BodyBuilder Diet – The CARB CONFUSION Principle

BodyBuilder Diet – The CARB CONFUSION Principle

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  1. I love your content and have considered your program. Mainly because I got respect for your no bull shit factual approach. Until today that it is. You briefly skipped over keytones and were dismissive of their energy potential. I train on a Ketogenic diet and it is only in the adaptation phase that your power suffers. Overall there is way more energy available than you can get from carbs once adapted. A little disappointed you haven't done your research on that front.

  2. I am a self-proclaimed genius, therefore, I declare that I need to cut carbs! Thus, it is so, for I have declared it!! 👳

  3. You guys really want to spend $$$ on athlean x training plans and meal plans?! when you can get all this advice and even better from actual bodybuilders and certified professionals at its free!!!!

  4. Jef , the human body is diferent from metabolism , so what food its ok for you to keep u lean is not working for someone with low metabolism. You have a high metabolism so you can eat carbs ..

  5. love ur channel and philosophies and obviously looking at ur physique u know what ur doing, but carbohydrates r absolutely not a more efficient form of energy than fats. quite the opposite. yes doing a high fat/low carb diet will deplete ur glycogen stores, but u don't have to eat lots of carbs everyday to keep that from happening. doing a carb refeed a couple times a week will keep ur glycogen stores from depleting. our body is wired to use carbs for energy simply because it is the path of least resistance meaning less steps r involved to make it happen. but they absolutely r not necessary to build lean muscle and be healthy. of the 3 macros we have to consume there r carbs, lipids, and proteins or amino acids. there r essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, there r NO essential carbohydrates because our body can easily convert things into sugars. just my .02 cents

  6. Actually, Jeff, I'm MORE confused now. If carbs are so necessary, how do you explain Joe Rogan's regimen? It's been my understanding that fat is burned more cleanly than carbs.

  7. Did he just say ketones aren't an efficient energy source or long term solution? Oh boy.

    As much as I love your videos, Jeff, please either stick to the PT / physiotherapy side of things, or brush up on your nutrition / physiology before making such a video

  8. Jeff's videos from 6 years ago make more sense than half the nonsense uploaded by these fitness experts today.

  9. I feel like keto is mostly used by people who were or are obese. They are/ were obese for a reason…. and def eating more protein makes u feel fuller. If it works for u, and u get results… why not? I love carbs though… so yeah. 👊

  10. Hi Jeff! Really like your channel…can you please advise the importance of calcium intake or supplements.

  11. I got a glad trash bags ad then I go ahead and see that there is a glad commercial playing on the TV, are you sponsored by glad?

  12. Its true, eating carbohydrates again I can tell there is significant increase in energy and power, and stamina. I can finally increase amount of weight im working with, can run decent distance again, oh and also no more spinning head when i get up quickly. My advice, guys you know you need carbs so don't try to invent bike.

  13. I’m on cyclical keto, 1-2 x per week n it works great. Building muscle n have more energy. I will admit I do need carbs because how intense my workouts are. I think it’s about finding what works for you. I look at a potato n gain 5 lbs where someone else may respond better.

  14. Absolutely true! There’s so much misinformation on this subject. Even a simple carb like dextrose after a killer workout ( maybe mixed with whey) works great for recovery.

  15. Can we eat rice and chicken together for bulking? I read starch and protein should not be mixed together… Is it healthy or not?

  16. No you're wrong I used to weigh 260 now I weigh 170 I've been on a low carb high fat diet since September of 2017 I have plenty of energy I started lifting weights I am 58 years old I've not see my app since my was in my twenties now I see my apps the keto diet work for me I can bench 250 lb and deadlift 125 to 150 so something's working tell me what I used to be type 2 diabetic high blood pressure and all that's one away since I've done the ketogenic diet so something's working besides eating carbs and sugar and intermittent fasting which my growth hormones help me build leaner muscles and I'm ripped since I use more than I was when I was playing football is back in the seventies

  17. Hi Jeff and thanks for everything,your channel is amazing! i have a question: is it true that when you eat carbs your insulin level is bigger and your body stop/can't burn fat? If it's true what can i do about that? I am not fat and i train and get results but want to know about my lower abs fat..

  18. Less than 10% of my diet has been carbs for the last 4 months… Size 38 to 32. Dropped 20 lbs… Chest and biceps are popping, lats double in size, and just looking good. If you wanna lose weight, drop the carbs

  19. Accidentally killed my newborn son because I tried to make him follow the “don’t eat until you’ve watched this”. Anyone know how to fix?

  20. I'm still confused. I respect all the knowledge you show about muscles and training and the success you have both personally and socially, with you gym and your channel. So I hoped you would solve my confusion, but it still wasn't enough. I had a herniated disc and my doctor diagnosed it as a muscle tightening. I did his physiotherapy for 6 months, only to get worse and worse. I learned a little about pain online and suggested to him I had a herniated disc, but he said it was nonsense. When he finally accepted the possibility and the exam showed it was real, it was already too advanced (doctors told me) and I had to do surgery. During all this time, till I recovered from surgery, I gained a lot of weight. I was already chubby. So now I've lost 70 lbs in a year, doing no exercises and eating lots of fat – just controlling carbs (eating less than 1.5 oz a day). I felt great all around. Didn't fell any lack of energy or draining, though I didn't exercise. I'm starting to exercise now. Do my body need carbs to exercise and gain muscle, or even if I don't exercise I will still need those carbs in the long run for something? Because a year aiming at 1.5oz carbs a day (and just that) felt great. Thank you.

  21. I use to do under 25 grams carbs a day and lost 35 pounds But was weak in the gym. So I uped it to 50-70 a day and My strength is back and I can maintain My weight.
    Everyone is different. Burning fat for fuel did not work for Me unless I go really light weight.

  22. The idea of carbohydrates for consistent energy is just wrong. Carbohydrates will spike your blood sugar levels and then they will plummet, causing cravings. Ever since I cut out 90-95 per cent of carbs I no longer get cravings. Your body can use fat and protein for fuel efficiently. Watch dr Eric berg on this. Also causes problems like stress, insulin resistance so less protein can enter the cells, acne, poor sleep, depression, etc.

  23. How do you not count calories or macros or whatever? Don’t calories = fat and Lb,s? Maybe I make it harder than it needs to be and that’s why I gain back any weight I loose pretty easily.

  24. Hi Jeff! Omg love your brain (and bod) so much. Question: a popular YouTuber says you cannot combine fats with carbs in a meal and that will lead to weight gain no matter. What are your thoughts on this? I trust your knowledge and advice over anyone else so would really love to here your thoughts on this. Thank you sir! 💪🏽✌🏽

  25. thank you jeff… i was on the carnivore diet that's been getting popular these days for about 2 years and felt like shit. eating carbs completely vanished all the energy problems i was having on the carni diet. i was brainwashed that the carbs are the worst for human health, but i'm pretty sure it's essential. if you wanna actually feel good. this video killed the fear for the carbs.

  26. I've heavily cut carbs and have dropped about 40 lbs. I feel that due to the lack of carbs though my intensity and energy in the gym is lacking.

  27. But carbs are not helping my weight loss at the moment, as opposed to when I was low carb I was dropping weight. Same intensity workout, consistency is the same.. sooo maybe my body is not made for carbs other than the simple carbs

  28. I normally revere your information and agree with 97% if it. BUT, YOU are dead wrong on this topic. I am also a trainer. I was also against Atkins when I first heard about it. But I was part of a study at the hospital I used to work, which put 1,700 people on Atkins diet. Their triglycerides went down, and good cholesterol went up, and they felt great after the first two weeks. I have been using Atkin's ever since, and I am more muscular than you Jeff (But not nearly as cut), and a lot older. When you go on Atkin's, you ONLY feel a loss of energy for the first week or two at the most. Then you feel a great energy once your body adjusts, NO PAIN (Because pain comes from the inflammation of sugar) and you can build muscle very well. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ESSENTIAL CARBOHYDRATE!!!!!! IT DOESN'T EXIST. But, there is such things as essential fats and proteins. Sorry, but I've been doing this for more than 30 years now, and low carb is the MOST healthy diet anyone can be on. Carbohydrates kill the body can cause diseases!!! And soy is one of the worst things you can put into your body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Some people are insulin resistant, which is an ironic way of saying their fasting insulin levels are extremely high. Carbs are only good in small amounts for those people IMO.

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