A diet high in fruit and veg is linked to lower stroke risk | NHS Behind the headlines

Hi, I’m Wunmi and welcome to “Behind the headlines”, the science behind the news. This week, The Times reported that a “Daily portion of fruit and veg linked to reduced stroke risk.” A European study of
more than 400,000 people looked at the link between different food groups and the risk of stroke. Researchers found that increased
consumption of fruit and vegetables, dietary fiber and dairy were linked with
a lower risk of stroke. The study found the eating about 200 grams extra of fruit and vegetables daily was linked to 1 less stroke per 1000 people over 10 years. Increased fiber intake was linked to 2 fewer strokes and increased dairy intake was linked to less than one fewer stroke a thousand people over 10 years However, many other health and lifestyle factors are likely to contribute to an individual’s overall risk of stroke. We also don’t know the details about the
types of food consumed. It might not be wise to tell people that they can eat as
much cheese as they like to lower their risk of stroke. This is because cheese is
often high in saturated fat which can be harmful. To conclude, the study supports what we already know about the benefits of a healthy diet which is high in fruit,
vegetables, and dietary fiber. To find out more about this story click on the link.

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