Almond Flour Pizza Crust

Almond Flour Pizza Crust

(Owl noises) (Singing) Na na na na, na na na, na na na na na na na (Singing) Making pizza now, making pizza, making pizza Today’s video we’re gonna be trying Strong Zero Pear. That’s not why we’re here right now… We’re here because I’m going to be making… (Singing) Making pizza, pizza dough I’m gonna be making almond flour and coconut flour pizza… Gluten free pizza and it’s gonna be awesome. Alright, limited edition pear drink. Not great, I’ll be honest. (laughs) (Simon in the background) I told you it was gross!

The grapefruit was so goooood! (Simon in the background) Citrus is the only way to go!

I’ve made my bet but now I have to drink it… (sighs) Now here comes the untraditional part about making this pizza… You essentially have to cook the dough in advance and then you have to cook the toppings on the side. So if you try to put it together in one go like a normal pizza, it’ll get really soggy and disgusting. So first I’m going to teach you guys how to make the dough, we’re going to pop that in the oven, and while that’s cooking, we’re going to cook the toppings. This is like a 15 minute, 20 minute procedure. Honestly, it is so fast! Pizza Perfect (?) pizza So preheat your oven, unfortunately mine does not go specifically to 176 so I’m going for 180. Time to make the pizza crust: You’re going to unceremoniously mix all your dry ingredients into one bowl, and you do need to separate the wet and the dry. Because coconut flour and almond flour are not the same as normal flour, so it will kind of absorb the egg too fast. So keep them divided. This crust will taste very plain, so make sure you flavour it or else it will kind of be like, “blargh!” Hold up a second, didn’t I have some kind of gross pear drink? Oh yes… So I’ve made this before with coconut oil and it worked, you can use any kind of oil you would like. Now I personally haven’t tested it but I’ve heard that if you don’t eat eggs, you can make a flaxseed egg, so if you do, try that out, please let me know if it works out. Mmkay, not saying that I learnt this the hard way, but make sure you use a spatula or a spoon. Because I tried to use a whisk and it kind of turned into a gigantic club that you could murder someone with. arghhh Also, not that I learned from experience the hard way, but this dough is incredibly sticky so do not touch this with your hands. Because this dough is so sticky you need either a sil-pad or parchment paper to work with it, and essentially we’re just gonna jam the dough in between and roll it all out to make it look pizza shaped. Now while I thought I had a cookie roller, it has gone completely missing…. So I’m going to be using a martini shaker, you can use whatever you want to roll this out. and if you don’t have anything to roll it out, you can just use your hands This is not normal dough, you’re just basically patting it down to make it look like whatever shape you want. Circle, it can be a star, it can be birdie pizza, it can be whatever… Oh, and don’t forget to cover the top of your dough with more parchment paper or it will get stuck to everything! Also you don’t need to press very hard… This is not dough that you’re trying to actually fight against gluten, you’re just kind of smoothing it out and pressing it around, if you press really hard it will get stuck to the parchment paper. So peel the parchment paper back really slowly or else you’ll just rip out giant chunks of it. If you do, slap it back in and pat it down. And it’s all finished! Isn’t that ridiculously easy for a pizza dough? Pop it in the over for 15 minutes and check on it at the 10 minute mark. Sometimes you need to rotate it if your oven has a hotspot, mine likes to burn anything in the back right corner. Smell those smelly smells of magic… Alright, we’ve got all of our vegetables ready to go over here. Wait… I think I forgot to show you how to do this, okay, let’s go back. Now the key with making this pizza not be super soggy is to precook all your toppings. All you wanna do when your crust is ready, is cover them in precooked toppings, top it with some cheese and then maybe get that cheese all melty and delicious. Mmkay, sorry I need to stop here a second… I’m having a really hard time peeling these shallots and I only bought them cause they were cheaper than onions… And they are making me crazy… Oohh I’m gonna— Fffffff You got this girl, you will not be beat by shallots… They are below you in the food chain. You will… Destroy them… …before they destroy you. You– You got this girl! (evil laughter) DIE SHALLOTS, DIE! You got— Oh my God… I’m gonna… It’s done now. Once you’ve chopped everything up… You’re just going to toss it into the saucepan and cook it over medium heat, with a little bit of olive oil. What I’m basically doing is cooking all the stuff that takes the longest first, and then I’m slowly gonna add in things like chicken and spinach and some fresh basil near the end, so that it’s not super soggy and overcooked. The reason I drained off all that liquid… Is because if I put it on now it will just saturate, and become like a total soggy mess. So what I do is I try to drain, it’s not like uh you know it has to be perfect. I drain off as much liquid as I can, I put everything on the pizza and then later on once it comes out… You can actually add some of that sauce back on for when you’re eating it almost like a dipping sauce on the side. Now we’re gonna hap-hazardously dump this across the pizza, in an attempt to make it look a little bit even. Normal pizza you put down sauce and then cheese and then toppings… For this one were putting down toppings, then we’re going to add the cheese on top so that it melts down, and becomes ooey-gooey and magical. You know what song I have stuck in my head That song by battle The (sings) step by step na hun na hun na hun na hun na step one step two step I love you be ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne me ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne Aw, you can’t see all my moves that’s too bad, I was doing the perfect shuffle. (whispers) No, I wasn’t. You guys may not remember battle, they were like one of the first bands we ever heard in K-pop. When we first moved to Korea, they actually played outside of our window in the park. I had no idea who they were and then they disbanded, And I was like, “That’s a shame.” One of the members looked a lot like Kevin from U-Kiss, maybe he like secretly started that band and then like changed his hairstyle. Cheese time! I’ll be using my three dollar blend of cheese, this tiny, ridiculous bag cost me six dollars. (cries) I don’t wanna talk about it! Ughhhhhh Go crazy! Go cray-zay! Is that enough cheese? I don’t think it is… No, Martina there’s too much cheese on there… Ha ha hah, nope… That’s enough girl! But is it? Think you got it. But did I? (sigh) It’s still gonna go for more cheese, sad… I have a questionably old bag of cheese in the fridge, and it smells okay… Nah, that cheese should not be lasting that long guys, but you know what? I’m gonna add more cheese… (singing) I’ve got the power Oh yeah… Can you even see anything healthy anymore? I only see cheese. We’re popping it back in the oven, depending on your oven… Mine’s gonna go for about 4 minutes or so I want just to make everything melty, that’s it. The pizza crust is crust… “The pizza crust is crust,” thanks Martina. The pizza crust is cooked, everything else on top is cooked. All we need to do is get this ooey-gooey and magical. The power of editing… Awh yeah… We gonna get schwifty… We gonna get schwifty in here… Worst part, waiting for it to cool down, so a last touch on top while it’s still a little ooey-gooey and magical, I’m gonna add a little bit of hot pepper flakes, because we like it hot. Remember that sauce you were saving from before? I’m gonna just drizzle this on top, just a little bit. Oh, there’s a mushroom inside! Ooh, I definitely want that! You just wanna have like a little bit of saucy stuff on top, it’s not totally necessary you guys can toss the sauce if you want, but, it kind of add a nice extra flavour to it. And then my audio died… Ba ba ba ba Looks like a normal pizza slice doesn’t it? It definitely holds up. But it’s not as firm as a normal piece of pizza, this part’s starting to soft down a bit… Oh yeah… That is so good, oh my God, it’s like I’m having normal real pizza, and I don’t have to worry about all the carbs in it… It’s got tons of protein and fiber in it. I can’t talk so hungry… (Simon in the background) Is food ready now? Food’s not ready… (Simon in the background) So hungry… Food’s not ready yet… It’s coming closer. (Simon in the background) Ahhhh (noises) Martina: Awh you’re so tall.

Simon: Yes duckie. Martina: What the heck? Simon: Now this is what happens when you’re an adult and Martina here still needs to develop. Martina: I’m big for a human… Simon: You’re such a tiny girl. Simon: Look at me I’m a big boy! Martina (spudgy voice): I’m a big boy! Martina: I think this is the best one I’ve ever made. Simon: I think you’re right! Martina: Right? Simon: Yeah? Martina: That’s what I’m saying So if you want to know the recipe to this excellent pizza please click on the link below and it will take you over to our blog post. Please let me know if you try this out in the comments section, or tag me on Instagram or send me a tweet or put it up on Facebook. And if you have a different rendition of it let us know, because like everyone has a different taste and different recipes. I hope you guys enjoy this coconut almond flour pizza cause I know that I do. Mm, mmhmm (Singing) Simon’s not listening (Singing) To my pizza song, my pizza (Simon in the background, singing) Playing final fantasy (Simon in the background, singing): I don’t care if I find fantasy this game is so great Simon’s playing final fantasy… (Spudgy voice) Not a good, what? Look at this I got a little haircut and it’s just… Such a sweet boy, look at this little, wait, ah, look at, look at him… Look at, Spudgy look at the camera. (whispers) Spudgy, over there… (Spudgy voice) No! Okay it doesn’t work, Spudgy just wants to eat all the food on the table. Alright you’re out of the picture, we’re done now.

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