Are Frozen Veggies Less Healthy? – Food Myths #2

Are Frozen Veggies Less Healthy? – Food Myths #2

Food Myths #2: Frozen veggies are
less nutritious than fresh veggies. Some say Frozen veggies are
less nutritious than fresh ones. So let’s take a walk through the wild and wonderful world of flash freezing. First of all, when vegetables are chosen for freezing, they’re picked at the peak of their ripeness, which is also
the peak of their nutritional value. Before they’re frozen, they’re dunked in boiling water and quickly cooled to preserve their quality and to get rid of dirt and organisms. It’s a process called blanching. Enzymes found in veggies help them grow and ripen but after peak ripening, these enzymes will begin to break down the vegetables, and reduce their nutritional value. Blanching deactivates this enzyme induced breakdown and only causes a slight
loss of some water soluble vitamins. When frozen, veggies will maintain
their quality for a little over a year. So thanks to that enzymatic deactivation, your frozen veggies may be nutritionally better off than fresh ones that have been sitting on the shelf too long after peak ripeness. So yeah, frozen is a go! Alright folks, you know the deal. We’ve got the subscribe button right here and we’ve got two more food myths videos make sure to check those out and we’ll see you again very soon.

33 thoughts on “Are Frozen Veggies Less Healthy? – Food Myths #2

  1. should have mentioned if those frozen veggies lose their nutritional value if microwaved which is most common for frozen vegies

  2. A bit unfortunate you put a picture of a frozen broccoli, as Broccoli is maybe one of the few veggies that is actually less nutritious due to the blanching process deactivating the enzyme myrosinase. 

    Myrosinase is basically the main enzyme which produces Sulforaphane the phytonutrient that makes brocolli so health promoting.

    It has been scientifically shown that raw Broccoli or microwaved fresh broccoli is the best way to go to get the most benefit.

  3. fresh will always be better in terms of both flavor and nutrition but frozen veggies surpass picked ones after only a few days, which could easily be the amount of time that it takes to even get to the store never mind how long it sits around before you end up using it.

  4. Why are facts always being twisted throughout the years? How can i trust this video at all. What do i do if what you are saying gets disproven in the next 5-10 years. Its always a new story…

  5. Thanks! Been recommending this to my patients (for quite some time now) who have limited access to food or need their food to last a little longer. Great to have a video that is short and simple!

  6. You failed to mention, that the enzymes in fresh vegetables are what make them so much healthier, and provide fuel for the millions of chemical reaction that occur in the human body.

  7. Yes. Frozen veggies are "dead food"; the idea of a vegitable. Cooking fresh vag over 150 F dead. Veggies with nutritional value snap when bent. Like human bodies vegitables retain mostly water, water containing all the goodies for your body. This should have been taught to you when you were 7 btw.. As a professional cook i hate frozen veg and i cant believe this is questionable. Processed food is processed. Eat fresh.

  8. Fresh veggies on the shelf are actually less nutritious, because they are picked before they are ripe, so they can get ripe while in transport/store.

  9. The most nutrition is gained by eating fresh picked with the sun's life energy still in them. Aka eat them alive. So yes frozen is less nutritious.

  10. Healthy or healthful? Veggies are only healthy when they are still growing in the ground unpicked. Healthful* refers to the nutritional value they provide to someone or something that is consuming said veggies. In other words a frozen veggie is dead and therefore not *healthy but may still be *healthful.

  11. Can you guys do one on hay fever and dust allergies? I would love to understand what's happening inside me

  12. frozen is fine.. especially if your on limited incomes and or limited access.. its better than canned stuff.. tastes better too.. canned veggies make me feel ill after i eat them unless its corn.. strangely enough..  so i usually spring for frozen for the bulk of my veggies.. however frozen fruits i dunno what it is.. but they taste funny to me.. so fresh on fruits for me if i can help it..

  13. I'm waiting for all the orthorectic psychos to come here and call you BigPharma/Monsatan shills. We all know that chemicals are in reality chemikills </3

  14. Some veggies are perfect out of the freezer, i.e. peas. But the texture of many other veggies becomes quite unappealing after being frozen. Cauliflower and broccoli, for example become somewhat mushy/spongy… I don't like that!

  15. I know for a fact that a frozen broccoli has wayy less nutrition than a fresh one. Fresh is best. I get the idea that this channel is trying to get views by uploading bullshit.

  16. I can't see how you claim that all frozen veggies in the world are frozen at their peak ripeness. This video got a "dislike" from me! <3

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