a productive day in my life: grocery shopping, almond milk lattes, decorating my room, veg stir fry

a productive day in my life: grocery shopping, almond milk lattes, decorating my room, veg stir fry

oh wow hello there good morning my friends good morning my friends it is 8 am usually i wake up around 6 to 8 am we’re gonna have a productive day today once i eventually get up i think i’m gonna change right now i am going to do my makeup later because that takes forever and i need to walk my dogs so here we go i don’t know if that actually worked this is the fit for today i am wearing a white short sleeve blouse and then some stretchy pants i have a thing on my eye i’m gonna go walk my dogs now and then i will do my makeup when i come back finally got my makeup on it is 11:30 am so we’re kind of good on time i’m gonna have my vitamins now i absolutely hate swallowing pills it’s like any time i put a pill in my mouth i just forget how to swallow i don’t even know why these pills aren’t even that big taking iron supplements man that was a hard pill to swallow next i’m taking my multivitamins i don’t really know if these are effective kinda wanna maybe try something else other than gummies but i also hate swallowing pills last one, vitamin b12 this one i put under my tongue and just let it dissolve i like these ones but now we are done with the vitamins i took a little break and watched some youtube videos i have to go and get some groceries soon but i don’t know when i’m gonna leave i think i’ll leave exactly at 12 it’s 11:47 am right now i’m gonna plan out my day a little bit just so i don’t feel lost maybe i can also plan what i’m gonna buy i also wanna make a stir fry maybe today i want some vegetables in my system and make a veggie stir fry i also wanna listen to a cute playlist so i have the right mood i planned out what i’m gonna do today i’m gonna grocery shop and then i’m gonna hopefully clean my room i haven’t really finished unpacking since i got back from la a few weeks ago then i wanna treat myself by making an almond milk latte and then i’m gonna plan a video fold my laundry hang up some polaroids that i took first i need to go grocery shopping i have my reusable bag we are ready to go i’m not gonna film and drive i’ll see you at trader joe’s i got lost 3 times trying to get here how’s that even possible let’s get shopping i am back from shopping guys i love trader joes so much i got so much healthy food for so little the people were nice, it was a good time, a good experience i’m gonna go home now, i got a huge haul i’ll show you later and i desperately need an iced latte so i’m gonna make that as soon as i get home everything i bought is mostly for dinner, so i’m not going to cook right now but see you at home for my haul i got pretzel sticks bananas vegetable gyoza soyaki sauce broccoli bell pepper carrots mushrooms and zucchini what a beautiful haul alright so breaking down my almond milk latte recipe i use a nespresso machine and i use a single espresso shot the name of the cup is voltesso you do not need a nespresso machine to make a latte this is just the machine that i got for myself because it’s simple to use and it’s convenient not sponsored by the way, i just have this machine i just use a full cup of ice because the espresso is hot and now we have a single shot of espresso and to make it a latte i am putting in my milk of choice which is almond milk you can use whatever milk you like or you can just put in water and that becomes an iced americano or heck you can just have the espresso by itself and after you swirl it all together you have a beautiful iced almond milk latte yay i give it a 10 out of 10 and we are back after 2 hours i desperately need some natural light in this room i’m gonna take down my painting omg light oh the light i usually have my painting up here for privacy just because i removed my curtain i am in the search for new curtains but i haven’t had the time to actually go and find curtains i just want simple white curtains i could also get blinds but they are a little pricey but blinds also take up less space so i’ll have to think hard about that but in the meantime i don’t have curtains so i’m exposed to the world the window over there has blinds and if you have noticed, they are pink the owner switched curtains around so i have pink curtains now i’m definitely thinking of removing it too or i might just put curtains below the blinds and just put the blinds up i’ve been talking about curtains for too long now i have a nice coaster here so i’m not damaging my table i definitely recommend coasters so if you did see me make lattes on my instagram story now you know the truth it’s a nespresso machine i don’t have the energy for espresso machines if you can deal with coffee beans and all that i recommend an espresso machine it’s less clutter and trash and all that but nespresso does have a recycling system it gives you this bag that you can send with all the used capsules you can send it off, mail it off my friend has an espresso machine she uses it every single day she deals with that whole tamping whatever thing so it’s really up to you i think right now i’m just going to plan my videos and take care of other things i also did want to look up some stuff i wanna look up a gym membership i wanna look up how to get a passport all those things i’ve been kind of procrastinating let’s get stuff done guys i can feel my eyes- they’re wide open now i used to say that caffeine doesn’t work on me but i think it does now gonna drink some water remember to stay hydrated my friends usually caffeine makes my hands shake i think we’re okay though this time i wanna- this time i wanna cut it into an s shape let’s see if i can my only talent isn’t it beautiful it is currently 4 pm and now i’m just going to decorate my wall a little bit with some polaroids i took some polaroids- i was gonna say this weekend, what day is it today? it’s friday? so in the middle of the week i took some polaroids and i wanna hang them up i will show you guys what the polaroids are first here is a picture of me in front of a tree my face kind of got washed out but that’s okay i’m still kind of there i took a picture of the ocean here’s a picture of me and my friend sophia and there’s also chimmy i really like this one it’s a picture of me next to the ocean sitting on a bench and then here’s another picture of the sky and they’re really cute and i’m gonna hang them up so instead of hanging it on yarn i’m going to tape it onto the wall with some cute washi tape that you can kind of see it’s this pink polka dot color i am going to hang up my first one so i have my washi tape and i’m just gonna cut a little tiny strip and since it’s washi tape it won’t damage my wall or the polaroid i’m going to stick it on here if you can see give enough room for it to stick on the wall and then i’m gonna put it up i think it doesn’t matter where it goes as long as it’s on the wall and just one more piece of tape aw it’s gonna be so cute i love having pictures of nature on my wall it reminds me to go outside and not stay in my room all day yay then i’m going to put up this picture of me these are just older polaroids then this is a piece of post it paper i’m gonna put one more picture here and then just everywhere else recently i’ve been taking more polaroids just because i wanna capture moments more of course living in the moment’s good too but it’s nice to take some pictures as well people think that oh everyone’s just taking pictures of things on their phones now or whatever but you know, people back then too they recorded stuff with their video cameras, their camcorders whatever technology they had back in the day humans just wanna capture things sometimes so just having a nice balance of being in the moment and capturing moments i think is key here’s the wall so far got more polaroids up i wanna take more pictures so i can fill it all the way up here are more polaroids that i took i took them about a week ago and they are of my dogs having my dogs to look at as i’m working is a form of self-care and i’m here for it oh that’s too low okay ok you guys i decided i’m going to clean my room once and for all i was this close to just skipping cleaning because of my laziness but i’m going to take this video filming opportunity to be productive and get it done and just rip the bandaid off i’m going to do this while i still have caffeine in my brain let’s go you guys i need more furniture in my room i don’t have room for anything like where do i put these i don’t want it just sitting on my bookshelf but i might have to i don’t want it in my background either i need like a bookshelf or something whatever that’s not bad okay ok i eventually finished cleaning it may not look like a huge difference but i can walk everywhere now i used to stumble over everything but it’s all clean now let me show you my room this is EMPTY this is my dirty laundry pile and this is a pile of clothes i have to fold soon all clean bed is made it’s always made and then desk is nice and clean as well i have to wash that all clean i went ahead and did other stuff so now it’s 6:40 pm i think i’m going to make dinner like right about now i think for dinner i’m going to just do a quick montage of it because this day has honestly been very long i have a series on my channel dedicated to cooking so i think a montage is fine enough for this video enter the montage hello there i’m back with a voiceover and we’re going to make a nice stir fry here are all my vegetables and tofu i’m just going to point out a few things make sure all your vegetables are nicely washed and then also another thing i am draining water out of my tofu off screen i did that whole paper towel stacking method where you put paper towels on a plate then i place the tofu on top of the paper towels then i place more paper towels on top of the tofu and then i stacked a plate and cup on top of the tofu to weigh it down and bring out the water as for all the vegetables it’s very simple i just cut them into bite sized pieces with a good knife be very careful if you’re doing this please don’t injure yourself and now you have lots of beautifully cut vegetables and then now i’m just cutting the tofu into a good size and then now we can begin cooking the stir fry again this is very easy you’re basically just pan frying everything heating everything up first i spread out some olive oil then i placed the tofu in a nice single layer i let the tofu sit for a few minutes and then i lift one piece to see if it browned a bit if it does brown then i flip it over keep your eye on the tofu, do not burn them and then take them off the pan and let them rest as for all the vegetables i kind of cook them all the same way i just pan fry them with some olive oil and then i put a little bit of garlic salt (and pepper) not too much garlic salt and pepper because we are going to put a soyaki sauce in the end which has a lot of sodium you guys have to be careful i cook all the vegetables separately so nothing turns soggy or overcooked by the way if you see me walking back and forth that’s me playing with the dogs and watching run bts on the tv and then finally we’re going to cook everything one last time but altogether all the veggies all the tofu i’m adding some soyaki sauce also make sure you’re not allergic to anything by the way and then just for a final kick i’m going to add red pepper flakes and we’re all done i just felt like a cooking channel for a second but this is one of my favorite things to make i post about it on my instagram story a lot and you guys always ask for a recipe so i thought a voiceover was appropriate but here we go after a lot of work i’m finally going to try it what do i think oh yes that’s a good good reaction i love it ten out of ten that is it for this little mukbang i’m gonna go offscreen and eat my food so as you can see i did my nighttime routine i have my retainers on and it is actually midnight after dinner i got distracted and watched a bunch of videos on youtube they’re all bts videos was it productive? i think so to me i feel like just doing something with your day is being productive the smallest thing is something and you shouldn’t think the day is wasted if you didn’t do something super life changing or SUPER productive i think going out for a walk or going to get groceries cooking yourself something nice anything like that is being productive as long as you’re taking care of yourself and others of course, you know just being a kind decent person i think that is being productive but i honestly think i did a lot i took care of a lot of things my room is beautifully clean i am nice and clean i just showered and all that i did say i was gonna fold my laundry but that can wait for another day i’m not staying up til 12:30 or 1 am to do it i don’t think that’s being productive i think that is wasting the time that i could be sleeping and taking care of my health but anyway that is it for this productive day in my life it is so hard to talk so i’m gonna end it here i have a whole frickin retainer in my mouth i forgot to wear my retainer last night so my teeth are going through it thank you for joining me on this day and i will see you in my next video bring it in and goodnight my friends 🙂

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  1. a lot of love and energy from poland <333 luv u eonni, you inspire me every single day to being productive and motivated to study a lot <3

  2. can you please show us your handwriting or maybe a flipthrough of your notes?
    Thank you!!
    And i love you so much ❤️💕

  3. I’m the exact same way with pills. Sometimes I feel like it’s gonna come back up. My trick is to look up at the ceiling so that my throat is straight, I guess you can say.

  4. I hated my iron supplements cause I had to consider when I can eat, how much time until the next one and the next one lol

  5. My trick for swallowing pills is to have water in my mouth first then kinda get the pill in my mouth second, drink everything at once

  6. Hey Nina! Just started watching your videos and i think I fell in love with you. Watching this kind of videos always inspire me to be more productive so keep uploading them! I am too lazy.. I don’t even wake up before 1pm when theres no school… 영상들 다 완전 알차고 재밌는 것 같아요 그냥 이야기 하는 거 듣는 것만으로도 너무 재밌어… 지구뿌셔 우주뿌셔 ☺️☺️

  7. Awe thank you for this video and this reminder that just because I didn't do something super life changing means I have to punish myself.

  8. i was feeling so sad bc my day wasnt productive but then you said its okay as long as youre taking care of yourself so thank u 🙁

  9. nina dont wash ur face with contact lenses on cuz the waters gonna get into ur eyes parasites in it is gonna hide behind the lenses and grow and consume ur eyeball and stuff omg its super serious and very dangerous u could look it up on google i think there are a lot of real life examples

  10. FINALLY someone else also has problems swallowing pills 😭😭😭 i swear to god, it's such a struggle. I'm worse than you, i have to smash mine in water to mix it before taking them. messy messy messy. also, yee yee to your definition of a productive day! made me feel less useless, love you to the moon and back! 🌙💛

  11. Maybe get a taller dresser and get rid of the two that you have now. That way you'd have space for a bookshelf or something of the sort.

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  13. "the smallest thing is something" – honestly i needed this so much and it really means a lot to hear you say it…so i just really wanted to say thank you (also i love all your videos and it made my day watching this)

  14. Sooo, random advice but my sister also struggles to swallow pills, so she usually fills her mouth with water first, then puts the pill in and swallows. Probably doesn't work for everyone, but I thought I'd let you know 🙂

  15. The pill thing…
    As a kid, I used to scream " THERE IS 00.0% CHANCE TO CHOKE ON PILLS!!!" and I would still refuse to take them because I was scared to choke on them 😅

  16. A good way to swallow pills is to put some water in your mouth first, tilt your head down a bit, put the pill in your mouth, wait a second for it to float to the top of the water, then swallow. It barely feels like you swallowed a pill at all! It's helped me take really big multivitamins.

  17. HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE A TRILLION SUBSCRIBERS?? I just found your channel and I’m absolutely obsessed. I love you personality, editing style, and artistic side. Ilysm!❤️🌈

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  19. For taking pills, try tilt your head back with the water in your mouth to let gravity take the pill near your throat so it’s easier to swallow !!

  20. you should try USANA, they’re a pair of multivitamins- you’re just drinking two pills instead of all that you just took.

  21. I felt so sad when I saw all those vegetables in plastic bags!:(

    I always try to buy vegetables without plastic bags, here in Mexico is common to find them in the markets, but I guess big companies don’t give you the option, that sucks.
    Also, sometimes we don’t want to give up to those conveniently cut broccolis

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  24. Instead of drying your face with a fan, try washing your face first then brushing your teeth. That way you won't have to wait so long.

  25. nothing to say but u make me happy ALOT i love u like my older sister, an older version of me :') weird to say but thats how i feel ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  26. instead of gummies or pills, you can buy liquid supplements for all the vitamins/minerals u take! liquid is easier to swallow and actually absorbs into your body quicker.

  27. it actually feels nice watching your videos, i always watch your videos in the morning or even before i study or if i'm taking a break while i'm studying or if i'm cleaning around the house because you really motivate me to be productive!!!! keep it up, nina!!!

  28. when taking pills first put water in your mouth then drop it in you wont even notice it. or take then with food and put them in your mouth right b4 you would normally swallow the food

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