Cheesy Chaffle / Chancake Bun using Keto Connect Bread

Cheesy Chaffle / Chancake Bun using Keto Connect Bread

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video we’re gonna try out one of the more unusual suggestions that
I received in my subscriber comments but before we do that if you enjoy low-carb
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to it so you’re notified whenever I release a new video so I know I’ve
mentioned in at least a couple of videos that I’m a pretty big fan of keto
connect and I love Matt’s microwavable bread I make big batches of the of the
flour it’s just so I can make it anytime just a few tablespoons and I’m good to
go I’ll see if I can find the link to that if they’ve got a video for it I had
got it out of their cookbook but one of my viewers suggestions and this came
from Patrice Miller was what would happen if you cooked the keto connect
microwave bread in the – griddle between two slices of cheese now I’m gonna
combine this with a suggestion from Kati Irish who said you as the Sargento ultra
thin slices so that’s what we’re gonna do oh yeah
also Patrice didn’t say if she meant the bread after it was cooked or the bread
batter so we’re gonna do both you know for science let’s do it
so first we’ll do the cooked bread this is a slice so about half of the standard
recipe and another slice of sharp cheddar on the other side slice of sharp
cheddar get about half the mix another slice of cheddar it’s been about
five minutes and they are mostly done steaming
so first we’ll grab the bread and then we’ll grab the batter version they’ve
both been cooling for about three minutes
so first let’s try the bread version it reminds me a lot of wisps except I can
only probably eat a couple of wisps before the flavor starts to overwhelm me
this I think I could eat a little bit more and I think it’d also be a decent
delivery mechanism for something else I’m not sure what that thing is yet
whether you know maybe if you were doing a savory tuna melt this might be pretty
good I don’t have to think on that now here’s the version I made with the dough
very similar flavors the one that’s made with the dough is a little bit more
pliable I think I kind of prefer the one made with the bread it’s a little extra
crispy it holds its shape a little bit better I think what these would go
really good with what would really be a nice contrast to this cheddar would be
something BBQ like maybe pulled pork or you know barbecue pulled chicken they
would also probably be pretty great for a breakfast sandwich if you put an egg
and a sausage patty or some bacon in between them I could really see that
being pretty tasty as well so give these a try see what you think and maybe
you’ll have a better idea than I do in terms of how you can use these as a
sandwich or a bun also if you can think of a clever name for these something
that gives credit to keto Connect or Matt over at keto Connect for coming up
with this microwavable bread put that down in the comments too and thanks for

20 thoughts on “Cheesy Chaffle / Chancake Bun using Keto Connect Bread

  1. How about a slice of ham, just like McDonald's breakfast sandwich. Also, I've been experimenting with chaffle recipes and I really like a little baking powder with almond flour. There seems to be some slightly salty taste I have to reckon with.

  2. Oh this was interesting! I found your channel because I ordered the griddle by mistake lol. So I was like how can I make something with it! Now I have both the griddle and mini waffle maker! i love them both! And they are the right size, I had Gastric Sleeve surgery this past February! Thanks sir for your channel!

  3. Nice!
    Would you give these another try on the waffle iron? I think they are nicer that way, rather than the pancake iron.
    Also, the Sargento ultra thin provolone cheese is already round with a very mild taste.
    Thank you for trying part of my suggestion! So fun!

  4. You sound a lot like Casey Kasem, nice voice. 😀 I love your reviews and the suggestions are extremely helpful! Tfs! 🤗

  5. Not sure if this has been suggested: on the version with the already made bread: slice of ham on top of the bottom slice of cheese and another slice of ham under the cheese on top. Ham/cheese toasty.

  6. I made a mistake. I just watched all of your videos on chaffle variations. But i didn't pay attention to which one you think is the best for a hamburger bun. Which variation was that? Btw, great job on the videos. Can't wait to see the next.

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