Best Live Tv Streaming 2018 | Black-ish

Best Live Tv Streaming 2018 | Black-ish

premiers with one major declaration in
college right now one of the best robach african-american shows for this
age is blackish and we’re gonna be covering blackish and all this good
glory and what the message is it brings for this generation in this week’s best
live streaming TV you can watch on your stream devices we’re gonna do it right
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finance streaming making money we do it all and we also talked about a couple of
political topics too let’s jump into this review what’s good YouTube you back in the
building with your old uncle Monty Python we’re talking the best live
streaming TVs you could watch on TV and we’re covering a great great show for
all ethnic groups called blackish it stars my boy Anthony Anderson and Tracee
Ellis Ross who’s got one of the biggest hind parts in all of Hollywood I mean
haha apart so be you can sit a cup up their chicken walk and it would not fall
if she started running track we’re gonna cover that right now but first I got to
put on my plus seven glasses of the cinema and TV sexy as hell
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so blackish is a great show that I highly recommend if you’re an African
American make your white friends watch the show so they can kind of understand
some of the plights that professional African Americans go through as we start
trying to assimilate to having well being in the cultural situation that’s
not ours and having to deal with questions of being black so for those of
you that miss some of those good shows that came on in the late eighties the
late nineties your Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s your family matters your Bill
Cosby’s your what’s happening this has been probably the best show to replace
some of those because it starts Anthony Anderson whose character is named ray
his wife is Tracee Ellis Ross she’s a doctor he does marketing kind of similar
to my house I do marketing on YouTube my wife’s a doctor and they’ve come into
good money they live in a great neighborhood but they’re always
constantly wondering have they forgotten where they come from or they’re always
constantly having to tell their white predecessors what
they deal with as successful african-americans where you pull it in
this direction by people saying you’re forgetting where you come from then
you’re pulling this direction by the majority of anglo-saxons saying you need
to do this to keep growing do this to keep going up so that go through funny
funny episodes where they talk about how the slave trade has hindered the black
progression and they do it in a manner that’s factual and funny and the people
get it and I think that if you tell people about this they’ll get it and
they’ve got some kids too that are going through these same dynamics because
they’re going to college they’ve got some twins they’ve got two older can
they just had a little baby and then you’ve also got great guest stars up
there Laurence Fishburne plays the daddy and I’m speaking of fresh prints from
fresh prints she’s in the show and y’all know she’s a mess and the show is very
funny it is in season number five and if you want good comedy by some great
actors and some seasoned actors and seeing the dye economy that a lot of
African Americans have to go through and a number of situations from Halloween
Thanksgiving parties you know been in situations where it can be uncomfortable
for us to live I definitely recommend you watch blackish it’ll make you smile
it’ll make you understand the plight of professional African Americans and it
might give you a situation where you do more coming together in a time right now
in America where we need more things to bring us together from all racial groups
understanding what makes us human is something else you will get from
blackish and I highly recommend that you get everybody to watch this show it is
great LOB’s friend of entertainment leave me some comments below have you
watched blackish do you already watch it are you enjoying blackish what messages
have you gotten from blackest that you’ve been able to go and tell the
world about that helped you better Ella cute what you’re going through in your
walk as an African American that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to
like my video comment subscribe go get yourself a life game
check out blackish man very entertaining very funny good show I hope they’ve got
a couple of more seasons in them because one of the kids is going off to college
the other kid this season has graduated and he’s taken our quote unquote gap
year black folks ain’t never know what the hell the gap give me meant but they
have to explain what a gap year is because like I said they’ve done well
for themselves and gap years is something that a lot of anglo-saxon
American kids have done black kids straight from high school send your
button school you go get you a good job and they cover that in this season right
here and until the next sexy as hell video I’ll see you

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  1. I will Rock with you always Big Bro! you have lots of things going on but still look out for others. much love and respect to you, thanks again for all you bring us!

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