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  1. I had really bad hay fever when I was younger. Pretty much nothing non drowsy did anything for me. I eventually ended up getting the shots and using a nasal spray, with eye drops now and then if I needed them. I lived in california for six years in my early 20's and my allergies just went away. Not sure if it was the climate or I just outgrew them. I moved back to the midwest (michigan) in my late 20's and still didn't have any issues. Now that I am in my 50's they seem to be coming back a bit. Nothing like when I was a kid though.

  2. Huh. My parents told me I had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin when I was little (rash). I never considered that I might not actually have an allergy. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I had the EXACT same thing!! I was prescribed amoxicilin to a mononucleosis when i was 15 year old and my body was covered in rash, a year later i took it again and the same rash apeared so now doctors say i am alergic to amoxicilin!! When you were discribing your case I almost fell out the chair hahahahaha what coincidence

  4. Oh my goodness! I am the person with Oral Allergy Symptom, raw bananas irritate my mouth but I can eat banana nut muffins all day.

  5. "there is no such thing as an hypoallergic pet"……

    looks at MY hypoallergenic Dog and holds close his ears Dont listen to him!

  6. I haven't gone to a family doctor in years (mainly because I don't have one anymore), but now I have a ton of exams to do (asthma and multiple problems appearing)… Should I go to one and talk about everything at once or how should I proceed?

  7. Love most of this discussion.

    The comment on anxiety feels like a little too broad and reductive. I think that certainly can be part of the rise, but as someone who has had anxiety (medicated social anxiety to be specific) it can be exasperated by other mental health issues that are not really a product of being safe in a developed and sanitized world. I think a lot of people claim clinical anxiety without being seen by a psychiatrist nowadays. One can experience anxiety without it being an ongoing issue like people can feel depressed without having Depression.

    This is obviously not his specialty (Dr. Mike or the allergist), but he is a family doctor so there's a bit of potential for that comment to be problematic to those experiencing severe anxiety.

  8. QUESTION!!!! Does prolong exposure to a certain allergy, without taking allergy medicine, affect your immune system in the long run?

  9. I'm one of those with a penicillin "allergy" that I've carried since childhood. I did the skin prick test but that was for more common allergies like grasses/trees/dust/etc. I need to actually test this out because I had a doctor nearly prescribe amoxicillin to me for strep. (Thank you nurse for actually reviewing my chart thoroughly!)

  10. Question: whenever I eat anything with mustard seeds, I end up really drowsy, i cant think, i develop headaches and end up falling asleep for a couple of hours.
    Can someone tell me why :'(

  11. I always feel that I have rusty bones/joints, like whenever I'm waking or taking the stairs it hurts to some extent as if I need oil so that the feeling of rustiness go, so my question is : Is there any kind of supplement or food that I can eat/have that helps my bones/joints . I'm 24

  12. Dr. Mike, my son had an ear infection when he was about 3-4 yo, he was prescribed amoxicillin and had a full blown hives/rash all over his body, but that was the extent of it. Now, mind you he had been prescribed amoxicillin a couple of times beforehand, and never had any symptoms. My question is…what happened??

  13. I may just be an uninformed teen, but why are my genitals (male) aways a much darker colour than the rest of my body? (I'm white if that helps) On that subject, why are my dad's hands normally purple? (He does have some ugly veritas veins on his leg and kinda poor circulation in general if that helps).

  14. Is there a preferred way to take Azelastine and Flonase together? As in take simultaneously or wait a period between between inhaling. Does taking around mealtime matter?

  15. Dr Mike has deployed a second button, he must have heard the new coronavirus information.


  16. My own experience: Severe allergies to mold, trees, grasses. Tested positive to dairy allergy (lactose intolerance) and allergy to dairy in the early 2000's. Not about to give up dairy so before consumption of diary I would take a Benadryl. After several years, I can consume as much dairy as I like without any aids. Allergy gone.

  17. So avoidance can cause allergies/allergic reactions, can over indulgence or eating too much of something also cause allergies/allergic reactions? Like is too much a bad thing?

  18. Does the immunesystem go through the same evolution when given flushoot, or when meeting the flu straight? Would the immunesystem get stronger or remember longer to fight flu, if getting through the illness? How about other vaccines?

  19. Hi tomato allergy positive here, I'll never leave my tomato.

    Never had an allergy so I think that was a false positive.

  20. This one’s giving me a giggle! Currently taking Allegra in the morning, using cromolyn nasal spray, and still having to take 50 of Benadryl every night! Otherwise when I wake up in the morning I can’t breathe out of my nose, and my throat itches to the point I have bruised the roof of my mouth scratching it with my tongue!
    Theirs only been 2 things that have made any real difference in my itch level! Shot of steroids or surgery! I had to have my gall bladder removed and for some silly reason the itch disappeared for 2 weeks heck all my allergy symptoms disappeared! Was able to take a short break from the antihistamines.
    Would love to know why that happened.
    I wasn’t given any steroids during the surgery so I know it wasn’t that.
    Wish I could afford allergy shots but unless my insurance company changes their minds I can’t afford the shots!
    Was given a quote of 300 for the first vial and 50 for each additional vial. I’m allergic to over a dozen different things.
    Mostly grass and trees. Have also developed a intolerance to beef after eating it for the majority of my life. Have had testing done that says not allergic to beef however the intense itching and abdominal pain ( hoping that that was GB related) says otherwise! Any ideas as to what’s going on?

  21. My nose gets runny everytime I run. EVERY. TIME. Inside on the treadmill or outside. At home on the treadmill or at the gym. Am I allergic to cardio? I'm serious, I'm not unfit and definitely not overweight but every time I do spin class or any cardio, my nose gets runny.

  22. I've been on vaccines for about a year and after 7 months I could already see the effects. They're expensive and a pain because you have to get a shot every month, but they work wonders.

  23. How is it that the immunsystem (which is supposed to protect our body) turns against and destroying the body as auto-immune deseases? How could auto-immun deseases become a thing, what made the immunsystem to turn against the body? E.g. Coliac
    Is there a way back?

  24. Hi, Mike.
    (I'm a german teenage-girl so sorry for my bad english.😅)
    I have an question about supplements, so those like magnesium, calium, so on…. Is there a limit befor you overdose yourselfe with this stuff, so that they can become toxic? And what could happen than?

    Btw I really like and enjoy your videos! 🤓👍

  25. Allergic to both dogs and cats, it's not really bad, I just have to avoid touching my eyes or nose otherwise my eyes get really itchy and nose gets runny.
    It's probably not a good idea but I volunteer at a cat shelter where I brush and help feral cats. For about 15 years of my life my allergies have been the same, I've been tested multiple times. I hope one day I don't have to deal with it.

  26. I got into a minor traffic accident in high school when using Benadryl. I didn't realize how out of it I was and clipped another car (in my defense, her break lights were out). Lesson learned! It doesn't even help my allergy symptoms.

  27. Doctor Mike could you make an update video on coronavirus? I’m a little freaked out. I’m from Fairfield(Solano County, CA) and I know a cruise ship of some patients of coronavirus were sent to my local airbase. (I know cuz my mom is a nurse and treated some patients) But what’s scary is I found out that there’s a case of it that I think was sent to Vacaville on the 19th but the patient wasn’t tested for coronavirus until last Sunday. From there I believe they were sent to UC Davis medical center(where I go to school). This person is young and didnt travel outside the US for years. She also wasn’t around anyone that was sick. I keep seeing reports that it’s now in my community. Can you make a video looking deeper into it? Maybe ease some concerns?

  28. I am so glad I watched this! Oral Allergy Syndrome explained my son perfectly. He has an allergic reaction, when he eats Mangos, mainly around his mouth. Sadly, he loves Mangos. However, when he eats anything with Mango in it, he doesn’t experience those issues. He also has pretty bad pollen allergies. Now I can explain it to him. Thanks!!!

  29. Hey mike can u help me out
    I suddenly caught cough and whenever I cough there is so much pressure in chest and throat.I feel like there something stuck In my throat or chest
    Can u pls help

  30. Can’t help but comment that there was nothing on heat rash. As someone who gets it regularly from a multitude of triggers it would be nice to have it explained in a bit more detail.

  31. Hey Doctor Mike! You should do a video on the Wim Hof method looking at the studies conducted and the claim that it boosts your immunity. I'm curious as to what you think of it 😮

  32. Well, if anyone knows anything about Psoriasis…

    Why when I scratch these red spots it immediately bleeds out? Is it red because of the red blood cells?
    And any other useful facts for treatment? But please, for less than 18-yr olds.

    Thank you!

  33. Glad you spoke about penicillin because I'm one of those who was told I had an allergy as a child. I recently went to the doctor for an issue, told him that was what they told me as a child (I'm 44), and he prescribed ciprofloxacin. But I've read that the FDA recommended that that not be the first thing prescribed for my fairly common thing. What I read scared me. I did take most of it but stopped when I started getting muscle soreness. It's so hard to figure out what to believe online.

  34. my mom is allergic to fur, she can stand my dog (golden doodle) who has hair. is this common? I also have a latex allergy that developed later in life and was wondering if it was also common to have allergies develop later in life

  35. While covering allergies you should also talk about things like MCAS. (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome)

    I have had to try to explain it to a lot of people especially when I use or eat something I had a reaction to in the past.

  36. Quick question: I’m 16 and I have bad knees and ankles and I live to play sports. So is there anything I can do to prevent my knees and ankles from hurting during sports?

  37. I've used benadryl since the 90s. I never get the drowsy feeling other people experience. But, I tend to not get drowsy from medications that make everyone else sleepy

  38. I am allergic to dogs, I know for a fact though that I am not allergic to bichon frises because when I was little my grandparents has a bichon frise that I was around all the time. Also hypo means below or less or under meaning it's less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other breeds not that it for sure won't.

  39. So Dr Mike I love these videos! But I do have a question, I was severely allergic to peanuts when I was younger (rashes, excessive sweating, throat swelling) when I was 15 I got tested and was told I was no longer allergic to peanuts and now they are a part of my every day diet. Some one told me that every 7 years of life you can gain new allergies and I guess “lose” other allergies. Is this true?

  40. I was supposed to be allergic to both cats and dogs. But I'm not allergic to any typoe of dog, just to cats. Not mad about it

  41. This series from you and Dr. Sukus is a GODSEND. I struggle with managing my own allergies (which are multitudinous and life-altering), and, very recently, learning that my young child has inherited my proclivity to said allergies. I've been a nervous wreck, worrying she's going to have a deadly anaphylactic reaction. Knowledge trumps fear. Thanks for doing what you do, guys!!!

  42. I'll watch the video and thank you very much 😊💛💜. But I was hoping for another covid19 video just to keep us all "anxious but not worried" u should coin that lol but everyone around me is freaking out and I'm still relaxing but we need an update please Dr. Mike

  43. When I was an infant and 5 under.. I LOVED PEANUTS. I ate them so often but sadly I developed and allergy that caused me to break out in many rashes on my stomach and stuff like that whenever I ate any type of nuts. =(

  44. Here’s a question for you Dr. Mike: What is it about mustard that makes it such a great burn heal? This is not a pseudoscience. As a child, I used Aloe Vera to heal burns. It took more than a week for Aloe Vera to heal a simple sunburn. As an adult I developed an allergy to Aloe Vera, if I put it on, it’s almost like I have a chemical burn happening that doesn’t stop and progressively gets worse until I wash the Aloe Vera off. Then one day I was listening to a YouTube Gamer’s livestream and one of his viewers said he had a second degree burn that was stinging and asked the gamer if he had any suggestions. Why he was asking a gamer and not a doctor still baffles me, but the gamer surprised me when he said “actually I do, and I know it sounds funny, but slather plain yellow mustard on it”. It blew my mind, but I thought the funnier thing is I believe him. I’ve done my own research on it, googling it, shame me. Then I got a minor sunburn on my the backs of my hands, so I decided to give it a try. Just in the first hour of putting mustard on the burn, the burn had visibly healed. The mustard neutralized the stinging of the burn and was actively reversing the damage. I never even pealed. I never could find anything supporting the ‘what, how and why mustard heals burns’ only that it was a proven cure for burns. Maybe you, with your medical connections can find out the ‘what, how and why’. What is in mustard that is curing burns? How is it curing burns? And why is this not brought up more often?

  45. Hi Dr.Mike, could you please talk about nootropics? I learn from you a lot regarding conceptions about vitamins. But how about nootropics?

  46. I was however told my my dermatologist that Dairy can exacerbate atopy – to people who have atopy, that is.

    How accurate is this?

  47. I hope the day comes when these useless and false myths disappear on the face of the earth.

    Just 2 days ago, my parents told me again that I should have eaten a LIZARD to cure my asthma (I was diagnosed about 10 years ago). I do not know if it's a common myth about asthma but it's a common one for my family. A cousin was secretly fed a cooked lizard when she was young and now she does not have asthma supposedly. Now, I do not know if she was diagnosed as asthmatic then but I told them it might just be childhood asthma and now she's not having symptoms LIKE MY OWN BROTHER, THEIR OWN SON, who did not eat a lizard. I told them to stop believing these things BUT NO I'm the wrong one.

    A few weeks ago, I also heard someone talking with my parents about a "special child", maybe a child with autism. They think he was dropped by the maid when he was a baby.

    I do not understand why it's so easy for many people to believe myths and hear-says more than educated people and people who actually test and study diseases/illnesses.

  48. Thank you for the video! I actually found out this week that I am allergic to fragrance and foods considered a fragrance were causing stomach issues. If I didn't get tested by an allergy specialist, I would have continued to think it was a GI probelm.

  49. i would suggest look into fad diets as well. gluten allergies seem to be rising more since the aktins diet which was removing gluten based foods.

  50. Im allergic to penicillin .. OR SO I THOUGHT.
    Time to get re-tested I suppose. :0

    Got diagnosed when I was a toddler, after my father saw how I reacted to it (He's a doctor lol)

  51. "You do the best you can with the information you have at the time" is underrated. Our parents did their best but we can do better.

  52. Pluto is a "dwarf planet", which means that (unlike a "classical planet") it has not cleared out it's entire orbit path…
    Basically, if you look at the path that, say, Mars travels, there's *nothing*… but there's a bunch of planetoids and rocks on the path that Pluto goes through.

  53. I’m so glad you talked about “hypoallergenic” pets. I always have to ask friends whether they have animals or not and what breed they are before I can go over to their houses. A lot of them would always say of don’t worry my pet is hypoallergenic and I have to explain to them that that doesn’t matter. I’ll still have a reaction regardless. I’ve also learned that depending on the type of food that the pets eat I can have a reaction to their saliva but it doesn’t happen with every animal.

  54. My daughter used to get a bad diaper rash and bloody stool anytime I ate legumes when she was a young infant and breastfeeding. I would avoid them for about two weeks at a time before trying them again and eventually as her gut got older she was able to digest those more complex proteins. Now she is eating solids and eats all sorts of legumes (peanuts included) with no issues.

  55. Allergy myths: I see a dog. Does that mean I'd be ok to get a dog after all? 😀 "There are no hypoallergenic pets." *cries* Dr. Mike I really just wanted you to tell me that if I wasn't so allergic to them that I couldn't be around them a little for a while that it meant I could actually get a corgi, or some kind of dog.

  56. I tried telling my child’s doctors for years that I was uncomfortable giving him Benadryl daily, and they consistently told me it was fine and the right course of action. He has a lot of allergies and chronic eczema. He was doing poorly in school although he’s a very smart kid. I switched him to Allegra without telling his doctors and he has improved drastically! When you feel something isn’t right, listen to that feeling no matter what your doctor is telling you.

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