Awesome Crab Cakes – A Low Carb Keto Easy Crab Cake Recipe

Awesome Crab Cakes – A Low Carb Keto Easy Crab Cake Recipe

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today I present a delicious seafood treat. My low carbohydrate, keto friendly crab cakes. This recipe has only a third of a
net carbohydrate per patty and far exceeded my expectations. It’s loaded with an awesome balance of flavor, spice and texture… and is super easy to make. Lets get started… First, we’ll do just a little prepping, by finely chopping one green onion stalk. Next, we’ll pre-blend our seafood spices. To a small bowl, add some salt; ground black pepper; onion powder; garlic powder; a little old bay seasoning; and a bit of cayenne pepper. Give a mix to blend well. To a large mixing bowl, add 8
ounces of lump crab meat. Add a quarter cup of mayonnaise; our seafood spice blend; the chopped green onions; a little of my low carbohydrate Worcestershire sauce; some lemon juice; one lightly beaten egg; and we’ll finish with some ground pork rinds. Mix well with your hands to blend together. When everything is blended, use a quarter cup
measuring cup to help portion and size. With your hands, form the crab cake. Repeat until all the crab mix is used. This recipe made about seven patties for me. You may have more or less, depending
on the portion size you make. Add some oil to a skillet on medium-high heat… …and melt in some unsalted butter. Place the crab cakes in the skillet, being
careful not to overcrowd… and fry each side for about two to three minutes, or until a nice crust forms. Be careful not to flip too early or
they may break up on you. Let drain on a paper towel and don’t make the same mistake I made by making these with grown daughters in the room who decided to scarf down a couple
before I could finish. Serve hot with some lemon wedges and my delicious remoulade sauce; look for that recipe this Sunday. …and enjoy a wonderful seafood meal! There you have it folks! My low carbohydrate crab cakes. A delicious and guilt free way to enjoy an
awesome seafood dish. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please like and consider subscribing. I’ll have something new every week. As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

34 thoughts on “Awesome Crab Cakes – A Low Carb Keto Easy Crab Cake Recipe

  1. Ooooh, Papa! Now this looks absolutely delicious. I’ve never tried crab (I’m not much of a fan of fish/seafood etc) but I can honestly say I’m going to give this a go. I’m already looking forward to saucy Sunday! I hope you’re having a good week? See you Sunday!xx

  2. Looks wonderful—but I don’t eat pork so can’t do the pork rinds. What would you suggest as an alternative??

  3. Papa G, being from South Louisiana I’m thinking of making this using different seafood maybe shrimp, fish, & crab separately rolling into balls & deep frying (we call boulettes). What’s your thoughts…….

  4. Oh yum!!! I love your vids. Finally a low carb recipe for 1 of my fav things.
    Can't wait to try. Don't blame your daughters for stealing a few.
    I would have too.😇

  5. Papa G I think you have out done yourself here! I live on the East Coast, so anything you want to post that involves seafood you just post away. Only sad thing is I'll have to wait until Sunday to try once the sauce is posted. 😉 I'm going to the cottage this weekend and you know what I'll be cooking up for a meal.

  6. Living in Louisiana, crab cakes were a staple in my family. Now I can have them again , Thanks Papa G

  7. Papa G, finally got to try your crab cakes. I was called away for work last week and it's all I've been thinking about. Had friends over last night and made 3 batches.The words awesome, wonderful, excellent doesn't give them justice. Thank you Papa G for a very delicious recipe!

  8. I just found your channel today because I was looking for a Keto Crab Cake recipe. I made this and it was delicious. I also made your Remoulade Sauce to go with it. Yum!! I will be putting this into my rotation of recipes now. Thanks!!

  9. Just made these and they are amazing. Taste just like the original. Thanks again Papa G for another mainstay to my families way of eating.

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