100 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Burrito Recipe | Mythical Kitchen

  1. Trevor’s squeaky laughing was both adorable and slightly concerning, like honey YOU OK? YOU GOOD? He’s good

  2. Josh would be a great contestant on chopped. Mythical always gives him random things and he makes magic everytime.

  3. If someone could tell me where they got the pots and pans that’d be great! Copper on the outside white in the inside 😍😍

  4. Crehpe. Craype is incorrect. Another incorrect thing is carb stacking. I will stack as many carbs as I want.

  5. Josh is definitely a friend to take out drinking, your almost guaranteed to get into a fight or pick up some girls

  6. As someone who suffers from mental health illness and the funniest person in my friend group I can tell. You aren’t okay and we’d be great friends😂😂😂😂😂.

  7. I was actually sucked that Josh could say anything in French… And then he said that random phrase

  8. Looks good, but by around 7:07 I was like, "Mmm, I just wanna make those rice crispy treats with the chocolate — just like THAT.. Forget the rest of the recipe." 😄
    Edit: I also went to the "Hotdog is a Sandwich" podcast, to check it out, as was recommended in this video.. It was COOL, but I guess I'm just not used to the CONCEPT of a podcast, because I kept finding myself wanting to WATCH the podcast.. But you don't "WATCH" a podcast. You just LISTEN, and there's nothing to see.. But because I'm so used to Mythical Kitchen videos, alas I was able to visualize, while listening to it.

  9. Sure you could watch Binging with Babish, Josh Weisman, Adam Ragusea, Bon Appetit, etc., but Mythical Kitchen is the ONLY cooking channel dropping EuroTrip references in TWENTY-CHERRYLOVIN'-TWENTY

  10. First time I watched a Mythical Kitchen video and Josh's humor is exactly like of Rhett and Link possessed the body of one person.

  11. I'm sorry but Josh's right (our left) arm vein stared at me angrily while he was whisking and I haven't been able to break eye contact since….

  12. After just watching Josh stand there squeezing and playing with marshmallows I'm now fully convinced he's always high when making these videos.

  13. Food Fears Suggestion : on GMM S7 E83, " Will it Hot Pocket". There was a Squid Hot Pocket that just demolished Link. I know for a fact Squid is friggin delicious if prepped properly. Can Josh make take on that? Also the recipe for French Toast Hot Pocket.

  14. i refuse to check out the podcast because i disagree with the podcast title. a sandwich is defined as: an item of food consisting of TWO pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other filling between them, eaten as a light meal

    a hotdog is not a sandwich unless you break the bun in half.

  15. Honestly i would have like Sealed it with butter then deep fried the Ice cream burrito then ate it. after the toppings.

  16. So between the last video I watched and this one, I’m somehow entirely cured of what was a burning attraction to Josh… so thank you Josh! It was a whirlwind of a one sided relationship, and it was was beautifully hot and ridiculous while it lasted

  17. You should cover these in your podcast:
    Is cereal a soup?
    Should eggs be considered ‘boneless chicken?’
    Is a hotdog actually a taco?

  18. Omg howl laugh cried at Bethany trying to eat that massive bite. The most stunning creature in the entire world being goofy with ice cream. Steal my heart!!!

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