Are We Making Gains? | Zygostatics Weight Gain Journey 2019 Ep. 2

Are We Making Gains? | Zygostatics Weight Gain Journey 2019 Ep. 2

What’s up guys my name is Edward. Hi my name is Chi. You are watching episode two of our weight gain journey. So for everyone that has seen episode one, you might be wondering where the heck is Episode
two. How comes it has taken like a whole month for it to come out. What happened is a
lot of life, a lot of things. A lot of life, but we actually had episode two ready to go. We did our first
workout we were feeling really motivated. But then we ended up going to central London twice. We ended up eating pizza twice. That was near Valentine’s week. Back to back pizza, literally. Back to back pizza twice. We knew that we hadn’t obviously met our diet goals because we hadn’t planned anything. I think at the end of that week we did
another weighing and obviously results were not looking good. We continued the next
week I think, we’ve continued with the workouts. We’ve been doing the workouts. We just haven’t been uploading anything. We haven’t paid any attention to the diet. The diet has been a myth, apart from the diet we’ve actually been doing the workouts. Apart from the diet, we are absolutely not saying that we’ve been trashing this entire
week or month. Every single week we are doing the
workouts it’s just that we’re not showing you all of our dietary amazing
stuff going on because we haven’t been doing them. I have been taking some photos
of what I eat. But we are not really gaining weight, lets be honest. I have gained a little weight. Let’s do our weighing, let’s cut to the weighing. Weight Gain Journey 2019. Week 7. Chest: 80 cm (+2 cm), Waist: 64 cm (-0.5 cm), Hips: 99 cm (+ 0 cm), Quads: 54 cm (+0 cm) Chest: 103 cm (+2 cm), Waist: 75 cm (-1.5 cm), Hips: 92.5 cm (-2 cm), Biceps: 41.5 cm (+0.9), Week 1. Week 7 (Note: poor natural lighting) Week 1. Week 7 (Note: poor natural lighting) Okay, so you have probably just seen the weighing right now and as you can see, I have actually gone down by 2 pounds. Now that’s good. It’s not as bad as it looks, I look a lot
better now. What’s actually going on in this period of time, is that when
I started I had two extra pounds of fat that I could see just hanging around my waist. Now my waist is looking a lot more trim, I can see a lot more details around my
back and stuff like that. My biceps are bigger. So I am building muscle but I have lost more fat than I have gained muscle if it make sense. So I have still gone down on
the scale and I did say I think in the first video that I’m actually closer to
like 170 pounds because literally even though it says 176. That week or that previous month I had eaten so much chocolates and
sweet stuff, that I knew there was like a lot of weight or fat gained. We will be properly gaining muscle soon, but as you can see for me it’s not
really happened. Chi has gone up a pound though. Yeah, I’ve gone up somehow you know. Eating my way to the top. So I have been taking some pictures definitely we’re gonna be more consistent. However. We are not going to be posting those meal preps and all of the things we are eating on YouTube. The reason being is, it is just too long. When it comes to editing all of these, because I’ve had like such a busy
month. I have been working almost every day and then I got a car and then I’ve
been driving, some interesting stories. Yes, so it’s been so busy for us to
edit these videos, but what we found is that we have
found a new video, or a new social media platform that we’re going to be on more
actively and it’s called firework. So basically what we want all of you guys
to do is download it, if you want to see more of what we do on a daily basis. Just
little clips and snippets of our daily life because we don’t have to obviously
edit these to the best of our ability and stuff and it would allow you to see what we eat more consistently. We can actually just post a quick video when we eat and
show you guys what we’re eating and we can show you guys quick
behind-the-scenes stuff, our workouts when we do them. So it’s not that you have to
wait a whole load of time. So it’s a Vlog style, it’s very easy for us to engage with you guys. So you guys can just keep on track, exactly how we do every single day you will be seeing it. So we have put a link to that in the description, use
our link you have to follow us first once get the platform. So once you get the platform make sure that you follow Zygostatics first
before anyone else. When you actually watch our videos on the platform make
sure you watch the whole videos, it just helps us on the platform to get our
content seen a little bit more. So that’s all a wrap, quickly let’s just mention
to them some of the things that I think are more technical about our weight gain
journeys at the moment. So I have really been working on my chest, my back. I tried to
work on my back and I almost maimed myself. I don’t know what happened but I think because I had not been on the pull up bar for a long time. I
only did about ten reps but it finished me and for like a whole two weeks
I couldn’t even lift up my arm and it was actually feeling really bad. Now
I have actually recovered, I can actually start training properly. So I
haven’t actually had a month of training everything, just my chest. What about
you, what you’ve been training? My goodness. Okay so apart from the cold, I have been training my glutes, my lower glutes specifically not my upper glutes. So
what’s been happening is the first week or the first day that I actually
worked out guys, I couldn’t walk properly. So you know when you go to work
wearing your smart shoes because you have to, well I was wearing trainers
because I was like forget it. I can’t walk, I literally can’t walk. When I was getting off the train I was like oh God I’m going to look like an old lady.
I couldn’t get off the train properly. It happens, it does happen. So it’s no joke. I’m happy she is positive. Once you take a long break, the first workout will
maybe discourage you to never work out again. Alright guys so this is
it! As we have mentioned now we are about to start our weight gain journeys for real this time, for real yeah. This is our real start. Okay maybe next week but like it’s
gonna happen very soon. It is this week, next week is this week. No but I mean a week after this week because I don’t know, we haven’t cooked anything for the week and I
can’t guarantee my meals are going to be on point dawg. Okay how about this,
follow us on firework and we’re going to say to ourselves. We will update you when
we actually fully start, at the moment we are still warming up. We will give ourselves three days, how about that? Four. So in four days right, exactly four days four days, on firework will be there. We
will be showing you what we are eating, we’ll be showing you our meal prepping
plans and all sorts of things. I need to put my serious face on. Thank you
guys for watching, hopefully you can see some of the results that’s happened obviously in the last month. You have seen some of our workout clips and you have seen that we have actually been working. Sometimes not as hard as we can do but now we are going to get serious. So we want you guys to be motivated that even people that are
used to training can slack off and it is really hard to start, it is really hard to start you don’t really want to get back into it but we’ll get
into it. Yeah. Alright peace. Peace.

42 thoughts on “Are We Making Gains? | Zygostatics Weight Gain Journey 2019 Ep. 2

  1. Hi Guys!! Make sure to download the Firework app and follow us first ✅. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram as we will be posting soon 😉

  2. Heyyyyy I missed u guys😘😘
    But did Chi get taller? 😁
    And Chi, I don't like the taste of olive oil in my food, is there any other thing I can add to get the calories?
    I have peanut butter already🤣

  3. Yasssss Chi! I watch this for you and your progress is insane. Thanks for inspiring me to get back on my grind for the gains! 💪🙌👏🤙

  4. Thank you for your video, i will follow you on firework! How can i gain weight/muscle without eating too much fat? It is a bit difficult to control.. And also a question to Chi: how could you gain weight/muscle (or at least get formed) and lose fat in the waist area at the same time?

  5. I have some QUESTIONS: (if u are reading this)
    What can I eat to gain lean muscle?
    Also how many days should I work out a week if I’m doing ur exercises from several videos that you’ve done for hips, thighs, and butt?

  6. Chi, I discovered you guys a couple of months ago, and the system you've shared worked for me! I couldn't believe that working out once a week would work! Thanks so much! This is coming from a naturally slim woman whose trying to make some lasting gains : )

  7. you know I've been confused for a while now on how to look at you two, wha….what exactly are you two, brother/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend, real good friends, cousins????🤔🤔🤔🤔 like what??!

  8. Can one do other exercises in addition zygostatic muscle building exercises? I'd like to start doing one of the following 3 – 5 times per week:
    – Walking 30 mins +
    – HIIT
    – Using an air walker / strider


  9. Are Zygostatic muscle building exercises good for overall health? By that I mean stamina, fitness, heart health etc.

  10. Ed @10.00 mins :
    Alright guys, so this is it . As you've mentioned now, we're about to start our weight gain journeys. For real, this time. For real, yeah. For real. This is our real start. Erm… Ok maybe next week. 🤦🏿‍♀️🤣

  11. Chi you look amazing. I'm so confused. I'm the same height as you (5ft 6) and weigh 141lbs. and I'm skinnier than you. 🤷🏾‍♀️ For this reason my goal is 155lbs. Btw I'm an hourglass and my hips are 38.5.

  12. Can you guys make a video of good proteins to eat,best protein powder,and what food to get at the grocery store 😂😂

  13. Hi! I would love to know if yall know about chubby cheeks. I have always dreamed of having more hollow cheeks ( being more lean in my face region). I've read that the only way to get that is by lowering body fat percentage by a caloric deficit and what not. I don't know if that is correct but, could yall explain it and how to get a leaner face? Thanks for your information!!!!

  14. Hi Chi. I just watched your weight gain video on YouTube and I was so inspired. I just don't understand certain aspect of your program. Doesn't the body adapt to certain exercises with time. Doesn't those weights gain workouts ( butt+ hips+ thighs ) need to be switched up every few weeks/ months to be effective . I have also been reading that for muscle to grow there is need for progressive overload( increasing your weight).. am now super confused.. I hope you see my message and respond. Cheers

  15. I have also been spacing my workout as follows monday- butt, wednesday- hips friday- thighs ..every week for a month now…with no results…in calculating the TDEE do I put the workouts as light exercises or moderate exercises?

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