Cold Lunch Sandwich Ideas with The Domestic Geek! | 3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes

– [Sara] You really
could go with, sort of, a calabrese roll would
be really delicious here. – A cala-cala-wha-wha? – A calabrese roll.
– What’s that? (upbeat electronic music) Hey, I’m Alyssia! – And I am Sara Lynn. – And welcome to my channel. (Sara laughs) – (laughs) Sara Lynn and I are
back together in the kitchen. If you don’t know, she’s from the channel The Domestic Geek. Most of you have seen us together because we have collabed many times before and we actually have a YouTube channel together called Friday Night Supper Club. – [Sara] Where we make
nice, complex recipes over a lot of wine. – Yeah.
– Now, it has been a while since you and I have spent any quality time together.
– I think it’s been almost a year. – Which I am not okay with. This is the longest that I think Alyssia and I have gone in years
without working together, so we’re super excited. – But, there’s a good reason. Tell them what happened. – Well, I went ahead and got knocked up. (both laughing) – She had a baby! – I was pregnant
– Oh, my gosh. – and I couldn’t travel to see you.
– I know. – And, it was hard to get together. – We are getting together
now for some collabs. And hopefully in the future,
we’ll be back with more Friday Night Supper Club. But today, we’ve got sandwiches. – We are making sandwiches. Because back to school
is just around the corner which means that it’s time to
start thinking about lunch. – Lunch.
– I’m thinking about lunch everyday. – All the time.
– But– – Even at breakfast, she’s
thinking about lunch. – Most– (laughs) – And we thought, why
not do cold sandwiches? So, it’s something that you can pack and keep in the fridge. You don’t have to reheat
it, but of course, you could if you want. – [Sara] If you wanted
to, you definitely could. But, we wanted to keep
these really, really simple for all of you guys out there. So, I’m going to show you
three of my very favorite super simple back-to-school,
back-to-work sandwiches. – Man, that’s a long title. – (laughs) Yeah.
– Put that up there, Joe. – Yeah, how’s that
– Very simple – for a YouTube title.
– (mumbles) Sandwiches. Okay, let’s go, let’s do it. And go. (snaps fingers) All right, so Sara Lynn,
tell me your first sandwich. – First up, we are making
a chicken Caesar club. So, it’s all the deliciousness
of a classic Caesar salad. – But better because it’s in
between bread! (claps hands) Bread makes everything good.
– It’s brilliant. And it all starts with an
amazing Caesar mayo spread. – Yum.
– So, I have got some mayo in a bowl. To that, I am adding,
dijon, oh, you are adding. – I’m adding.
– Keep going, right ahead. – I’ll do it for you.
– Dijon mustard. – Yup. – [Sara] We’ve got some anchovy paste. – Mmm.
– Do not fear, people. I know anchovy paste puts some people off. But, it is not Caesar anything without anchovy paste, legit.
– Yes. That’s what gives it the Caesar flavor. – Flavor, it’s got like
a real umami essence. Some garlic, grated garlic. – Yeah.
– Really really important. You don’t want chunks of garlic in this. And some Worcestershire. – Wooshter. – Wooshter.
– Wooshter. (laughs) – And then, we’re gonna
add the zest and juice of half a lemon (peel grates loudly) in here, as well.
– Yummy. – And, of course, some salt and pepper. ‘Cause, you know. One needs salt and pepper in all of the things.
– Mmm, that smells so fresh! – It does smell so fresh. I’m obsessed with Caesar-flavored things. – [Alyssia] Yeah. (upbeat music) – So, the bread you have selected. – This is a ciabatta, sort of, hybrid. So, this is almost like a ciabatta meets a submarine bun? – Okay.
– Would that be most accurate? I think, you’re basically looking for something Italian-inspired. So, you really could go with, sort of, a calabrese roll would
be really delicious here. – A cala-cala-wha-wha? – A calabrese roll.
– What’s that? – It’s like a nice, squishy Italian roll. But then, you could also
do, do any bread you want! You could make this a sub, too. I thought about making
this a Caesar sub club. (Sara laughs)
– Ohh, that’d be good. – But, I really wanted to get something Italian-inspired in my bread. So, the ciabatta’s great. You also have the option, we decided on a no-cook,
sort of, scenario. But if you wanted to,
you could toast these up with a little butter.
– Oh, yeah. – And some garlic, and
essentially make your bread into croutons, into giant croutons. – Ooh! – And, that would be really yummy. I have got some Romaine lettuce headed on here, of course. It wouldn’t be Caesar anything
without some Romaine lettuce. So, I am poppin’ it on.
– Mmm. That’s the best lettuce. – [Sara] Well, it’s so
nice and crunchy and– – I know it has less nutrients, but that’s probably why it tastes better. (both laughing) – I’ve loaded on some sliced deli chicken. You could do this with
some roasted chicken, if you wanted to. Some leftover chicken would be great here. But, deli chicken just keeps this simpler. And then, of course, we need
some bacon on our Caesar. And, for the final step, we are going to add
some Parmesan shavings. – [Alyssia] I just love eating this. – [Sara] I know, right? Because, Parm makes everything more delicious.
– Mmm-mmm-mmm. – Now, you could also add a little bit of shredded Parmesan into your sauce. – Mmm, yeah. – As well, right?
– Like the grated kind? – Exactly, so that would help.
– We call that sandy Parmesan in my house. – Sandy Parmesan? Versus what, these Parm strips? – Yeah, these are the papers. These are Parmesan papers. The other one’s sandy Parmesan. – Parm papers are delicious,
– Very technical in the Mind Over Munch kitchen.
– is what it is. This is exciting stuff. – Oh, my gosh. – That’s a sand– – This is legit, we
actually should probably get a photo of this. (upbeat music) – And, of course, tasting is always the most
– Oh, my gosh. – important part. – This is the best part. We don’t ever do this on our channel! We taste on Friday Night Supper Club, but we never taste here. So, we’re like, no! – I’m the same. – We’re eating the dang food! – I get asked all the time in the comments about why we never taste the food. And I’m like, I don’t know the answer. I just never think about doing it.
– It’s just not in the format. But, we’re changing that.
(Sara laughs) – I mean, you take salad. And, you put it in bread. – You know it’s gonna be good. – It’s gonna be good. It is good. – It’s so good.
– Mmm. – The spread is really nice. – It’s perfectly savory and tangy. – Little bit of that lemon.
– Yeah. – It goes a long way.
– Mmm. – Because, everything else is so savory. You kind of need a little
something different. – The crunchy bacon, you need the texture. Ooh, it’s good. And the crispy Romaine. It’s so good, I would love
to have this for lunch. – I think we are having it for lunch. – I mean–
(both laughing) This is the first of six sandwiches. Because, (laughs) three on this channel and three are going on her channel. So, we’ve got a lot of eating to do. – That is a lot of sandwich. – We probably shouldn’t overdo this. – [Sara] All right, let’s do sandwich two. – All right, so, sandwich number two is no meat. – No meat, a little
lighter, a little fresher. The meat in this recipe is
actually going to be some – Mmm.
– thinly sliced feta cheese, which is one of my favorites.
– I love feta. I think it’s a great pro, and
it’s actually high in protein. – It is high in protein
and it’s got such a nice, salty bite, you don’t need a ton of it to get a ton of great flavor.
– Yeah. And, the way you’ve cut it here, it’s gonna fool you into thinking you’ve got the protein there. Have you ever grilled up halloumi? (Sara gasps)
– Halloumi cheese? I totally tricked my brain.
– Oh, my God. It’s my favorite. – It’s my favorite for a Meatless Monday. – Oh, it’s so good. – Because, it feels
like I’m eating protein. – And actual meat, I know.
– Yeah. – It’s so good. But this one, we’re going to basically be starting with some sourdough. I love sourdough.
– I know. We were gonna make it for
Friday Night Supper Club. – [Sara] Then, we got
a little intimidated. – [Alyssia] Yeah, it was scary. (laughs) – So, we bought our sourdough this time. And, we’re just doing
two different spreads, one on each side. You have smashed avocado,
lemon juice and salt. – Yes, very basic.
– Easy breezy. And I am using a store-bought
roasted garlic hummus. Really easy to make your own hummus, if you wanted to. But again, we are keeping
things real simple in this kitchen.
– I’m gonna load this up, if that’s okay. – There is only one way to fly, when it comes to avocado.
– (laughs) Yeah. – [Sara Lynn] Would you not agree? – More, please.
– More is better. And then, what’s awesome,
is we’re gonna have these great, delicious, soft spreads. And then, we are going to pile in crunch with some cucumber.
– Mmm. So, you got the texture. – So, we got loads of
great texture, haven’t we? – [Alyssia] And I love when cucumbers are sliced super thin. There’s something so satisfying about biting into them. Because, they’re still crunchy. But, it’s like different if you eat three or four.
– This is like mandoline thin. – [Alyssia] I did that by hand. – (gasps) You did?
– No mandoline. – I did.
– Now, that is. – No, but seriously,
biting into three or four really thin cucumbers, is more satisfying than one thick cucumber. I don’t know what it is. – I agree and I think in this sandwich– – (gasps) And it looks so pretty! – [Sara Lynn] How great is that, right? And, because it’s cut this way
– Yeah. – [Sara] you’re going to be able to get a lot more of them on. – And, when you slice it down the middle, it’s gonna look so pretty. Okay, I will say,
– Look at me, I’m just still loading on.
– running a YouTube channel has made me value putting an extra second into making my food look good, even when I’m not posting it. – I agree.
– Even when it’s not for Instagram it’s not for YouTube. – Just for yourself.
– I take an extra second and I actually am more
mindful with my food, because I’m paying attention
to how nice it looks and I just appreciate it. – I would totally actually agree with that.
– Yeah, oh my gosh, you are going crazy! – [Sara Lynn] I know. – [Alyssia] This is like a joke. (laughs) – I had like a mountain
of beautiful cucumber, why not use it?
– Oh, my gosh. That is so funny. (laughs) – And then, we’ve got our
nice thinly-sliced Feta. – Oh, yeah. – That’s gonna get on there. – [Alyssia] Are you doing three, two? You think we could do three? How? – Yeah, let’s do three, why not?
– Yeah. – And then, just to make this extra pretty and extra–
– Oh, I love microgreens. – [Sara Lynn] A little more texture, we’re gonna add some
microgreens to it, as well. – [Alyssia] They look
so nice on a sandwich. – Oh my gosh, they do. And, they add a good little bit of crunch. – Yeah, and I know nobody
actually ever eats microgreens, but I do. I put them on everything. I put them on eggs. I put them on meats. I put them on anything, just on top. And, it makes it look so fresh and pretty. – What a great way, though, to sneak on a little more nutrition, right? – [Alyssia] Yup, nutrients for sure. (gasps) Oh, my gosh! This is like a joke. – [Sara Lynn] You really have to invest– – [Alyssia] Yeah, you
just committed there. – [Sara Lynn] In a really
good serrated knife. This is an excellent serrated knife. – [Alyssia] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Sara Lynn] That’s the secret to sandwich success.
– (gasps) Look at the layers! Look at the layers of cucumber. Oh my gosh, do you see that? – Oh, my! (laughs)
– That’s like an inch. That’s like, an inch of cucumber! – That’s probably more– – How’re you gonna fit that in your mouth? – More cucumber than I, I’m like,
– Oh my gosh. – Don’t challenge me, Alyssia.
– Yeah. – I’m ready to eat this. We have to take some pretty photos of it, first.
– I love that you can see every layer. You see the hummus. You see the microgreens, the Feta, the cucumber, and the avocado. It’s like a half a centimeter
to a centimeter and a half for each layer.
– This is legit. If you did not want
– Oh, my God. – to get so carried away, I mean, you don’t have to. But, come on. It’s yummy looking.
– Oh, my gosh. (upbeat, techno music) – [Alyssia] Oh, my gosh! – Okay, so, you’re not wrong. These may be a little challenging to eat.
(Sara laughs) – But, I think we can do it.
– Oh, my gosh. I’m excited about it. – Here we go. That is legit. – Mmm. – Such good texture in this sandwich, too. – Yeah, that’s the cucumbers. The small cucumbers like– – So crunchy and beautiful. And then, you have the
nice soft, salty Feta. – Yeah, you have a lot of
good savory elements here. But, still a little bit. Like the sourdough is obviously sour, but every bread brings a little bit of a natural sweetness. The hummus has a little bit, the cucumbers have a little
bit of natural sweetness. It’s very balanced. It is a little bit big. It’s a little bit layered. – And I have to say, as
a vegetarian sandwich, it super Feel like, it’s super satisfying. I don’t know that I would eat this and be like, oh, you know, I feel like I’m eating a salad. – No, and it’s by no means heavy. But, I don’t think I would
like need something else after eating it. It’s gonna be filling, yeah.
– Substantial. – I mean, the Caesar club was, or Caesar, it was not a club. The Caesar. – [Woman] It was a club. Oh, it was a club!
– I called it a club. A chicken Caesar club. – Oh, it is a club, okay. Right. We talked about, what was our word that rhymed with club? – Sub. (laughing)
– Sub! – We talked about a sub
and I thought that was, Sorry. – Listen, that was me confusing things. It’s fine. – I think that one was good. But this, I mean, – This is more my style.
– Yeah, I didn’t even think about the fact, yeah I didn’t even think about the fact that there’s no meat in
it until you said it. – No, it’s super fresh. – Yeah, it’s really, really good. What’s next? – So, sandwich number three is inspired by a classic
Muffaletta sandwich, or Muffaletta. I hope I’m pronouncing that right. – [Alyssia] A Muffa-amuffa-whata? – [Sara Lynn] A Muffaletta sandwich. – [Alyssia] What’s a Muffaletta? – So, it was created by Italian immigrants in New Orleans. (laughs) – Okay.
– So, it’s sort of, it’s inspired by a lot of different cultures.
– So if you go to New Orleans, it’s everwhere?
– Yes. – Like a Po’boy? – According to the lore on the internet.
– Okay. – That is the truth.
– Okay. – But what makes it really special, is this incredible olive salad – Mmm.
– that goes on the bread. And so, we’re going to
make some of that to start. And, it’s as simple as dumping a bunch of stuff
– Olive salad. – in a food processor. So, it’s green olives. – Pepperoncini!
– Hot peppers. Pepperoncini.
– Are these pepperoncini? – Are you into the spice? You’re not into the spice.
– Are they spicy? – But, it’s not like fire spice. – Hmm, I can do it. – It’s flavor spice, which is why I love pepperoncini so much. – I like when spice adds flavor. I don’t like when–
– As opposed to heat, for heat’s sake.
– Yes. If it’s just heat for
heat’s sake, then I’m like, hmm, I can’t get on board. – No, I totally agree. – So, we have salty, spicy. Now, we’re gonna go sweet and smoky with roasted red pepper. – Ooh, I love red peppers. – Kind of like, a lot of
good happening in one place. Nice salty capers that
are also super tangy. – So, this is almost like
a green olive tapenade. Essentially.
– Basically. Yes, exactly. And then, we have some
shallot headed in here. You can skip the shallot if you have important lunch meetings. (both laughing) You should skip the sandwich if you have important lunch meetings. (laughs) It’s not gonna be–
– (laughs) Save it for after. – And then, a little
splash of red wine vinegar for a bit of acidity. – What was that other one, olive oil? – That was olive oil.
– Olive oil, okay. – And then, we’re basically
just gonna pulse it up. So, we don’t wanna create a paste, per se. We want it to still have a bit of texture. But we don’t want it to be,
we want it to be spreadable. So, it’s finding that sweet spot is always a little hard. It’s kind of like a relish. – [Alyssia] Okay, this
looks really pretty. – So, it’s got a nice relish texture. And we’re basically gonna
spread a layer of that and then, pile on some
cold cuts and some cheese. So it needs to be said, in a traditional Muffaletta sandwich, you basically dig out the bread. And then you stuff every, like this sort of the center of the bread, you stuff everything inside.
– Mmm. – And it becomes layered, like this high. It’s absurd. So this is, like I said,
a bit of a take on that. It’s slightly less absurd.
– So, you actually carve it out. – But, not all that much. – You carve it out?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then, you sort of
– that’s like how I used – use the divet.
– to eat bread as a child. – I can understand that, though. So, in this case, we’re using, sort of, a ciabatta laof, like an Italian loaf. Yeah, so you could really use any Italian-inspired bread in this recipe. You could use a regular
crusty Italian loaf. You could use some focaccia here. But, this is the ciabatta loaf. And, we are just going to be real generous with this amazing antipasto spread.
– Real generous, okay. – So, Alyssia and I had a big debate before we came on camera
about whether or not we should put some
greens on this sandwich. And it was actually me,
because traditionally, this sandwich does not have
any greens on it whatsoever. – I mean, you got some green color in this mix.
– (laughs) But, it felt like maybe we need to add even a
little bit of nutrition to this. – [Alyssia] Yeah. – Because it is very meaty. So, we’re going for it with some spinach. I think arugula would also
work really well here. – Oh yeah, arugula would be really good. I just don’t have any right now. Sorry.
– Nice peppery arugula. – I don’t eat a lot of greens. (laughs) – Not as many as we should. – Yeah.
– That’s for sure. So, we’ve got a layer of spinach down. And now it is time, for all of the meats. So, this is a very meat-heavy sandwich. – No, I don’t even know
what all these meats are. – [Sara] So, this is salami, capicola, and mortadella. – [Alyssia] But, they’re all cuts of pork? Yes, yes, yes yes.
– Okay. – So most Italian cured
meats are made with pork. We’re just gonna layer that on. Again, we’re having full-coverage here. – So, just be clear that
this is not one sandwich for me to take. – Are you sure? – [Alyssia] I want you to just explain to me.
– I think it really just depends on who you ask, Alyssia. (Alyssia laughing) – To someone, this could be one sandwich. But, no, I did not intend this. It wasn’t one sandwich.
– Okay, all right. That was my question. – This is supposed to feed at least four, I would say.
– Yeah. – And I would also say, that if you wanted to pop this in the oven and
get this provolone cheese I added all melty.
– Mmm, yeah. – That would not suck. – And honestly, even if you did that and then ate it cold later. – Yeah. – It still has good flavor. Like I found, when I toast
bread, even if I eat it later on a sandwich, it’s still
really, really good. – It’s still really good.
– Even if it’s not freshly toasted. Oh, my gosh. Can I just please like (munching) – It is a touch outrageous. – Oh, my gosh. All right, so what are you doing? – [Sara Lynn] So, I think
I’m gonna do it into four. – All right.
– Right? And then everyone will have a nice little piece of sandwich. – [Alyssia] Oh, ho ho ho ho, people. – [Sara Lynn] Come on! – [Alyssia] That is pretty. (upbeat music) (Alyssia gasps) – I know, the hardest part
is, kind of, figuring out how to eat them.
– Yeah, I don’t know what the approach should be. – I feel like, in this case,
we should probably squish. Would be a good start and then, start at one end.
(Alyssia quacking) And, just dig in. – I’m eating it like a hot dog. (laughs) – The best shiz ever.
– Mmm. That’s really good! – (muffling) that’s really good. – The salty meat and the cheese. And the tangy spread. – So good!
– Mmm. – I mean, you could go with
some slightly softer bread. Maybe that was where, like this one has gotten
a little crusty on top. But, I think if you went
with slightly softer bread, this would be a total–
– I don’t mind the bread. I think it’s just a, it’s
big, it’s really big. – It’s a really big sandwich. – The spread is also
seeping in to the bread, like the juices of it are seeping.
– Making it nice and squishy. – So, it’s making it easier on the bottom and it’s really tasty. – All I would say, is that
I want more of that spread. – I don’t taste the spinach, but I’m not upset about that. (laughs) It’s more there to look green. I think that this is a grand finale to the three cold sandwiches. – Mm-hmm. – And even though this one could be hot, it would be great cold
or it’d be great heated and then cold later. – Mm-hmm. – So, you’ve got a little
bit of everything here. – Alyssia has made three incredibly yummy, easy sandwiches over on my channel. – (laughs) They’re probably easier than these sandwiches. Honestly, maybe they’re more boring, but I think they’re functional. – Oh.
– And they’re still good for, you know, cold lunchtime sandwiches. – And delicious. – And delicious. That’s what matters.
– You’re gonna see us make them and eat them on her channel. We hope you enjoyed. I hope that you’ll subscribe here. Click the link in the description to check out The Domestic Geek’s channel, Sara Lynn’s channel on YouTube, and subscribe there, as well. And, we also have our joint channel, Friday Night Supper Club,
– Oh, yes. – that you can subscribe to. Watch all the back catalog of videos and prepare yourselves for
the next videos to come. Thanks so much for being here! Thank you for being here! And we will see you next
time on some channel. Here, her channel, or
Friday Night Supper Club. And remember. – It’s all a matter of mind over much.
(Alyssia laughs)

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