Being Consistent Is Actually KILLING Your Weight Loss Progress – Here’s WHY

Being Consistent Is Actually KILLING Your Weight Loss Progress – Here’s WHY

in this video I’m gonna tell you why
consistency is actually killing your weight loss progress what’s up guys
Carlo Macapinlac here from
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Fitness content just like this okay a lot of people come up to me and say
Carlo I eat healthy I work out every day but I’m not losing weight I don’t know
what I’m doing wrong these people are consistent with their diet they’re
consistent with their workouts they never miss a day at the gym but they’re
stuck that number on the scale hasn’t moved in months if anything that number
is actually starting to creep back up raise your hand if that sounds familiar
and I hear this time and time again from a lot of people and this is really
really frustrating for a lot of people right because these people are
hard-working these people are consistent but they’re not getting results but
here’s the problem with consistency consistency only works if you’re doing
the right thing I repeat it only works being consistent if you’re doing the
right thing if you’re doing the wrong thing it doesn’t matter that you’re
consistent with it it doesn’t matter that you’re the most consistent person
on the planet you see the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over
and over again expecting a different outcome if you’re consistently doing the
wrong thing you’re just honestly spinning your wheels you’re just chasing
your own tail and chasing your tail does not equate to weight loss in fact here’s
a curveball for you it’s better if you’re inconsistent with your workouts
and it’s better if you’re inconsistent with your diet let me explain you see
what I mean by being inconsistent with your workouts is your workouts does not
have to be defined by the four walls of your gym if you go to the gym it’s
better if you’re inconsistent in the sense that you should change it up you
see if you’re doing the same thing every day because your logbook says that oh
it’s leg day on Monday and then it’s chest day on Tuesday arms on Wednesday
two hours of cardio on Thursday you know a million isolation movements on Friday
and then you end up spending like two hours at the gym you see that might work for
some people especially if you’re doing this for sport right if you’re you
know preparing for a bikini show or you’re doing Crossfit
and you’re getting paid for this or you’re a weightlifter then that’s
fine but if your goal is to honestly just build some lean muscle lose
unwanted body fat get toned fit better into your clothes there is so much more
value in spending less time at the gym and spending more time just generally
moving around and if you really like going to the gym that’s fine but I want
you to think less but more intense when it comes to your workouts and here’s the
thing right like I don’t want you to think that like going to the gym is bad
like I go to the gym six or seven days a week but a lot of the time that I spend
at the gym is spent socializing with people taking videos and only a short
amount of that time is actually spent working out right the point that I’m
trying to make is don’t feel like you need to be so regimented with your
workouts you don’t need to always be consistently doing the same thing every
day it’s better if you mix it up like here’s an example right maybe you do two
strength sessions every week where you’re just doing compound movements like
deadlift back squat bench press overhead press keep it short keep it intense
should only take about like 20 to 25 minutes and then you do a couple of
high-intensity interval training workouts or a HIIT workout or CrossFit
style workouts a couple times a week lasting anywhere between 10 to 15
minutes then you mix that up with a lot of low intensity cardio like walking
running rowing cycling swimming playing with your kids taking your dog for a
walk hiking you see all of that only adds up because you can do a lot of that
outside all of that adds up to just maybe a couple hours of time spent total
at the gym and this goes against the conventional wisdom of spending dozens
of hours at the gym you know doing a million isolation movements doing hours
of chronic cardio at very high intensity and it feels like a near-death
experience every single time and then you’re so tired afterwards that you
don’t have any energy to do anything else and you see the problem with
working out too much is there’s this thing that a lot of people develop
called the overcompensation syndrome so they basically do their hour-long
workout they do their hour-long group class and then for the rest of the day
they are completely sedentary and this is why the whole notion of you know
people needing 30 minutes of exercise every day it’s complete BS because
people start to think right like oh I already got in my 30 minutes of cardio I
don’t need to move for the today like no that is a completely
backwards way of thinking about this right like people get lazy people take
the elevator instead of taking the stairs even though they’re only going up
one floor which is ridiculous if you ask me that always blows my mind every time
I see it people drive around for 20 minutes looking for the closest parking
spot to the door to the entrance instead of you know parking a little bit further
away and getting you know a quick little 200 meter walk people get lazy and they
don’t take their dog for a walk or they take them for like a five minute walk
instead of 30 minute walk people don’t play with their kids people drive and
take their cars even though they’re only going two blocks away instead of riding
their bike or walking people sit more often instead of standing you know are
you catching my drift here people just get lazy in general you see all the
activities that I just mentioned is considered non-exercise activity
thermogenesis or NEAT for short which can add up greatly to your fat loss
goals right if you just stay active if you just move your body throughout the
day instead of going to the gym for an hour and then you’re completely
sedentary for the rest of the day right you’re consistent going to the gym but
you’re not really doing anything outside of it and this is a real problem like if
you’re watching this video right now and you feel personally attacked like you’re
not the only one this happens to so many people it happens to me sometimes so you
have to be aware of it your goal again honestly if you just want to lose
unwanted body fat like I said build muscle you know improve your fitness and
be healthy overall is to just honestly you need to avoid prolonged stillness
where you’re just completely sedentary and you’re just vegging out okay so be
inconsistent with your workouts now this video would be incomplete if we did
not talk about your diet because again I hear this all the time people are
consistently eating healthy and I like putting air quotes on the word and
healthy here because people have a lot of definition on what’s considered
healthy so I ask these people okay what are these healthy foods that you’re
eating and I have a completely separate video about that so you should check it
out for a more detailed list but here are two things that are worth mentioning
in this video people consistently eat fruits and whole grains thinking that
they’re healthy but they’re not so let’s start with fruit okay like fruit is a
big one people eat fruit consistently as part of a quote unquote healthy diet and
I’m not saying that all fruits are bad by the way but the problem with fruit is
you know it seems to get a health halo from a lot of dieters because it has
natural Sugar guess what once that enters your
system and once your body processes it that still gets turned into fat it
doesn’t get a free pass as being natural all you need to know is that fruit is
nature’s candy it cannot be consistently part of your
daily diet it should be considered a treat and again I’m not saying that all
fruits are bad like if you want to eat fruit that’s fine but only eat fruits
that are in season the problem is all fruits are available these days in
grocery stores right like all kinds of fruits are available all year round and
the general rule here is that you just want to avoid starchy fruits especially
if you want to lose weight right if your goal is fat loss you want to just stick
to berries and avocado you see time and time again when I work with my private
coaching clients the less fruit they ate the more weight they lost
okay the next healthy food that people eat consistently are grains and this
includes healthy whole grains and whole wheat versions of food and I could make
an entire video about why grains should just be completely deleted from your
diet and I will it’s coming up soon but all you need to know about grains is
that grains contain something called anti nutrients and the biggest ones are
lectin phytic acid and gluten and every you know gluten is the one that gets the
most press but you should actually be more worried about lectins lectins
causes all sorts of digestive problems and it’s one of the root causes of heart
disease diabetes obesity cancer and all sorts of autoimmune disease basically
it’s making you fat and it’s making you sick human beings actually have no
requirement for carbs there are no essential carbs there are essential fats
and protein but there are no essential carbs it is not required for human
survival and time and time again whenever I work with my private coaching
clients the less grains they eat or if they eliminate grains the more weight
they lose it’s as simple as that and the other thing about consistency with your
diet is this whole idea of meal times right you have to be consistent with
your meal times you have to eat six meals a day breakfast is the most important
meal of the day here’s the thing there is actually no
scientific data out there that backs that up that you need to eat first thing
in the morning and that you need to eat every three hours or so if you want to
lose weight you need to abolish the idea of mealtimes like it’s okay to introduce
a little inconsistency with your meals and honestly there’s only one rule
that you need to follow when it comes to this okay eat when
you’re hungry don’t eat if you’re not hungry which means that if you wake up
first thing in the morning and you’re not hungry
you don’t need to eat right away okay if you’re still if you had a big lunch and
you’re still full and it’s dinnertime you don’t need to eat dinner you can
just go to bed and I know the information in this video goes against
conventional wisdom but conventional wisdom of eating breakfast first thing
in the morning eating six meals a day eating two to four servings of fruit
eating six to 11 servings of grain has resulted in a full-blown obesity
epidemic in North America especially in the US and I shouldn’t have to tell you
that if you’re watching this video right now and you’re struggling to lose weight
again consistency only works if you’re doing the right thing if you’re
consistently doing the wrong thing and you’re not losing weight then it’s time
to do things a little different it’s time to go against the grain literally
see what I did there try to be inconsistent and see what happens okay
the next question then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want
to lose weight because let’s be honest 80% of your body composition is
determined by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do
you have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to
give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the
fat around my stomach and turn it into a six-pack without going on a crazy diet
or wasting hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically
designed for busy professionals just like you and it’s the exact same
blueprint that I teach all my private coaching clients and they’ve all gone to
see some amazing results if you want to be the next success story then download
a free copy of the lean body blueprint right now there’s gonna be a link in the
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  1. Why Being Consistent Is Actually KILLING Your Weight Loss Progress. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

  2. Awesome vid dude , I finally convinced my mom of Fasting , she don't do it but she will allow me to do it , and also I wanna do a soft Dry fast tomorrow so I just had my last meal , how can I guarantee myself that I would lose weight ??

  3. I’d have to disagree with you Big C. What’s killing my workouts is my prolific flatulence and body odour. I am asked to leave a gymnasium shortly after I arrive. Also i don’t think the gym managers appreciate my beard of bees inside their facilities.

  4. Fat loss is influenced more by nutrition and fasting and less by exercise according to multiple studies. Of course exercise is helpful for toning muscle, cardiac health, brain health, sleep, etc. but it doesn't do much for fat loss. People who are overweight /obese but unable to exercise for various reasons including as severe pain, arthritis, paraplegia are all able to lose weight with LCHF / keto diet and/or intermittent fasting and NO EXERCISE!

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