Bacon Tomato Cups Protein Recipe (Low Carb, Keto Friendly) Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Bacon Tomato Cups Protein Recipe (Low Carb, Keto Friendly) Protein Treats by Nutracelle

welcome back to Protein Treats I’m
Melanie Wildman and today we are making bacon tomato cups now these are so
yummy looking I was trying to figure out how I could make a healthier version of
them because the ones that I saw on the internet use Pillsbury Dough which is
full of chemicals full of carbs and of course I want to make ours just as
delicious but full of proteins full of fiber and low carbs so guess what we
figured it out stick around I’m gonna show you how to make these super yummy
filling little cups that everybody’s gonna love
okay so to make these super yummy bacon cups you’re gonna need to start with our
crepe recipe now I am gonna put the link to that protein treats episode right
below in the description so you can click on it they’re really easy and
yummy to make but in order to make them this small I actually used one of those
egg rings and I’ll show you right here this is what I mean a little egg ring
you could use a smaller frying pan or you could even make your own out of
aluminum foil to get the right size but that’s what I use to get these little
sizes now these are gonna be the pastry in our bacon Cup then you’re going to
need 1/2 a cup of shredded cheese really you can use whatever kind of cheese you
like I have an old sharp cheddar cheese here and then you’re gonna need 1/2 a
cup of mayonnaise now I’m using a full fat mayonnaise make sure that you don’t
use one that has added sugars you know some of the low-fat ones can be full of
all sorts of chemicals so I have one that is really nice and naturally made
and then I also have half an onion that I have diced and you’re gonna need one
tomato I have some tomatoes from my mom’s garden so they’re super yummy and
about 8 strips of bacon I’ve already cooked up the bacon here as you can see
and we’re gonna chop that into little pieces and then you’re also going to
need about one teaspoon of dry basil and then of course three scoops of our
natural Nutralean I’m going to show you how easy it is to make these let’s
start putting stuff together so what you’re gonna need is a muffin tin that
you greased ahead of time and then you’re going to take your crepes and
you’re just gonna set each one in there now they’re not gonna fit exactly
perfectly but that’s okay that’s what’s gonna make them
look really good so you’re just gonna go ahead and place each one of your crepes
into the muffin tin just like this okay so once you have your crepes in your
muffin tin just like this I’m gonna put it aside and we’re gonna make the yummy
filling that goes in it I’m gonna dice my tomato here now one thing when you’re
dicing your Tomatoes is you really do want your knife to be really sharp and a
lot of women that cook in the kitchen I know are guilty of this sharp knife
tends to scare us a little bit but you’re more likely to get cut and hurt
when you’re working with a knife if your knife isn’t really sharp so just make
sure you keep your knife nice and sharp and I’m gonna go ahead and dice up my
tomato you don’t have to do it perfect it can be irregular shape but you don’t
want your pieces to be too big because our little cups are pretty small okay so
we have our tomato and now what I’ve done is I have eight strips of bacon and
I’ve made it pretty crispy and so I’m gonna go ahead and dice up my bacon so
I’ve gotten my bacon from a local farmer I always try to shop local whenever I
can and they’re called Stearmans meats here in PEI and they make the best meat
everything that you could want but that’s where we get our bacon from it is
so glad you guys so now that I have our bacon all done we can go ahead and start
putting together the filling for our yummy bacon cups and all you have to do
really is mix everything together so I’m going to go ahead and put the bacon in
I’m gonna put in our dried basil you could use fresh basil too if you have
that on hand and our tomatoes and I’m gonna add the cheese right in and our
mayonnaise put that right in there and then our diced onions so we’ll go ahead
and put that in and the part that makes these so filling and so yummy and high
in protein is our natural Nutralean and because we use prebiotic fiber in it
from the chicory root it makes it really nice for cooking so I’m gonna go ahead
and add about three scoops into this recipe and that’s what’s gonna make you
feel so full when you eat the little bacon cups plus people are not
even gonna believe that this is healthy for them and now that we have our
mixture ready I’m just gonna go ahead I’m using a little scooper but you can
use a spoon and I’m gonna go ahead and put two scoops into my little pastry
here just like that so once you have all of your cups filled you’re gonna go
ahead put it in your oven at 350 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes till the
cheese on top gets really nice and bubbly you’re not gonna believe how
filling and yummy these are so let’s stick them in the oven and see how they
turned out all right so our bacon tomato cups are ready I’m gonna pull them out
of the oven and show you guys how delicious they are so excited they smell
so so good alright let’s give this a taste test
here so yummy and so filling you’re only gonna be able to eat a couple of these
until you get really really full and who doesn’t love bacon you could serve these
for guests you could serve these for dinner like I am with my family tonight
and make sure you check at the end because we’ve got lots of amazing
pictures from you guys that you’ve been sending of stuff that you’ve been
cooking all right guys let’s taste this mmm bacon cheese tomatoes fresh from my mom’s garden these are so so good you would never know that there’s almost no
carbs and they’re super high in protein high in fiber hmm it doesn’t taste like
it these taste like you’re cheating all right guys if you see a recipe that you
like and you want me to make it healthier let me know put it in the
comments below and I’ll try and make it for you alright guys see you back next
week for another episode of protein treats

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  1. I'm so excited to share this recipe with you! I hope you love it as much as my kids do!
    Have any recipes you want me to healthify?! <3 i love you guys xo

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