Aappam | Aattukal Paya | Mutton Paya | Goat Leg| Coconut Milk| Breakfast-10

Aappam | Aattukal Paya | Mutton Paya | Goat Leg| Coconut Milk| Breakfast-10

Greetings!! This is Amma Samayal Meenakshi Today we’ll see how to make AAppam &Muttan Paya Few of you have asked how to clean Lamb leg I bought lamb leg this morning, Washed this well Soaked in water for 10 Mins After soaking , Scrub it with knife so that the black substance comes out Don’t scrub it in depth, the outer layer alone In shop they scrub and slightly they heat it in the fire directly Those black substances will stick to the bone, clean to take those black substances Hairs will be there , clean that too We have scrubbed and cleaned now we’ll wash it with water In shops, they don’t give in small quantity, you have to buy all the four legs Keep that in water for sometime so that the burnt smell will go We’ll start making Aappam and Lamb leg paya Ingredients are I have already prepared batter for the aappam I have already shown how to make batter for Aappam, refer that video I have taken Coconut milk to mix with aappam batter along with the course mixture Mixing coconut with batter will gives a nice taste Ingredients for Lamp leg Paya Legs of a lamb, 4 Legs This will be nearly 1/2 kg Tomatoes – 3 nos Green Chilly-2 nos Coconut- 1/2 Shallots- 150grms Ginger Garlic paste-2 spoons Garam Masala- 1 spoon Turmeric – 1/2 Spoon Fennel seeds- 1 Spoon Onion- 1 big Poppy Seeds- 2 spoons Chilly Powder – I’ll show while preparing We’ll add while cooking and for tempering Coriander Powder – 1 Spoon Salt & Oil as Required Coriander leaves- Garnishing You have to pressure cook only during the night I’m showing you how to make this in the morning Get Lamb leg the day before and pressure cook Lamb leg is there, adding turmeric, Big onion Ginger garlic paste Half tomatoes Red chilly powder- 2 spoons We’ll saute and add red chilly powder Coriander powder Shallots half a bowl Garam Masala Powder Add This all and cook in the night I have added 2 spoons salt If required we’ll add it later Night cook for 4.5 whistles and rest. Morning pressure cook for 2,3 whistles after tempering Cover cook for 10 whistles We’ll grind for masala, Adding poppy seeds Fennel seeds, half a spoon We’ll keep this for tempering Adding coconut Make this as a smooth paste and filter Its almost 15 whistles now We’ll temper this now Adding 2 spoons oil cholesterol is high in lamb leg and the cholesterol has been extracted while cooking so 2 spoons oil is enough Adding fennel seeds Green chillies Shallots , let it be bigger in size If you are making this on sunday, Saturday night you can do cleaning and pressure cooking Sometimes you might not get it in saturday, if you get it on wednesday you can store it in freezer Soak it for 1 hr before you cook Wash it well and then cook so that the juice will remain Add tomato Salt – 1/4 spoon Added chilly powder 2 spoons, now adding little Coriander powder – 1 spoon Adding the ground mixture of coconut,poppy seeds & fennel seeds Adding the ground mixture Let it cook for sometime The lamb leg is now cooked well and the oil in it had extracted so add little oil for tempering Add it to the lamb leg and cook It’ll be good if it little watery It won’t good if it is thick Switch off the flame its cooked Keep it in sim for sometime and switch off the flame We’ll start making aappams I had mixed it in thick consistency The coarse mixture of the coconut is taken and mixed with batter Adding coconut mixture will enhance the taste and easy to make Already we have shown how to make aappam batter, check that Keep it in flowing consistency Keep in sim so that it’ll cook softly Aappam is now ready In breakfast menu, We made aappam and lamb leg paya along with coconut milk You can make this in holidays or weekends We have to cook it twice, both night and morning so in weekends we can cook it Buy it a day before , so that you can make it the next day Like share and subscribe to our channel Share this in Facebook Subscribe to our bachelor Samayal channel also Thank you

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  1. ஆட்டுகால் பாயா ஆப்பம் சூப்பர் வெகுநாளாக ஆட்டுக்கால் பாயா எப்படி செய்வது என இருந்தேன் தாங்கள் செய்து காட்டியது மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சி அடைகிறேன் நன்றி Good night

  2. Liked
    Shukriya mehrabani dhanywad Thankyou bahut, for recipes Hindustani Tamilian
    English please

  3. I cooked today for dinner by seeing ur recipe..Wow it came out delicious…waiting for my husband to taste it…he like payya so much that's y I prepared for the first time but I added one more extra ingredient that is fresh motchai..it s just amasing

  4. Hi amma,….. Naan Muscat la irrukae. I'm Reena. Nethu intha payaa Samac hen……… Superrr. YEn12 yrs magan. ithellaam saapidamaataan, Aana nethu adhisayamaa rusichu saaptaan…. Thank u so much n keep rocking!!!

  5. Hi na idhu seanju paathean..romba super ah irukku..en kulandhaingalukku romba pidichurukku..enakku ne peasaradhu soldradhu eallamea romba romba pidichurukku..unga samayal romba super ah irukku

  6. ஆட்டுகால் பாயா தாங்கள் செய்து காட்டியது romba super நன்றி அக்கா

  7. I tried dis…added 4 more spoons chilli powder but stil no spicy in paya..otherwise taste s ok..also d mutton legs turned so rubbery n 10 visils..y is tat so…tried wid w goat legs..plz specify

  8. அட்டுகால் அடில நகம் கரி இருக்கு அதா எடுதடலமா

  9. amma enaku oru doubt anaiku vankitu vanthu paniklama illai apdiey vanki vachu old ana apuram than pananuma fresh ah panuna nala irukathunu solranka apdiya amma

  10. Amma I am from Bangalore.. Na try pana ma aattukaal paya super ah vandhichi.. Dosa, idly kum mattum sapudalama illa rice kum sapadalama ma?
    Andha coconut thipi namba dosa maavula use panalama amma?

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