Best IPTV Services 2019 – Top 6 Live Tv Streaming Services

Best IPTV Services 2019 – Top 6 Live Tv Streaming Services

must fight together now or die a lot of services to get you that type
of content that you just seen it is almost Game of Thrones time and I want
to talk about the best above-ground services for those that don’t want to
play in the gray so you can get some good content these all will get you a
free trial subscription now let’s do it let’s I got to put on my plus seven
glasses of the streaming sexy as hell work on skilling up this craft bringing
you guys a more info on YouTube expending something better to look at
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so on this list of top five number one for me above ground is youtube TV the
price is $40 a month you get a lot of sports a lot of these other ones don’t
give you sports they are heavy on sports they give you TNT Adult Swim and DVR can
record as many programs as you want unlimited space that’s big too cuz a lot
of times you people are working you’re not available to see what you want when
you want to see it and you want something’s gonna give you unlimited DVR
they do it for you and any device you want to run it on it runs 4k TV computer
Xbox it runs on everything and you can have multiple streams going at the same
time meaning that your daughter in California can run it your mama here in
the house can run it dad might be a truck drivers using this computer he can
run it so that is YouTube moving right along
Hulu TV now we’re starting to get into prices I don’t like but for everything
that can be offered Hulu TV is different so they give you for $44.99
access to who lose entire streaming library you get channels like Amy Bravo
discovered Disney they do give you ESP they do give you FS 1 FS 2 Food Network
HD n and you get 50 hours of cloud storage with them that’s supported on
all devices too so you don’t got to worry about your devices and watch video
simultaneously up to two different screens meaning that you can have mom in
the kitchen and dad who’s the truck driver root using it on the truck
internet speed with this one you need to have at least an 8 megabytes per second
and you’re good to go free trial with them moving right along
link TV and I had them and I’m talking about the sling orange that’s not their
blue the blue sling is $15 sling orange it’s 25 and with this one you do get a
lot of channels you get the ESPN you get Disney you get AMC you get CNN so forth
and so forth and you can upgrade that to get some of the premium channels with
this one you get 50 hours of storage but it’s going to cost you five dollars more
and this one is supported pretty much on all devices as well and you can have
with this one three different lines can be going at the same time so your
daughter can be watching it your mama can be watching it dad can be watching
the white truck driving you need at least five in the MVPs four different of
work efficiently and they do give you a free off free trial offer as well next
on this list is one that I used to like man I want to love them so much
Playstations view they are $44.99 that’s their access plan and you get like 45
networks with this one you get ESPN Disney Bravo and Cartoon Network Food
Network Fox Sports own Hg so forth and so forth you can check them out on your
own with their DVR program you can store things up to 28 days which is good for
my people that are always missing different things you can run different
pretty much on all devices I think you
Dilton on PlayStation 3 some of the other services won’t run on PlayStation
3 y’all know I got a PlayStation 3 I ain’t getting rid of it because we do
life games on this channel so we saving with them though you can run five
different devices so say mommy’s in the kitchen dad’s on the truck oh oh sorry
about that y’all sometimes duty calls moving right along Direct TV now they
all know this is where if I was on the airplane and I had a good parachute this
is where I would start jumping out when we started getting into these so DirecTV
now plus starts at $50 a month which I’ll know that’s uh-oh
HBO is included though for my Game of Thrones people this is the one I’m
talking about if you don’t want to just have HBO by
itself and you plan on having something above ground for the duration of these
six episodes of Game of Thrones you might want to give Direct TV now try you
get the HBO you get 40 other networks Bravo CNN ESPN Fox Sports 1 20 hours of
free DVR cloud that ain’t bad you can put this on most devices you can’t put
them on your xbox as you can’t put them on your Playstations unless you do a
little tweaking and you can run them on two different devices at a time and if
you want to run it on a third device it’s going to cost you an extra five
dollars you got to have 12 MVPs on your connections 8mt watch TV this one is the
cheapest is $15 a month for AT&T Wireless customers with unlimited data
plans you’re gonna get 30 channels forgetting sports if you’re a sports guy
you’re out you’re gonna get channels like AME Animal Planet CNN Hallmark
homework channel there’s no DVR service is supported on every device you can
think of so you can run this was pretty much on everything and you can have
multiple account users on this thing and they all can stream it each at a time
and they have a free trial there you have
and the last one on this list because the subscriber said he never heard of it
it’s Philo TV now with Philo TV is $16 a month you’re getting about 44 channels
and you can upgrade to that $20 of my program and get 57 channels channels
include AMC Food Network Hallmark Channel Discovery own Nickelodeon no
sports for local stations for news so y’all know that’s a no-no for me but you
do get unlimited DVR and it lasts up to 30 days you can put this one on all your
devices including your Roku’s including your Playstations it’ll work for that
and you can have three different people running it at the same time mama daddy
the trucker and the daughter who’s in school who’s in the room feels to be
studying and it’s probably watching TV you get it all up there you only need
five Mbps for your internet speed that might work out for some of you guys but
if I know y’all real good if I know my subscribers good every single most of
y’all I’m gonna say every single one but most y’all looking at this list and hail
to the no because y’all like to play in the grey y’all like to dance around
where things go about y’all our own underground TV but I do have a lot of
people who don’t want to be dealing with that their conscience won’t let them
they’re not feeling it for whatever the reason and that’s who this list is for
this is for all my above ground core cutters wanting to know what are the
best services this is your list check it out
they all give you a free trial that’s going to do it for this video don’t
forget to like my video please comment subscribe go get yourself a life game if
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19 thoughts on “Best IPTV Services 2019 – Top 6 Live Tv Streaming Services

  1. I tried all of them. I feeling playstation vue is the best. Mainly I'm using a fire 4k stick and jailbroken. Good review.

  2. Thanks Lamont. I prefer above ground myself. It’s not that I’m a stick in the mud who doesn’t approve of underground IPTV. I just find above ground more reliable. I have yet to find an underground service that doesn’t have glitches. And I certainly would not to give those guys my credit card number.

  3. Hell to the NO NO. Too damm high. Will stay underground. Thanks for sharing brother LAMONT. Keep the awesome content coming. Have an awesome day. Love ya bro

  4. I am sticking with NEXT LEVEL IPTV. $10 dls for 2 devices. In all of this services your mentioning, none have channels from my Mexico. NL does and than some.
    If i go on a diet, do i have to give up Coronas and Tecates? Ohhh heck no lol

  5. youtube tv has added 8 channels and will raise price by $10 starting May 13. I suggest you confirm this info yourselves 🙂

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