Breakfast Recipe to lose 2kgs fast | GM Diet day 2 diet chart | San square Weight loss | Tamil

Breakfast Recipe to lose 2kgs fast | GM Diet day 2 diet chart | San square Weight loss | Tamil

Hello friends, this is Ambika. Welcome back to San Square Today is Day 2 diet I am planning to share I am not sure how the Day 1 diet is going for you. Please comment below about your Day 1 diet. Let’s see how we are going to follow the Day 2 diet in this video [music] Before proceeding to Day 2 In Day 1 Diet I said we had only fruits. I think you have crossed lunch by this time and moreover if you wait for a while Day 1 is going to be an end. it’s only fraction of hours left. Don’t feel for anything that you can’t able to take any food. New Year is going to approach in a day or two after your diet During New Year either 5 to 6 kg have to reduce that’s going to be the mindset as well new year resolution. You may get demotivated by others that only fruits for weight loss won’t work etc During that time we tempted with our favorite foods It can be snacks or crackers Don’t get tempted with those foods After diet you can eat as you wish. I will share, there after how to maintain / contain your weight Don’t ever think to eat during diet while you got tempted by others It’s only 7 days, we can quickly complete the diet. It’s all based on your will power to complete this diet. Its actually a jealous that you are going to complete the diet. Don’t get diverted from others and follow the diet strictly Have one thing in your mind that you are going to lose weight. I am shooting this video on Day 2 evening. Until lunch I completed. and Snacks as well. Only Dinner is pending and to be completed. I am going to share what I had until now and what was planned for dinner. Whatever I am sharing all is sample chart only You can modify as per your wish. But Day 2 is going to be with vegetables. Complete Veg Day I am going to share how effectively we are going to utilize this veg diet. We are going to do one veg recipe which is going to be very useful for weight loss Its going to be much effective in weight loss If you have issue to this vegetable, you can avoid. Rest of the people can use. This recipe is going be prepared using Cabbage. I am going to share very effective recipe using Cabbage for weight loss. This recipe to be followed for Morning breakfast and lunch for Day 2 diet. Surely you will see quick weight loss. Cabbage is very effective for PCOS / PCOD. To cure PCOD, if you follow weekly twice You can see better results in weight loss as well its better for PCOD’s. Its better to avoid if you have Thyroid. You can have some other vegetables with similar kind of recipes. Whoever recommended not to have Cabbage, you can avoid. My recipes to be followed for the intended people only. Rest can avoid based on doctor advise Try to use alternative fruits / vegetables instead of Cabbage. Don’t feel that diet is complicated I will motivate daily for this diet. Its very easy for diet For first time diet it will be slightly tough After 2 days you will feel happy to continue with this diet again. Because this is much more effective diet. Let’s share the Day 2 recipe with you. Morning I took 2 cup hot water as usual. That will ensure we are not feeling starving. Drinking Hot water in the morning is mandatory This hot water will control our starving. If you need to take any tablets in the empty stomach continue with your medication after 10 min drink this hot water. Drink hot water without fail, that is much more effective for weight loss. If you can’t drink hot water, you can continue with normal water. after hot water will move to breakfast For breakfast I am sharing the quantity But its not necessary to follow the same quantity Veg day is going to be with only vegetables quantity is not an issue, you can consume as much as you can Its going to be very much effective Morning I prepared weight loss coleslaw Coleslaw is prepared using Cabbage, carrot etc. But it will be added with mayonnaise We are going to prepare this Coleslaw in a healthy way. This recipe is going to very effective for weight loss Don’t miss this recipe during your weight loss diet. I shredded cabbage and carrot like this for my morning breakfast I took 1/2 Cabbage and 1 Carrot for this This itself I got too much for my breakfast Use coconut shredder, so you it will be easy for shredding. If you cut into pieces, will be big for eating. to make ease, I used shredded veg’s. I am going to take 1/2 from this and store in a container. This 1/2 is going to be used for my lunch and I am going to keep in refrigerator. Will be difficult do this shredding as and when required. I am transferring this to a bowl and I am going to add little salt and 1 spoon cumin seed powder add pepper powder for spice add little lemon juice extract It’s an optional, if not required you can ignore Will be added only for tasty purpose. At last I am going to add Curd / Yogurt. Curd is good for weight loss, there is no quantity, you can add as you wish. you can take milk & curd during this diet but no white sugar to be included. after adding curd I am going to mix well Our Healthy Coleslaw is ready to serve Try this recipe it’s going to be too tasty as well too good for weight loss Stomach will be filled much with this recipe. While preparing we may feel, this is very less quantity But don’t prepare too much, then you can’t have fully! Thats the speciality of Coleslaw, your stomach will be filled even with little. Just try, even you can easily feel it. First time prepare with little amount and then later if you need, you can have more. This is my morning breakfast today. For lunch also I did the same process from the stored Coleslaw. For the Snacks, I took 2 Cucumber There is no preferred time for snacks, we can take whenever we need. As and when I feel hungry, I spliced into pieces and had. 2 Cucumber, Cabbage & 1 Carrot this is my today diet. Until no I am not starving. Coleslaw will fill our stomach much In between drink plenty of water I too had plenty of water and my stomach too filled much. I don’t have hungry feel at all. Evening I didn’t drink any coffee Instead of that I had weight loss drink from my recent videos you can take. If you want to drink tea or coffee, drink in the evening(One Time only) Don’t take white sugar Before dinner drink this or any of the weight loss drink from my videos. This weight loss drink is going to be very effective for your weight loss. you can modify as you wish. I didn’t had my dinner yet, after this video shoot, I need to have I took 3 carrot for my dinner I am going to wash this and chopped into small pieces or grate this to eat You can do the way as you like to eat. If you plan to modify, you can take cooked vegetables. Any vegetables will be ok for this diet. Okara (Ladies finger), any greens(Spinach) Moringa leaves These are very much effective for weight loss Since I don’t have much time to do and my kids having holidays, so I am little busy. So I took almost raw vegetables You can cook any vegetables for this diet. Even you can take any spinach If you want to take any Non Veg means During Day 2, you can take egg or chicken But please ensure, the oil content etc. Egg should be boiled 2 egg for lunch For chicken, cook little amount of chicken and make the spices to taste and try to minimize the amount of oil during cooking process. Take out the chicken from curry and have the chicken alone you can take up to 4 pieces. Even you can take Fish, but only from gravy and not fried fish. Modify to suit your requirement But today is veg day, so if you take only vegetables This diet is going to be much more effective Vegetable can be modified as you wish can be cooked or can be raw Drink plenty of water and don’t forget to drink weight loss drink at least once. Thats all from day 2, very simple diet chart for the day Just follow this diet and surely you will lose weight. It’s going to be a new year resolution for you. Can do cat walk with slim figure in this new year. Thats the reason why I shared this diet now. I too waiting for the new year to complete y diet. We went to vacation and gained little pound Decided to lose but it was dragged little and lazy is another reason too. Don’t be lazy and be active Don’t sacrifice for anyone specially during diet. This 7 days will be a flying colors Continue this diet and you can complete quickly You can feel the real difference Your tight dresses will become loose All the fats will burn drastically Try this diet then only you can feel the benefits don’t forget to comment the Day 1 diet from your side Who all are in diet and whose going to start please pen down Let me know what you felt during this diet If you have any doubts, please comment in the below section I will try to reply as soon as possible. Hope you enjoyed this video Please like, share & subscribe to my channel Will see you tomorrow with Day 3 video, Bye Bye.

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