70 thoughts on “Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, Dinner Like a Pauper

  1. Nope. If I eat a big breakfast I'm going to want to go back to bed. If I don't have a full stomach before bed I won't want to sleep and run the risk of being up all night. Who else?

  2. Great confirmation on this long known fact. By the way, Ecclesiastes is a book not a person. The author was most likely Solomon, the wisest person that ever lived.

  3. But, whatever mechanism that prevents the absorption of the calories, could it also inhibit the absorption of nutrients?

  4. How do you account for being on the night shift? I don't know where my circadian rhythm is at right now because I sleep and wake up at random hours on my days off. I also don't sleep a whole eight hours straight; it is fragmented into naps throughout the night and day.

  5. Thanks doc I eat OMAD (one meal a day). I eat midday. I think i overdue it on the good food wfpb stuff. That's what I'm working on now… not to eat till stuffed. Appreciate the video.

  6. It's so much easier to continue fasting after waking up and so much harder to fall asleep and sleep well after having a small dinner when compared to a larger one. Saving calories for dinner time just works better with the flow of life as far as I'm concerned.

  7. Lucky me: As per cronometer I always have by far my biggest meal in the morning – eycept when I am with friends and get a lot of calories from wine on top of my dinner food. But well, at least that happens intermittently. You rock Dr. Greger!

  8. To me , The true key of this videos aren’t the kilos that you lost but
    the fact that you ACTIVATE or HAVE a better HORMONE BALANCEMENT that helps also to lose some weight

  9. Can we have a video about too much fiber? I'm getting tired of all the dieting for weight loss videos and articles. Not all of us are overweight.

  10. So, working with your daily dozen, I should eat fruits and grains (including flax) for breakfast, nuts for snack, beans and mixed vegetables and termeric for lunch, and greens with crucifers and perhaps some slow starch vegetables and lower glycemic fruits for dinner?

  11. So what about lean and athletic people?
    I feel if I eat a lot in the morning I am super hungry for the rest of the day. Like it fires up my metabolism.
    So I guess for us athletic or skinny people the opposite, to eat more in the evening, would be more beneficial?

  12. I love the new intro! I liked the old one too, but that little series of chimes always reminded me of the cash register check out sound, at Aldi! I swear they were identical!

  13. Proof positive that a salad is MOST DEFINITELY a supper food and should never even be considered as a breakfast. People rarely consider what kind of salad they're gonna have for breakfast.

  14. Simply put if you eat more at dinner you have less options to burn it as your sleeping. While if you shift some of the dinner food to breakfast then you have lot of time to burn them. IDEA IS SIMPLE YET POWERFUL.

  15. I’m not WFPB 100% but working toward it. Eating a large breakfast, medium size lunch and light dinner is really working for me. I’ve lost 72 lbs in 6 mos. I’ve learned so much from NutritionFacts.org videos and How Not To Diet book. Thank you, Dr. Greger!

  16. I'm never hungry in the morning and always hungry in the evening. When I started eating breakfast to see if it made a difference in my evening meals, I realized that I ate the same amount of calories in the evening even though I ate a nice breakfast. I ended up gaining weight. For me, breakfast just doesn't work. It has no affect on my evening appetite. I guess I'll stick to what works for me.

  17. This is so fascinating! I've always said "If I don't eat a decent breakfast, I feel insatiated for the rest of the day" and turns out there's science behind that.

  18. Morning eaters suffer more hunger than evening eaters who consume the SAME calories (I suppose).

    This means that the morning group follows a harder diet than the evening group.

    The study should measure how hard is each diet, because this matters in real life.

  19. I’ve done this not until recent I’ve flip flopped and it shows. I love big breakfasts. I feel full and energized till afternoon.

  20. is this, advice, only for (obiese) women? what about men, athletic men? …if there are any left to participate in any studies…🤣

  21. Why is it so difficult for me. ? I have a big oatmeal bowl with blueberries hemp and flax for breakfast…fruit through out the day…starving by dinner.

  22. Ugh this is the hardest switch to make in my life when our entire family culture is centered around dinner. My entire day is centered around cooking dinner. Meh… need to brainstorm ideas a bit…

  23. My problem is, eating heavy in the morning just tires me EVEN more than I already am, because all that blood goes to the digestive system hence less to my brain/ muscles. Eating a 1000 calories for breakfast is gonna be really hard (I need about 2800-3200calories, lifting weights). A 600 calory oatmeal breakfast is more than heavy enough for me. Maybe I'd just shift more to lunch time. Back in the day, at my parents' home, we actually ate warm for lunch, basically making it diner. I see how it makes sense now. Another major benefit: it's easier to sleep when you have less food to be processed, as that lowers your heartbeat.

  24. And two other small meals between those, right? Plus two or three smoothies.. Because we're herbivores and thus we need to live the life of one.

    Intermittent fasting must be hell for a vegan.. and the vegan life itself must be so sad, existing only for chewing bland vegetables non stop all day long..

  25. Is amount the only variable or the time before sleep a variable? It's always been sort of an old wives tale that you shouldn't eat after 20:00. Is there scientific evidence to support that?

  26. Thank you, Dr. Greger, for this "timely" info and great new format! I'm happy I get to see you and can read what you're referencing!

  27. Interesting I wonder if intermittent fasting, in the same manner, would have a similar effect. Eat a big meal at breakfast and fast till next breakfast rather than eating before bed and fasting until bedtime the next day( what I currently do).

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