Best diet plan: no diet plan

Best diet plan: no diet plan

Thank you so much for joining me again
here today on ModVegan. My name is Margaret and I want to talk
with you today about why I will never write a conventional diet book. Diet and
veganism seem to go together like ham and eggs – or maybe kale and tofu is more
appropriate. Since the very beginning, authors
have been making books like the Skinny Bitch series Kathy Freston has been on Oprah telling
women that they too can look like former supermodels if only they embrace a vegan diet. We
have again many actresses and supermodels like Christie Brinkley
others that are constantly promoted in the media as examples of what a vegan
diet can do for your body. But I find these examples quite harmful and I want
to talk with you about why I have chosen not to make that the reason behind my
veganism and also the very real reasons I think it’s a threat to veganism. Lately I’ve been looking more into the
statistics surrounding recidivism and veganism. About eighty percent of people
who go vegan quit within the first year, and almost all of those people listed
health as the top reason for choosing to go vegan. You can check this out on, which is a fantastic website centered out of Olympia,
Washington. It’s a great website. I highly recommend it especially if you’re
interested in vegan research. Please do check it out, and they have a lot more
information about people who have quit being vegan but a lot of it has to do
with this focus on health. Now, I think health is very important, but you’ll
probably have noticed from my last couple of videos that I also want to
warn vegans about the danger of putting too much emphasis on personal appearance,
and the truly cancerous effect this is
having within the vegan movement. I have seen people put such an emphasis
on this that it undermines veganism. I want to, at this moment actually praise a few people who
have pointed out that that we need to address these unnatural stereotypes. Vegan games has done a great job of
highlighting the fact that we have unnatural and totally unattainable
visions of what male physique should look like – particularly from the male
perspective. If you’re looking at your average Hollywood movie, the physiques that
you see are not available and not possible without steroids and in the
same way I would argue that most of the females physiques that we tend to admire
are not possible without a great deal of calorie restriction and exercise.
And that’s just reality. I don’t think that that having a
healthy looking great looking body is a crime. Obviously, if you’re eating well then all
the better for you, that’s that’s fantastic! But the idea
that there is a diet plan that you can follow that is going to make you look
amazing is harmful in my opinion. And I am biased – as someone who suffered from an eating
disorder in the past, I shun most diet plans because i think that they
encourage disordered eating. It may be that only one in a hundred people who go
on 30 bananas a day end up with an eating disorder. I don’t know what the numbers would be.
But there are a number of people who will have an eating disorder triggered
by this kind of restrictive eating pattern. And I realize that most of the
people who develop these plans do so out of the goodness of their hearts. They
want to see obesity minimized, they want to see a healthier population. They
believe that veganism is the answer – and I too, believe that veganism is a great part of the answer. But I
don’t think that selling this image of perfect bikini bodies is the way to move
forward. We don’t need to look perfect. There is
not one body that is the right body for everyone. We need to accept our bodies, we need to
love our bodies and we need to engage in healthy activity, and we need a balanced
diet. That is my diet advice. If I were to write a book that’s what I would say, and
it would be so boring no-one would read it, because no-one wants to read that you
should just eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise. That’s not interesting to
people. What is interesting to people is bizarre
restricted diets that require them to eat 30 bananas a day and live off of nothing
but fruit. Which – I like fruit. I probably wouldn’t have a problem being on 30
bananas a day, but then again, I have a history of disordered eating, so of
course it appeals to me to eat some sort of crazy restricted diet plan. But it
doesn’t mean that it’s healthy, and it doesn’t mean that I will ever be
experimenting with that. And so, what I want people to know is
that my interest in veganism is not about looks. There are plenty of people out there
that are very healthy that don’t look even remotely like
models. People who are much healthier than me. I see them every day. I am a runner and I see people who weigh 40
pounds more than me, who run way faster than me and I could never even hope to
compete with them. And I’m talking women you know my own size – all the time I
see these ladies and I realize that health has nothing to do with
how much you weigh – at least very little. And that what’s more important is maintaining a
healthy lifestyle. This isn’t the news that people want to hear. They want to hear that you can go on a
diet and that you will look perfect when you follow the diet. They love the beach body – all this other
stuff. I I see it all the time. People who you know are addicted to
whatever the latest fitness product is – but it’s not going to make you happy,
it’s probably not going to get you the body you want unless you already have it. And I think it’s harmful, because it
makes you dissatisfied and unhappy with the health that you have. If you’re healthy, that’s the greatest gift in the world, and you should not let
anyone selling you a diet book talk you out of believing that you are in good
health. If you’re healthy, and able to do the
things that you need to do, then you should embrace that, enjoy that! If you
are living without cruelty to animals that you’re not that you’re not harming
this earth that you’re doing the best you can to walk lightly and contribute
all the you can, then you know what? A diet is not important! And you should know that, and these
people should be ashamed of themselves for selling you something different. And
it’s something that Ireally hope people take to heart. Because I’ve seen it far
too much in my own lifetime. As a woman I see this constantly and it saddens me –
and at times sickens me – to see people focusing so much on such trivial issues
when there are real issues in the world that we can help with. Help the animals
that are suffering, change the world, reduce the suffering of mankind – but
spend a little bit less time and money worrying about your abs. I’m sorry – you know, be healthy do what
makes you happy, but I don’t think that’s necessary and I don’t think it’s helpful.
So please think about it. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe. Leave a
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Thank you so much. Take care. Have a great day!

13 thoughts on “Best diet plan: no diet plan

  1. great video and so agree with you as its not a diet but lifestyle.So love your channel as most informative and fact based around and promotes the positive healthy message,and so glad i found you my friend x

  2. Your openness and honesty is what makes your channel great. a society based on aesthetics is is adding to how shallow a society we really are.

  3. Statistically Vegans or near Vegans live longer. There's nothing wrong with telling people that. Where the conflict interest comes in is when you try to sell people on the idea of Veganism because you're selling a product. I saw an example of this last night. In my YouTube newsfeed was a video about a feud between Kat Von D (a tattooist) and Jeffree Star (no idea who he is). One of her complaints about him was he wants the "Vegan" approved logo on his makeup even though he's not Vegan because he wants the Vegan dollars. It's the same with the e-book people. Are you more interested in selling a shit product or saving the animals? I constantly tell people you have to make phone calls, write letters, and protest peacefully if you wanna change the world. Making YouTube videos in the hopes they go viral is almost a pointless endeavor if your true goal is activism.

  4. Terrific video. People who talk about their diets are also incredibly boring and sadly self-centered. In addition to being bad for you, diets make people annoying and boring. I wish they would exercise the same amount of energy on reading interesting books, pursuing hobbies, traveling to exotic places and having new experiences that aren't all about how they look in a swimsuit. Good friends talk about good things–not about how fat they feel!

  5. Wow…. $60 billion wasted on the diet industry. I completely agree.. We can't go anywhere these days without seeing diet-related and body image-related media all over the media. I find every culture has unattainable and disordered expectations of beauty standards – from slim waists to wider hips to lighter skin to narrow faces to small noses to big eyes… It's so disheartening and damaging to people's bodies and psyches. Funny that you mentioned recidivism rates and its relation to diet! I actually just finished filming a video on that!!! 🙂 Another excellent video!

  6. I would publish a diet-book, but it would be a long series of vignettes, like, "This is how I would boil lentils over a wood fire when I was living in a bamboo hut in Northern Laos…", with self-loathing descriptions of how horrendous my life was at the time, illustrations that had nothing to do with the food, etc. I'm joking, and yet I'm entirely serious.

  7. Every day at the gym here in China, I'm surrounded by people who eat meat on a daily basis, and yet have more impressive bodies than (various) vegan diet gurus: it was the same in Saskatchewan, etc. The weight-loss argument is just a weak approach to veganism, short-term and long-term, both in terms of outreach (to non-vegans), and for the effect within veganism.

  8. I personally found the Skinny Bitch book really refreshing, but that might be because I didn't realize it was going to suggest a vegan diet when I read it. It did talk really candidly about the ethical side of veganism, which was surprising. But overall, I have to agree. Since each person's body is so different, it is nearly impossible to say that this specific diet will work for you or anyone, so choosing veganism purely to lose weight/look better is foolish. I'm really enjoying your outlook on veganism. All the best. 🙂

  9. I've had and still do have body image issues, and I like people like vegan gains, because I think it's not always accepted that males struggle with this too. However, I don't agree with the statement that weight has nothing to do with health, because research has shown that being obese increases the risk of our main killers. However, I'm not talking about a little extra padding, I'm talking more about having 100 extra pounds of fat.

  10. I completely forgot I went Vegan after reading Skinny Bitch! Unfortunately I was only 14 at the time and already suffering from Anorexia. I did go back to eating some animal products while I was in recovery  for 5 years, but now I am a healthy 23 year old Vegan. At least something good came out of my illness, I probably never would have gone Vegan if I hadn't been Anorexic.

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