Coconut Milk Natural Skin Care Recipes: Face Mask, Makeup Remover, Hair Conditioner

Coconut Milk Natural Skin Care Recipes: Face Mask, Makeup Remover, Hair Conditioner

Coconut Milk Face Mask, Makeup Remover, Hair
Conditioner & Sun spray Recipes. Coconut Milk And Oatmeal Face Mask Recipe. This face mask is natural at curing acne,
skin irritation, and signs of aging and it will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. First, heat a quarter cup of plain oatmeal
in a half cup of coconut milk. Strain the oatmeal from the milk, discarding
the oatmeal for another use. (You should probably eat the oatmeal � it’s
loaded with vitamins). Allow your milk to cool slightly before adding
a quarter cup of freshly ground nutmeg. Gently exfoliate your face and neck with your
fingers, focusing on any problem areas with blackheads or wrinkles. Rinse with lukewarm water. Coconut Makeup Remover Recipe. Combine equal parts of coconut milk and rose
water, a teaspoon of witch hazel, and a few drops of rosehips oil in a tinted container
for an awesome makeup remover that you can use all over your face. Coconut Milk Detangling Leave In Conditioner
Recipe. To reverse the effects of tangled knots in
hair: Use three parts coconut milk, one part avocado oil, and 12 drops of rosemary and
sage essential oils to keep damage and breakage out of hair. Heat the coconut milk and avocado oil together
over a low-flame and then add your essential oils. Section and apply on damp hair and work from
the edges to the root of the hair. Coconut Milk & Avocado Facemask Recipe. There are several ways I put coconut milk
on my face, but the latest of my beauty hacks has my face feeling soft, hydrated, and clear. I use half an overripe avocado, one teaspoon
of lemon juice, two teaspoons of raw honey, and about a quarter cup of coconut milk. This mask is especially great right after
exfoliating because of the soothing, moisturizing qualities. Coconut Milk Sun-spray Recipe. To quickly relieve the discomfort and appearance
of a sunburn all you need is a little coconut milk in your life. It will reduce redness that the sun left behind
while it was stealing your skin’s moisture. How To Make Coconut milk sunspray recipe. To make Coconut milk sunspray, use three tablespoons
of coconut milk, one tablespoon of aloe vera, and one tablespoon of fresh cucumber pulp. Temporarily store your sunburn treatment in
a spray bottle and refrigerate after each use. Do not attempt to save this for next year’s
sunburn though; this treatment is highly perishable. Coconut milk does not discriminate, it’s literally
great for all skin and hair types. According to sources at Livestrong, the fatty
acids in coconut milk is moisturizing and nourishing; it’s exceptionally great for oily
skin because the fatty acids that coconut milk is known for are naturally antiseptic
and do not have a habit of clogging pores, meaning you can clean and hydrate your skin
at the same time. If you are looking to sooth minor skin conditions
or solve your quest for healthy hair, then the coconut milk recipes in this video should
get you started right. You can make your own coconut milk or purchase
a raw, organic milk at your local grocery. Coconut milk is extracted through the meat
of the coconut � something that’s actually pretty easy to do yourself. Plus, if you do it yourself, you can have
some leftover coconut water to drink too. Coconut milk has a variety of anti-aging benefits
� and not just the skin deep kind. Don’t forget to check out the recommended
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