with this is just accepting that it’s going to happen occasionally and then treating the remainder of the day like a normal day not like oh now I can’t eat through a Saturday because that usually ends up you slipping up again really yeah so if I cheat in the morning and by cheating nowadays I just mean eating excess calories not eating carbs yeah but if I shoot in the morning I’ll have a normal dinner like I’m not going to do any crazy tactics to try getting getting the day back and also I’m not gonna constantly feel that you know I’m not gonna be like oh why did I do this this morning like stop just thinking about it and just out of sight out of mind kind of tactic and just live the rest of you today like normal live it up so number four and this this one matters like what is it stop doing the same thing guys yeah if you’re not losing weight and it’s an extended period of time like a month two months then you need to switch things up clearly am i doing these twisting diets but we would say probably not there’s I mean there’s a second yes more tactics like throw in some tracking of macros is the first thing yeah throw in some passing maybe you like you know even if you’re eating the same meals all the time switch stuff out figure out if you have some kind of intolerance like dairy nuts look like that so there’s that saying you better ensure you her right the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results and so how it were day number five stop if you are working out stop overestimating your workout I’m also very guilty of this oh these apply to me and that’s why I feel like they’re great that I’m giving them out to you before I was going to keto diet I would go to the gym in the morning probably like on the elliptical only 40 minutes well what do people do this yeah and then I would go home and be like damn I deserve a jar of peanut butter I would just sit all about and eat whatever I wanted all day long without thinking is mindless yeah and so I was like compensating is like oh it worked out I can eat whatever want and that’s also not how it works a lot of people are tracking the calories they’re running and earlier okay that’s uh that’s a five-piece McNugget right there I just ran it’s just like ads they’re running their locations on that yeah so my advice would be work out unless returning a muscle lesson we’re pretty much the exception don’t factor those in to your caloric intake unless you’re going super Ardley a thousand calorie cardio session then you want to die for something if you’re a marathon runner if you’re a professional athlete in some regards so when we calculate our macros so it’s very sedentary yeah guys even it like even if you’re like a labor worker or like on your feet all day whatever don’t say lightly active you can always adjust yeah number six stop focusing on short-term it’s a long-term game guys you know especially it’s a lifestyle it’s not just the short-term diet it’s not going to get you there and then you’re going to stay there without keeping up with the rest you know tracking of eating right through so what no that’s the thing I love when people say the low-carb diet will help you lose weight but then once you start eating normal again you’ll gain it all back your zone yeah the reason you gave it all back is because you’re not supposed to be eating all these things in the first place so you just don’t eat it again you don’t go back to eating normal but no the long-term mentality that is a big one that helps a lot that makes everything less valuable in the current moment yeah that’s true so like if you overeat on one day it doesn’t matter as much to you because you’re in it for the long term you’re in it for the long haul the scale it doesn’t agree with you that day doesn’t really matter who cares second stop being results oriented so you don’t want to be result oriented which we’ve already touched on a couple times you want to be action-oriented for example watching this video taking action that’s taking action but what I mean is like you don’t want to be like in two weeks I went away 180 pounds you want to be like in two weeks I want to have eaten at my macros for the day every day like that’s action those are things you can control you can’t control you’re going to weigh 180 pounds in two weeks you can do your best to get there but you want to set action-oriented goals going to be action-oriented and that results-oriented number eight stop lying to yourself guys be accountable and we talk about houses all the time he did it’s one of the most important aspects to any new reward lifestyle yeah exactly Kate you’re taking on it’s super easy to lie to yourself you can convince yourself of anything you want to try lining your internal dialogue with reality if you’re overeating you want to be admitting that to yourself because you’re not going to correct it unless you admit that it’s an issue for you so we were actually talking to one person someone a while ago and she made a really funny point and we knew it but like we’ve never really thought about it out loud that when you’re tracking yourself or when you’re setting goals for yourself you’re a lot more lenient right if accountability is an issue for you a duel with someone right like me matching them together so I’m not like leaning on my column like Matt I’m going to have a fat bomb so like King is just out there and that like makes me so bad so it’s like well I know I should I’m going to definitely MyFitnessPal now because I’ve said it out loud and someone knows about it and you know I could just leave it off so and have that extra 120 calories but no when I’m weighing stuff out yeah a couple extra elements fall onto the scale it’s still 20 50 grams or whatever fall into my mouth like I’m excluding those but you know that’s where this without tackling that’s where the lies start so you know just be accountable and don’t be leaning on yourself you’re your biggest you know criticize or you’re your biggest like critic predictive of the past so take advantage of that you know be hard on yourself sometimes it’s good sometimes but number nine stop thinking negatively that’s also yeah Cayenne perfect yeah this is probably they’re all really big one yeah but this one is so true I just realized it’s probably in the last year of my life is the thoughts you have like happiness in the choice that’s a good thing like just what you’re thinking becomes reality I have the saying that I’ve been using you guys commuted to I love it every time I’m at the gym and I’m about to do like a really challenging weight or something I’ll just elevated myself this is what I do when I do i benchpress 195 pounds come over here I’m a person that does that and I think it’s an out there that’s not a lot actually my vice president yeah I just keep telling myself that I’m this person and a lot of overweight people probably identify with themselves as being an overweight person yeah and you know like you’re the overweight person in the group like you know that was Johnny is the overweight guy that is easy to stick in your mind then you just always the overweight guy you think that’s what you are and if you think it starts thinking of yourself as a thin person it sounds dumb but if you start thinking of yourself as like your ideal weight person that becomes reality eventually or not even like I’m a sane person but like you know I’m not this person that I’ve created up and spent like you know it’s like a fantasy that you’ve made and you’re you’re coming to make it reality right so just don’t think negatively don’t are not any person I’m just Who I am and I’m working toward something yeah maybe a better example would be like I’m a person who eats healthy right I these are the thing day I’m these are the things that I use a keto diet yeah that’s who I am at this point we are done if I was being people that you and I for sure absolutely and negative thinking is an easy thing to fall into if started getting up in the morning and just you know yeah making a choice to be happy to eat better to you know be productive at work to enjoy time with your partner like whatever you want to do but just think about everything in a positive way and that helps make it a positive experience for you I’m a little blue though I’m a little Buddha but yeah I used to be overweight as a kid and though I grow out of it you know the various methods and dieting I for a real long time up until I actually started a ketogenic diet I would look in the mirror and still see that overweight girl insecure you know all of that and so making Aikido lifestyle for me and like working out and like doing hearing things change my mindset but the hardest part is actually changing your thought so those are the nine things that you need to stop doing in order to help you get back on track stop it stop long video not that mom we didn’t handle that long okey-dokey bag this what you’re gonna play all right guys that’s a wrap I changed your habits if you can we’re trying to if we’re with you yeah comment below let us know the things that are potentially holding you back and let me plan out stop it [Music] [Music]

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