Can you milk a nut? (Homemade nut milk)

Can you milk a nut? (Homemade nut milk)

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  1. This was pretty darn fun and I worked out that if you buy a packet of nuts and use the flour that's left that a saving of nearly Β£10 vs buying the equivalent in the shops! Here's the recipe write up if you fancy taking a look and trying it

  2. I think i say this every time but I LOVE watching you and your family in videos! You guys play off of each other so well and so honestly, you could be watching paint dry and I'd still find it the most adorable, pure and entertaining thing on the internet.

  3. I can just imagine when Barry's daughters start dating and they introduce their loved ones to Mr and Mrs Barry. Barry takes the young lad aside and whispers into his ear. "If you break her heart, I'll break your legs and then when you think it's over I'll then hand you over to a group of a couple hundred thousand people I know, who'll also break your bones until you're just a flesh bag full of crunchy slime. Got me? Yeah?"
    Kid greases his pants
    Barry with his arm around Mrs. Barry waving with his other hand while he cheerfully shouts
    "It was nice to meet you! Have a good time! Be safe and don't forget, be home by 9!"

  4. Do they have "honey bunches of oats" in England? That and hot morning cereal like oatmeat, cream of wheat, event rise tastes great with your favorite nut milk

  5. lovely video! great fun things to do with kids.
    i make my nut milk without peeling my nuts and i don't strain them… just freeze the nuts after you soak and drain them and the liquid inside the cell structure will expand when it freezes and when you blend them it pulverizes them completely and you get a wonderful thick cream that's great in coffee. i sweeten my nut milks with dates.

  6. Mfw
    'We'll pick up some normal almond milk'
    …Picks up the roasted almond milk XD

    (It does not taste the same as non roasted almond milk. Roasted almond milk tastes awful in tea but I can drink it 'straight' the blue unroasted almond milk is great in tea but tastes rank as is). So I'm reluctant to try it until I know which it tastes like

  7. I can't believe he made a video about this because it's so easy to make almond milk and takes a few minutes… You don't actually have to peel them, you just strain the milk after you blend it. Always funny to watch him try though πŸ™‚

  8. Can I just say, I have just found your YouTube video 2 days ago, and I have binged watched many…..MANY of your videos…. thanks for giving me something to watch. I just can’t stop watching.

  9. Hazelnut milk cappucino is amazing.. alpro used to make hazelnut milk and it was great. Don’t know why they stopped

  10. Sorry Barry, I Love you, nur "Can you milk a nut" is just lazy as a joke and I'm from Germany – I know what a bad joke looks like πŸ˜‚

  11. Ya hazelnut milk is by far the BEST EVER it's great to make your own ots way better cos store bought stuff has additives and other chemicals from the containers their in…


  13. I am the only one who got really stressed out when Barry said is was 10 minutts till the store closed and was just sitting in the car?! 😬

  14. I think it is unbelievable, how many people you reach Berry! I enjoy seeing you and your beautiful family! Keep up the good work!!! Love to you !

  15. Love the vid but you don’t have to peel the nuts because the muslin cloth will obviously catch the skins with the excess nuts bits.

  16. I love these family videos! I don't think I could handle a family only channel, but these small videos with the whole family participating are a delight to watch!

  17. Lol.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…3rd world countries have been doing this for THOUSANDS & thousands of years!….lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. Nut milk it's basically child labour* lol. Just a joke from the video I love your videos barry they help me get through each day thanks x jade Halifax uk

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