Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.13

Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.13

55 thoughts on “Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.13

  1. When they both yelled at the same time GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN to James. Did anyone else think of the Fred and George Weasley? No just me?

  2. Lol oh you guys
    I loved watching james freak out before the coconut masher is even plugged in
    An then barry and mike once ben starts using it
    An he is just trying to see if it works

    An jamie, definitely a dad joke that one🤪

  3. I can see those oven mitts being really useful for me, if, as James and Ebbers said, the parts around your fingers were just a bit deeper. I have pretty small hands, so a lot of oven mitts are too big for me, and depending on what I'm trying to grab (like a particularly full tray of cookies), with silicone mitts, it can be pretty difficult because to get purchase where my fingers are, I am forced to grip the tray further in

  4. I was shaving coconuts since I was 6 lol and I would sit on a medieval contraption with a bowl and one of those blades hahaha

  5. So funny to see you guys runaway from the coconut meat scraper 🤣 we have a beefier variety of that thing here in the Philippines and is widely used in wet markets 😁

  6. That espresso maker is only $65USD so idk why it would be more in GBP with conversion?? I’ve seen it before and I was like “but it’s not even $70??” so I was very confused and looked it up to be sure haha

  7. Nah. The magnetic oven mitts I saw were advertised for hot plates coming out of a microwave. Thus, they stick to the side of a microwave

  8. I remember using the hand-cranked version of the coconut shredder as a kid, admittedly far less dangerous if you are manually turning it with your other hand, but how do you feel the need to be any further than 'don't want to accidentally touch the blade' distance from it?

  9. You are using the coconut grater wrong. You are using it for dry shelled coconuts. We generally use it for fresh, shelled coconuts. Hence it is safe and… Really useful

  10. The coconut meat shredder machine is actually pretty common in some parts of Malaysia. I see them using it all the time, although it was an entire machine and not something attached to a table.

  11. I actually have one of those nanopresso coffee machines in my kitchen! And its super easy to use, its fun and it doesnt take any space! I hate having anything on my kitchen counter except the teapot and a microwave so for me this tiny machine is sooo perfect.

  12. I'm not spending 68L on a personal espresso machine if you like that buy a real espresso machine. Have you reviewed cooking in the instant pot yet?

  13. 5:21 "This looks like the kind of thing I don't wanna review with Ben…" Can we have a themed episode based on this???

  14. I think the “Normals” need to try some of these, since they seems incredulous that the chefs found the poachies useless.

  15. Hi Guys from Sorted. My wife and I watch your videos all the time. We also watch CarThrottle with Alex Kersten and the gang. It would be amazing if you guys did a collab with Car Throttle to do a car and food challenge. Something like a road trip in camper vans where you check out places to eat.

  16. Can't wait for Wednesday. I wonder if they'll be able to top the ice cream flavored cheese board. Mike seemed to really like it though. LOL

  17. Have more faith in the cut proof gloves. They are safety rated and do work well. Also there are stand mixers that are just as scary as the coconut shredder.

  18. I guess if you lived in a place that had coconuts regularly….but if you did that you’d probably be pretty good at it already

  19. So, are you guys just pretending to be scared of the coconut drill, or are you truly that silly? Not saying it is a good device, but dang if you didn't go over the top with the "grown men scared of plug in device" thing.

  20. I have silicone pot holders like much better size and quite cheap – get it at the dollar store or Walmart

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