Atlanta Healthy Food – Brack’s Kitchen

Atlanta Healthy Food  – Brack’s Kitchen

>>BRACK ROWE: Brack’s Kitchen is starting
a movement where Atlanta healthy food means good food, where your gut
informs and improves your brain, and where bold tastes fuel your day. Driven by the bounty of our Southern agricultural landscape, Brack’s Kitchen takes
classic flavors and melds them into nutritious meals. Serving Atlanta healthy food means we source
local and responsible organic products and prepare seasonal
dishes that reflect what’s fresh, available and sustainable. Whether you build your own meal from our menu board or choose our grab-and-go option,
you know that what you’re eating was made with love and will improve
how you feel. By providing delicious, Atlanta healthy food
with bright flavors in a welcoming and joyful environment, Brack’s
Kitchen is redefining what we eat, how we eat, and how we live with intention,
positivity and gratitude.

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