Cord Cutting 2018 | Dish and AT&T Fighting For Your Money | Tmobile To Launch Tv and 5G| Cord Trends

whoo things getting hot net cord cutting
world we got two behemoths of crony capitalism fighting each other
slapping penises with each other rubbin vaginas however you want to say it and
we get to sit back and watch it play out but first let me put all my plus seven
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don’t know if you guys know but slim TV some of you have used it they are a core
cutting method for live TV their parent company is dish where they just dropped
HBO and I want you guys to get the combo set the conversation started early have
you sling did you like it how do you feel about it they drop HBO and the
reason being is that they’re having an invite parent company versus parent
company so dish is fighting AT&T and what they’re saying is AT&T tried to
make dish guarantee or sling excuse me guarantee a set number of subscribers
right so that’s just like when we go buy a cell phone nowadays people trying to
put us on the contract no people trying to guarantee their money
AT&T fired back and said hail to the knowledge dish we’re doing what we’re
doing because you all are collaborating with the DOJ to block AT&T s merger with
Time Warner Cable how do you guys think I feel about it y’all should already
know fuck all of them they’re all monopolies the
that they all can interweave with the government as private entities is bad
for us in the first damn place where is that veil of separation there ain’t one
it’s funny to me how these two companies when it comes to colluding to keep a
little mini monopoly like three four companies controlling something Oh their
asses have come together for that because they was together offering these
services with HBO sling dish in a TMT direct now they was together on that but
the minute one of these companies is going to be bigger than the other one so
they can screw the majority of the American people now they won all of a
sudden try to add light in each sympathy card I feel nothing for any of them
prices should have been cut a long time ago it shouldn’t take outrage from the
core cutting community outrage from customers and even all the things people
are calling piracy it shouldn’t even have never come to any of that in order
for you to do right by the consumer so a TMT is trying to get this merger done
with Time Warner they’re saying dishes colluding with the
DOJ to blocking and why wouldn’t they you’re gonna suck up half the
marketplace and for whatever the reason I hope it doesn’t happen as a supporter
of free market capitalism y’all know monopolies that are in bad what
governments are bad so let’s hope that that doesn’t happen
moving right along and other core cutting news did y’all know t-mobile one
of my favorite companies because they bust up monopolies there was one of the
first cell phone companies to do away without contracts to let you buy your
cell phone on a plan that was pretty affordable well they’re trying to do a
TV service get this they’re planning to launch in 2019 something that could
rival YouTube TV Hulu and all that everybody is getting into a core cutting
service ladies and gentlemen the only problem is unless you go underground
you’re not going to be able to get everything you want
from one place because the fees are just ridiculous I was reading a little bit
about what they’re saying t-mobile is having to pay for fees and initially
what they might charge is probably going to be about ten dollars more than
anybody else because of what they’re having to pay to get these licensing
fees now they’re planning to launch this service sometimes mid 2019 they’re not
saying what the price is going to be nor are they saying what they’re going to
offer I do believe in t-mobile and we’ll just have to see what happens with that
last thing on court cutting this week y’all remember my video I did on 5g
internet hitting the marketplace this month with Verizon t-mobile is bringing
5g to the marketplace next year and they’re talking about launching in a
hundred cities they’ve already got the hardware in place they would just need
to load up the software when you get the device in your home and what they’re
gonna try to do to be different from Verizon with Verizon’s 5g you’re gonna
have to have a technician come to your home
put a little apparatus outside of your house to go along with the 5g connector
that you’re going to have in your home t-mobile is looking for you to just have
a little box that you pull out open up sit it in the corner plug it up and that
is your hotspot if they can pull this off because we’ve already talked about
how fast 5g is going to be compared to the fastest cable fiber optic internet
you can get right now it’s gonna kick his butt by about five times if you can
have that in your home man t-mobile’s gonna open up the door and
they’re most likely going to be cheaper than what you’re going to get from
Verizon the only thing someone needs to come up with and I wish I knew how to
invent it it’s a way you can take that type of technology with you on the road
if someone can come up with a way or an app that can maybe have you connect the
hotspot in your home to an app on your phone and the app will let you open up
so that you can get into why fighters in your home on
wherever you go I just gave somebody a multi-million dollar idea don’t forget
about it brother if you’re able to do it because y’all know this is my idea and
that’s going to do it for car cutting this week keeping you updated and what’s
going on don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe go get yourself
that life gang let me know about any news you’ve heard going on in the core
cutting community anything you’re looking forward to anything you’ve heard
any nuances that we can talk about to help people keep making them gain saving
that money in core cutting and until the next sexy as hell video I’ll see you

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