Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss, Hair, Skin & Face | Coconut Oil in Coffee?

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss, Hair, Skin & Face | Coconut Oil in Coffee?

32 thoughts on “Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss, Hair, Skin & Face | Coconut Oil in Coffee?

  1. Oh, it definitely makes a big difference blending in a blender.  I find that after that it tastes like it has a dairy cream taste.  Actually, it tastes better.  I initially tried the coconut oil similar to your demonstration, but couldn't keep doing it.  Now, I am easily able to drink blender-blended coffee, coconut oil and I put stevia.  I do agree with the benefits you described as well.  I now skip breakfast as I am trying to do the Intermittent Fast program and it helps.  Thank you for the video.

  2. Question. ii practice intemittent fasting like in the Warrior diet etc. ii do drink coffee on mornings even throughout the day until ii break my fast. would this drink significantly break my fast? Or would my body remain in a fasted state?

  3. i do not wish to skip breakfast. i think eating in the morning is very important. i have 2 pouched eggs and a banana, then this coffee.

  4. Hi Marc, I'm a little confused! I usually eat 2weetabix and a banana for breakfast which fills me for several hours does the coffee and coconut oil come before or after my breakfast or instead of?

  5. Hey man! Def enjoy the taste and texture of doing this. Have you ever heard of putting omega 3 grass-fed butter in there along with the coconut butter/mct oil? Just curious what your take is on it! Ive heard that it could be beneficial to do so

  6. i dont mind the taste of it, in fact i dont even feel it that much, but i absolutely hate the oily feeling that you get from the coconut oil, is there something else i can replace the coconut oil with, or maybe another way i can consume it along with the coffee?

  7. this coconut coffee in an empty stomach made me so hyper all day. i didnt hv anything other than that till 2 o clock. usually im so lethargic and lazy. this made me hyper to the point i was fidgeting and restless.

  8. I have done a lot of drugs in my life, and I've got to say coconut oil and coffee is one of my favorite uppers I've ever done

  9. ketone bodies are used as one of the LAST RESORT for the brain, you're brain loves glucose and prefers it to using ketone bodies , please don't listen to this idiot.

  10. I use coffee coconut oil and coconut milk every morning, even got my dad in on doing this now for about 2 months he's been on this and has stated he feels more energy and is losing weight.

  11. So do you refridgerate it? I've seen the net says no. But I left it out over night on my pc desk, and today it was melting. So if we do not refridgerate it, then how do we keep it from melting?

  12. You can use unsweetened almond or coconut or cashew milk. It won’t spike your insulin cause there’s no lactose in them at all. It also tastes great.

  13. Hi Mark, add pinch of organic nirvana stevia and 1/2 teaspoon of organic cardamom powder on the top of it along with organic coconut oil. Trust me, you will love your coffee more. The taste will be pure luxury . Plus you will have the added benefits of cardamom which is very beneficial to the body according to Ayurveda and your mouth will smell so good . Additionally , you can add some organic vanilla bean extract too

  14. I suggest brew coffee using a French press method, retains the good oils and will be less acidic. I add almond milk creamer, so I don't think that would have the insulin spike he talked about. Also I suggest you eat some kind of fruit at least 30 minutes prior cause while this is good, I think it's better to break the fast with some fruit (better to start with acid fruits, oranges, pineapple, etc). Learn about food combining.

  15. This has been really helpful, I have added coffee and coconut oil into my morning instead of drinking redbull and I have seen a great effect, but hoped it wasn’t aiding weight gain.

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