Aldi Freezer Meals Grocery Haul | $211 for 30+ Big Family Freezer Meals

– It is a shame, I tell you,
that I am wearing this hat and that it is cold outside. I feel like in Virginia
we just went from summer to winter or almost winter. It’s just so sad. Welcome back today to Large Family Table with Jamerrill Stewart. If you are new here,
I am Jamerrill Stewart and this channel is all
about me as a mama of eight helping you feed your people. So, where are we tonight? Well, we’re in the rain and it’s cold. Travis has brought me out to Aldi and I am doing an Aldi
grocery shopping haul to make a whole lot of
Large Family freezer meals. This is for my brand new Large Family freezer meals pack number six. It’s the all gluten-free pack. In that pack we are highlighting some of Large Family Table’s
best gluten-free recipes. We’re gonna go in now. I’m gonna get everything I need to make this big, huge
freezer ton full of food. I’m gonna take you along with me. So, I’ve got my big batch
freezer meal shopping list. Last time I did this, I
used Walmart grocery pickup. I thought for fun and
something different this time, I’m gonna get everything at Aldi. Now I need 12 pounds of potatoes. So, this is five pounds. I’ll probably just get
three bags of these. These are $2.79 a pound. And we need some onions, so
I will just go with these. These are $1.29. Some celery. Next, we have sliced mushrooms,
so I see those up here. A cantaloupe has nothing
to do with freezer meals. This is my other order of just stuff for the house I’m gonna pick up. And these pears are marked down to $3.33. So, the chicken breast are $1.89 a pound. The ground turkey was more expensive. I’ll show ya that when we get home. I need four of these
cans of crushed tomatoes, then I need six beef broths. So, I am back home from Aldi now and I am going to show you all
this good loot that we got. Okay, everything over here
on this part of my countertop is going to the 35-plus
gluten-free freezer meals that I am making, and then over here, we’ll go item by item, but these are additional
household food items. For several of these Large
Family freezer meal recipes: I got six green peppers and
six tri-colored peppers. These were $2.49 per three pack. We got some celery. These green onions were 89 cents. Two packs of sliced mushrooms. I only needed two cups and that’s exactly what
this is the equivalent of. There ya go, already sliced for me. Got a bag of yellow onions. I got 15 pounds total of russet potatoes. That’s gonna be for the
homemade mashed potatoes for on top of the shepherd’s
pie freezer meals. As you know, Aldi isn’t
necessarily the best place to shop whenever you need like 24 cups of cheese, which is what I needed total
in shredded cheddar cheese. However, it’s okay. I just
bought 12 of these bags. There’s two cups in each bag. All that to say I made it work. If I would’ve been at Costco or Walmart, I could’ve got two big bags. Six one way, half dozen
another. Made what it work. They had what I needed. My other little substitution
fix while I was shopping was I needed several packs
of sliced pepper jack cheese. However, in all of Aldi, there
was just this one pack left. This is for my freezer meal burrito pies that are so good, and to
make those gluten-free, I’m subject jumping, we are gonna do those with corn tortillas. More on that in a minute. So, these were the other
spicy cheeses that they had. Now, the habanero jack cheese. It says it’s flamin’ hot. So, what I decided to
do is I also mixed it with some of these chipotle cheddar. It says that’s mild, and I
figured I’m just going to mix my spicy cheeses this go ’round since this was the only Pepper Jack
that they had in the store. I needed six quarts total of beef broth. So, I went ahead and bought that. Needed some corn starch. I got four containers of parsley. Just one container of
what I call shakey cheese. Four cans of crushed tomatoes. Whoo. My little batch cooking guide only called for one can of tomato paste but they are so cheap; I can’t just buy one. If I needed one, I should have a couple in my pantry, so, I got four there. Spaghetti sauce wise,
of course I could make homemade spaghetti sauce but I just went with store bought this time. I like how Aldi has
switched out from glass to these plastic containers. So I got 12 of these. These
were only 85 cents each. I got one pack of brown sugar. Two containers of oatmeal
and then brown rice wise, I was sure I was out of my
bulk brown rice at home. At Aldi, all they have is
this instant brown rice. I’ve used it before
though for freezer meals. It works perfect. It was super cheap. So I got a case of it because
this is the exact amount I needed for the meals that I am doing with rice this go ’round. Now, as many of you know,
I bought a whole cow and a whole pig. I don’t need too much meat. However, several of the freezer meals from freezer pack six that I am doing call for chicken breast and those are like the slow cooker type or even InstantPot. Just dump in real quick chicken meals and I know a lot of moms make
those with chicken breasts. So, that is what I got to make those meals and show them in the videos. The rest of the chicken
I needed, I’m going to do one or maybe two
pasteurized hens that I have in the freezer. I’ll do those in the InstantPot because I’ll need that
chicken meat for fried rice for the freezer and a couple other meals. And then I got three
packs of ground turkey. This was like $5.99 a pack
maybe about $2.60 per pound. That’s six pounds total and then here are the corn tortillas that
I got and you know, if your family eats gluten-free
for a gluten allergy or sensitivity, that
you have to be an expert at reading your labels
and researching the brands and I know, that those who deal with that are already well aware
of how to handle it. We don’t have any gluten
sensitivities in our home but I know in order to make
the meals with tortillas gluten-free, I needed to at
least use corn tortillas. So, that’s why I got those this go ’round because some of the
meals I’m going to share with a family that does
have some gluten-free needs. And so, my total of
everything that I bought to do these over 35 freezer meals, this came to 211 dollars. A few of the items I had in my pantry and I already have all
my ground beef for it. So, that is the total
of these items from Aldi and then over here is
a little fill-in haul. I got three gallons of milk. The skim milk was $1.89 a gallon. I got three 12 packs of
the friendly farms yogurt. These were 35 cents a piece. I got two things of
sugar free almond milk. Two cantaloupes to use with our lovely, new cantaloupe slicer. I got two packs of pears. This was three pounds
each and like I showed you at the store, these were
marked down to three dollars. So, that was great. I got a bag, a three pound
bag of granny smith apples. Naomi was just asking me for these today. So, perfect about those. I got two things of oil
because I am totally out. I like to get the big thing
of olive oil from Costco but I got this so I could
have some kind of oil on hand. And then, fun, weekend
snacky things for the kids and you can see, they’ve already gotten into a few of these. I got five of these packs. These were just a $1.09
each and this is just hey, tomorrow is Saturday;
they’ll enjoy that. I also got them two packs of these orange creamsicle
popsicles and because mama went shopping tonight, I brought home four of these Aldi pizzas that one of my big boys is
helping get those cooked. So, everyone can have those. Yes, my Large Family freezer
meal packs four, five and six have been released today. (appliance beeps) Let me turn this timer off. They are out. You can get them. I did this grocery haul
to cook up pack six. Which is our highly requested,
special, gluten-free pack that highlights the Large
Family Table recipes that are gluten-free. Right now, during this
special launch time, you can get packs four,
five and six for only $20 or if you didn’t already
get my first three: packs one, two and
three, you can get packs; are you ready to count with me? One, two, three, four, five, six. You can get all six
packs, an over $80 value, right now, for only $35. The link for all of that is gonna be down in the description below. Also, something new that we
also did because you guys have been asking me for this,
is packs four, five, and six have a bonus single recipe
edition and that means not only do you get the
step by step directions for making large family
freezer meals, there’s also a bonus single recipe pack
where you can pick and choose. Let’s say you didn’t want to do eight burrito pies for the freezer. Well, you could just do one or do your own math or do two or three. Makes sense. So you’re getting that
bonus single recipe pack in the new packs. Pack, pack, pack! Okay, now back to what I was showing you. Look at these beautiful things. So, these were only $4.99
and you know what I think I’m going to use these for? So, we got the big, long ones. Of course they are showing pasta and then, I got these two little, it
says its a flip-lock container. This holds 7.2 cups. This holds 15.2. I was thinking, ‘Boy,
these will fit so well in my refridgertor.’ I’m thinking about using
them for like fresh fruit and veggie storage whenever
we do lots of fruit and veggie meal prep for the week. I could put carrot sticks in one. Celery sticks in another. We could put little chunks
of cantaloupe in another. We could do bell peppers. I was just thinking
these could be reusable for fruit and veggie storage. That’s why I got ’em and you know at Aldi, if you see something that
you think would be helpful you can’t always wait on it, ’cause it may not be there
the next time you go. And then, I got, you all know I needed to have these in my life, right? These cooling racks,
again, its a two piece set. I got two sets. These
were only $4.99 each. So, total I spent $311.36 for
whole lotta large family food. But wait, there’s more. I want you to click on this
video. Right now on your screen. You can continue watching some of my top, Large Family grocery hauls.

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