You can’t feel good on a diet.. People are asking me all the time.. How are you feeling? How is the diet going? .. My diet is always the same. I never feel comfortable.. I feel always tired, always exhausted.. That’s just the way how it is. People have so high expectations that I tell them stories, But there is no story to tell.. It’s always the same. If I tell them I feel good they think the diet is not hard If I tell them I don’t feel good they say Oh Poor Nasser .. I don’t need to hear that Poor Nasser.. Poor this poor that. I’m just doing it, I choosed it. I like in bodybuilding everything comes down to the diet. The diet is there to get in the best condition. If the diet wouldn’t be it would be much easier. If it was that easy veryone would look like me and the top 15 in the world. A diet MAKES YOU or BREAKS YOU. You just have to learn .. .. To endure the pain. If you don’t learn to endure the pain you can’t improve, you can’t grow, you can’t get in shape.

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