BEST Workout & Diet ADVICE for SKINNY GUYS ft. Mike Matthews | How to Build & Gain Muscle FAST

BEST Workout & Diet ADVICE for SKINNY GUYS ft. Mike Matthews | How to Build & Gain Muscle FAST

Alright I get it, I get it! you guys want
me to explain how to get shredded as fuck if you’re skinny. Let’s get down to it. Back when I first started working out I was
actually one of those skinny hardgainers who had a really tough time putting on any weight,
even gaining fat was impossible for me, and I’m still a hardgainer to this day. That just means I’m naturally skinny and it’s
harder for me to gain weight than it is for an average guy. When I saw you guys requesting this video
I was like oh this is perfect, because I was just like you. When I was really skinny and learning about
how to gain muscle, there was one book that really helped me, it’s called Bigger, Leaner, Stronger, by Mike Matthews. And I remember thinking “damn, this guy Mike
is the shit, I wanna meet him one day. And then I was like … oh fuck, wait … I’m
Zeus! And I snapped my fingers and summoned him
and he appeared! Mike: What in the actual fuck… Are you…Zeus?? Did I die and go to Olympus? Zeus: Oh good you’re here. No you didn’t die don’t be ridiculous,
I wouldn’t let those gains go to waste at such a young age. I’m doing a video about how to gain weight
if you’re skinny, so let’s jump right into it. Side note: this is NOT a sponsored video. I’ve actually followed Mike’s advice for years,
and it’s been seriously helpful in getting me to put on size. So when I saw this topic being requested,
I knew he’d be the perfect person to collaborate with on it. And, since I actually am a Greek god, I can
summon whomever I want to be in my videos, click the link above to see the video I did
with Alix Lynx, the pornstar! Maybe next time I’ll do one with those 3 Victorias
Secret models I had a foursome with last weekend … #1. Compound Lifts. When it comes to your workouts, you want to
focus on doing heavy, compound lifts … which is basically shit like squats, deadlifts,
bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, and so on. These are exercises that hit multiple muscle
groups. For example, bench press is a compound lift
because it hits your chest, shoulders, arms, etc, whereas something like a bicep curls
hits only 1 muscle: your biceps. You wanna focus on doing between 4-8 reps
for each set, and you want to do about 9-12 sets of various exercises per muscle group
per week. And if you’re a beginner, the reason I give
a range instead of an exact number is because you’re not gonna know exactly how many reps
you can do before you get into it, so if you pick a weight, and you hit anywhere from 4-8
reps, then that’s a good weight for you. It doesn’t have to be exactly 4, or exactly
8. Mike: Good advice Zeus. If you want to maximize gains as a natural
weightlifter–that is, if you don’t want to be pinning yourself every day in the locker
room–then you need to do a lot of heavy, compound weightlifting and ensure that you
get adequate rest and recovery. This is how you most increase whole-body strength
and muscularity. You can even work in some heavier training
if you feel up to it–a set or two of 2 to 3 reps with a bit more weight. Zeus: Totally agree, doing some sets of 2-3
reps has definitely helped me put more weight up on the bar and get stronger when I feel
like my progress is slowing down. What I like to do for my compound workouts
is 2 sets of 2-6 reps, and then do 2 more sets of around 4-8 reps. I like to hit 2 warm up sets, then go heaviest
right after, because then I can hit my first real set at max capacity. Mike: That’s smart and in fitness lingo,
is known as “reverse pyramiding” because it’s the opposite of the traditional pyramid
workout structure where you start with lighter weights and progress into heavier loads. If you’re going to pyramid your workouts,
then I definitely recommend reverse pyramids because they allow you to do your heaviest
sets when you’re freshest and strongest. If you do it the other way around, you’ll
be fatigued and weaker by the time you get to your heavy sets, which means you won’t
be able to lift as much weight and you’ll find it harder to maintain proper form. Zeus: Yeah I actually stopped doing pyramids
after hearing your recommendation about reverse pyramids in one of your articles, and the
reverse ones helped me a lot more. #2. Isolation exercises. Mike: An isolation exercise is one that involves
just one joint and major muscle group. Other muscles participate, of course, but
not much. The biceps curl is a good example of an isolation
exercise because it really only works the biceps. Isolation exercises definitely have a place
in your workout routine because they can be great for bringing up smaller, more stubborn
muscles like the biceps, shoulders, and calves, but they should never be the focus of your
training because you simply can’t get anywhere near the same results in whole-body strength
and muscle gains as you can with compound exercises. The bottom line is this: If you want to gain
muscle and strength as quickly as possible, then you want to make sure that isolation
exercises take a back seat in your training and you put the majority of your time and
sweat into the hard shit: the big compound lifts. Zeus: That makes perfect sense because I’ve
always focused on doing compound lifts and then supplemented my harder-to-build muscles
like my arms with isolation exercises like curls, pull downs, tricep extensions, and
shit like that. What regimen of isolation exercises would
you recommend for something like arms? Mike: Good question, and that brings up a
good point because a lot of people say that you don’t have to do isolation exercises
for your arms if you’re doing heavy compound pushing and pulling. I disagree. The reality is unless your arms are just hyper-responsive
to training, which is not the case for most guys, then you definitely need to train your
biceps and triceps, and maybe even forearms as well. In my Bigger Leaner Stronger program for men,
I recommend 6 to 8 sets per week for both biceps and triceps with half of those sets
being in the 4-6 rep range and the other half in the 8-10 rep range. As far as exercises go, let’s keep it simple:
For bi’s you can do barbell and dumbbell curls, and for tri’s you can do close grip bench
press and rope/bar pushdowns. Zeus: Yeah that sounds similar to what I do
and it’s worked for me really well. In one of my last workout videos I mentioned
that skinny guys should eat a surplus of around 500 calories to gain weight and should avoid
dirty bulking since it makes cutting more difficult in the future. What’s the best diet routine skinny guys
should follow? Mike: I’ve worked with quite a few hardgainer
types that had to eat upward of 4,000 to 4,500 calories per day just to eke out 0.5 to 1
pound of weight gain per week. You may not need to eat that much (cross your
fingers because trust me — it’s not nearly as fun as it sounds), but know this: Successful “bulking” usually entails eating
a slightly uncomfortable amount of food. For most guys, that boils down to 10 to 15%
more calories than they’re burning every day, which can be quite a lot depending on
how fast your metabolism is and how physically active you are. As far as macros go, most important is eating
enough protein, which is why I recommend that you eat around 1 gram of protein per pound
of body weight per day. So if you weigh 150 pounds, then you want
to eat around 150 grams of protein per day. If you’re a little higher or lower, that’s
totally fine. You want to get the rest of your calories
from carbs and fats, of course, and to figure out how much of each you should be eating,
just check out this article that I wrote. It has a calculator too, so all you have to
do is punch in a few numbers and you’ll be good to go. Zeus: Yeah I’ve found that a 15% surplus
works best for me when it comes to putting on muscle. And look – if you do all this and you’re
still not gaining any weight, JUST EAT MORE! It’s pretty much physically impossible to
NOT gain weight if you eat more than you use, so if you’re not seeing any gains, just
keep increasing your food until you do. Now, if you guys are looking for a really
solid workout routine, click the link on the screen now to check out my video where I break
down different splits for you to try out. I’ll have my 4 day split on screen now of
what I currently do. On my 4th day I usually train arms and then
another muscle group that I feel needs more training. For example, right now I’m focusing on my
building up my back muscles since they’re my weakest so I’d do arms and back on my
4th day. [ Monday: Chest & triceps] [Wednesday: Back & biceps] [Friday: Shoulders & Legs] [Saturday: Arms & back, chest, etc. whichever
I’m focusing on at the time] Zeus: So in summary, focus on heavy compound
lifts, do 4-8 reps per set, and do 9-12 sets per major muscle group per week, these include
things like back, legs, chest, and shoulders. Also, eat a calorie surplus of about 10% or
a little more depending on how your body reacts to it. And finally, don’t forget to eat at least
1gram of protein for each pound of body weight. Anything else you’d like to tell the fans
before I whoosh you back to your place? Mike: Well, uh, thanks for the chance to chill
and talk about how to get jacked. I hope everyone found it helpful. If you’re still watching and liked what
I had to say, then you should definitely check out my book Bigger Leaner Stronger. It has sold over 350,000 copies in the last
few years and helped thousands of guys build their best bodies ever. You
might also like my weekly articles I publish over at and Outro:

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  1. Let me know if you liked this video! Check out Mike's article on calculating macros and be sure to check him out for some of the best advice in the fitness industry.

  2. m fed up of seeing these 2-3lines.. but I didn't get my ques ans… how to set up? workout plan for gaining..? If u are doing Chest day den its natural u will hit Bench press.. then y everyone.. always say compound compound.. wht m basically asking is… should we do only compound exercises or ? ? have to follow the routine

  3. God damn I’ve been working my ass off in the gym lately and I’ve been eating like a monster. I’ve been gaining a little weight and I’m definitely getting bigger. But I’ve been focusing on isolation exorcises the most. There’s so many confusing videos out there but this one really makes it simple. Thank you.

  4. gym then mcnuggets, then just eat toast and bread, make sure you get you’re vitamins etc just for the regular health benefits but yeah, in summary, gym, then chicken.

  5. i‘m here because all the videos for girls are on loosing weight and here i am skinny as a stick wanting to get dat ass

  6. Just drop the guilty feeling about pigging out on food,skinny people don't eat, you'll put on weight, then tone up with some heavy weights,press ups. Milk, tuna and sweetcorn are a couple of ideas.

  7. hey, Based Zeus i really your outro track by superstar beats i really wanna use it in my video, but um not sure if i use it right away or ask for some copyright permission

  8. I am still not gaining weight even after eating 15% surplus calories. I think i have parasites in my intestines


  10. Skinny guys if you want to get big you need to eat A LOT. I eat 5 meals a day, laaaarge meals, and its helping. Train that stomach along with the rest of your muscles 💪🏻

  11. Zeus thanks for helping , I m 18 and my weight is 50 kg , hek I am gonna try RN!!! GOD BLESS U(just bless urself)

  12. I'm 5-11. 150. Don't want to gain a pound. Who the fuck wants to look like a wrestler. Oh yea white guys. Black guys want to look athletic.

  13. This comment is my opinion of course. It could be wrong. But for now it makes sense for me. So think for yourself when reading this, stuff could be wrong.

    A thing most people miss is, that they may eat "blank" calories, but you have to think about how the calories get used in the body. If you eat hard to digest food, for example raw vegetables with fibre and shit or whole wheat bread for example, you actually lose a lot of energy in the digestion process or may even overtax your digestive system unnecessary/even lose nutrients by eating whole grains. So this is important so you dont overeat and overstuff yourself and needlessy overtax your system with too much food for example. The human body should always be wanting what he needs to stay bioligcally healthy. So if you have to severely overeat to get calories, because most poeple simply dont eat easy to digest foods, it might be taxing on you mentally aswell as physically.
    You basically havet eat less of easy to digest foods to gain the same amount of calories by eating hard to digest foods. And thats why its easier to gain weight on certain foods and sometimes something is so hard to digest that its known to make you loose weight actually.
    Also if you eat hard to digest food and you only workout like 1 hour a day static, not moving much, and then go home or to school sitting the whole day. You might feel more tired than if you walked the day. Because your digestive system has muscles to use too, but if you sit cramped all day they have to work more, this can likely lead to feeling weak overall, which could prevent you from moving again. Walking and moving helps your body to digest food.

    Traditionally you would eat ground fluor, I dont say "white fluor" in particular, because theres also rye for example that is always kinda dark, even if you have a very fine type without the skin and germs. But thats why people tell you that "whole grains are better because they dont make you fat", infact if a food makes you loose weight if you eat it in the same mass, its actually a bad food.
    Because in real life, you would die if you ate those foods, humans need lots of energy, thats why traditionally you less whole grains, only when they are sun dried and sprouted and sourdoughed.
    But even with fine fluor bread, you need a proper sourdough, bacteria breaks the food down for you, so your body doesnt have to do the hard stuff, also the bacteria breaks down gluten and other stuff that some people might have problems with.
    Thats why "gluten sensitive or intolerant people" often tolerate a real proper quality fine fluor sourdough. From what I understand, no one tolerates gluten, but some people are just so healthy that the body can deal with it pretty well so they dont realise it. Also they may not eat non quality prepared bread ever day, the amount is probably also contributing.
    One scratch can heal, but if you scratch the same spot everyday without it healing it might get worse you know.
    But yeah, what Im trying to say is, that the bacteria broke it down and with the fine fluor you almost have the starch isolated, which is the energy in the bread.
    So eating foods that make you "fat", are actually good for you in MOST cases. Dont eat sweets and shit of course.
    But for example animal fat traditionally would give you a lot of energy aswell and wont tax the body on hard digestion. Or maybe white rice aswell, its the isolated starch.
    Potatoes peeled are a good amount of starch aswell. Certain cooked vegetables and so on. There are other starch sources of course, like some roots in africa and so on.
    But I dont want to deep dive into something I dont know anything about, I dont know african tradtion.

    Cured meats are good aswell, the bacteria broke the food down for you and it has bacteria in it because of that, it isnt baked like the bread, so the bacteria will also again help your body so your body does not have to use its own precious calories.
    There are also foods like soup that is cooked very well, like your grand grand mother would do it. In america it might be different, but in europe you might be lucky to still have a grandma that does the traditional stuff. Because in the less developed countries you are basically 50 years back sometimes, where america for example already had cars, they used horses.
    So you might be lucky to still get the knowledge there or have them cook for you.
    Also they include a lot of good herbs, that also help your immune system, so your body gets help again and you dont use up so much calories and nutrients.
    Also soup is great and broths, because they are easy to digest and the plants and vegetables are softer, but also they contain lot of minerals and most importantly they are WARM.
    Staying warm is a huge energy saver, after all your calories are associated with burning and stuff. So if its already warm you dont use up that much calories to warm the food up to let it assimilate in the body.
    Basically eat traditional food imo. Its is very easy to digest, has nutrition in it with eating liver and stuff, good amount of calories to have to working the whole day like back in the day.
    You might even avoid tooth decay and a clogged nose with that diet.
    My parents knew someone who still had all his teeth without brushing and it adds up with Weston a. Price a dentist that went to look at traditional societies in the 1920s, because they still kept their teeth or had very very minor tooth decay in more "modern" societies (for example swiss -> more modern, african tribe -> not so modern and they sometimes had 0% toothdecay.).
    He also compared the modern swiss, with the "old" swiss and the modern swiss that ate jams and stuff, had toothdecay and the old swiss had it very very minor.
    So its not about genetics. He compared people with the same genetics and not just the swiss.

    And these guys had to be tuff you know, back in the old days. Imagine some kid not brushing their teeth (without toothpaste bcause it didnt exist), and losing their teeth with like 5 like todays kids would.
    And thats the thing, they would have died, so theres a logic hole in the thought that humans that sticked to very traditional diets, had toothdecay, becaus if, they we wouldnt be here on youtube.
    There are exceptions probably of the middle ages, where peasants werent able to consume the right foods of course, that can certainly be possible. And thats why they might have had toothdecay, or other societies just not following complete traditional food with high minerals like bone broth, real salt, properly prepared bread.

  14. So basically be rich if you wanna gain muscle fast as a skinny motherfucker, otherwise work on a high paying job and exercise for a few years for results, then start eating a lot when you get the money lol.

  15. Currently I'm on house arrest. So I only have access to my dumbbells & pull up bar. Too many isolations cuz I mainly just do curls. But I'm doing as many sets in a day as ur recommendation for a week! And more reps!

  16. Your advices about diet are very bad. Bulking up, no matter how you train or how small your caloric surplus is, you’ll gain fat. The studies has shown that your best ratio is 1:1 that means at each 10 pounds of weight gain, you’ll gain 5 gain of fat at least. If you do everything perfectly. You can surely build muscle and lose fat at the same time if you follow a hypocaloric diet with enough protein intake.

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