Cutting With Keto | Stephen Shreds Fat | Keto Lifestyle

Cutting With Keto | Stephen Shreds Fat | Keto Lifestyle

So that’s how you make aikido coffee Butter MCT oil and some coffee blend that up got a bulletproof coffee So started in a series, I’m gonna be trying to get down to 200 pounds Currently I’m 250 pounds give or take couple pounds. I am drinking coffee if you guys just saw and I’m still clothed so this morning I weighed in at 248 pounds I’ll hop back on the scale. There’s probably gonna be around 250 251 because I’m a and Have a coffee So I’m gonna dump on the scale show you guys where we’re reigning at Our goal weight is 200 pounds after 200 pounds. I’m gonna assess the situation I’m gonna just to macros and a kilo diet and I’m trying to get as cut as possible one for you guys and one for me because I’m fucking tired of Having these chubs. I’m sweating just doing this It’s so hot where I live I think today we’re gonna go get a haircut I’ve known I’ve done I Have followed a vegan diet for two years I’ve just Mentally telling myself. I can’t have that. I can’t have that Honestly, it works until I give myself an engine Once I took that inch I went Thousand miles started binge eating whatever I could whatever I wanted And I just turned myself into Rick No, I don’t want to do the vegan diet again Though I have nothing wrong with it. It’s pretty cool. It makes me feel good and honestly people do lose a lotta weight on it and I’m not gonna be Pervious torque because whatever works for you, whatever works for you good keep working at it I Have done the key to the diet before and I didn’t follow it that hard It was a lazy keto this time gonna be a lot more strict. I don’t really know my meal plans for the series. I love taco salads I’m gonna be buying a lot of ground beef taco seasoning Maybe the light stuff because the normal stuff kind of gives me a little heartburn Cheese Sour cream hot sauce. I love Tapatio and Louisiana Hot Sauce Those two sauces are my absolute favorite So let’s go hop on the scale. That way we have a control. Wait. Okay. See you guys in a second So there we have it about 253 pounds and our goal weight is 204 of my first goal that is 53 pounds if I do not Hit my goal of 200 pounds and 50 pounds lost within 90 days one lucky subscribers gonna get $50 I might be going with my protein as a gift card deal if you guys have any keto supplement companies That you prefer going comment in the comment section below. I do want to know what they are I do prefer my protein. I am going to be trying out a keto meal from American metabolic soon So stay updated on that and I’ll try to do a review first Cookies-and-cream ISO Pro creatine monohydrate now For this flavor, which is raspberry lemonade You have to dilute it like crazy That or do half the scoop because it honestly does not taste good If I was gonna get creatine monohydrate again I would go with an unflavored version or a different flavor because honestly the raspberry lemonade is not good Next up we got l-glutamine So after these workouts, I’m gonna be trying to taking this as much as possible to help out with muscle recovery Next up we’ve got branched chain amino acids another supplement. We got is omega-3 Now for a pre-workout and got my pre v2 watermelon My arms yo But you know All right So the plan today head over to the gym hit the sauna and then do leis and then triceps after that We’re gonna go get haircut because honestly this Mane again a little bit harder to control All right, Jim session is done worked out the triceps quads the hamstrings and the calves Honestly, this is the first time I’ve been in the gym for maybe a month and a half, so kind of Waiting to see how I feel tomorrow, I’m gonna take some glutamine and some clas and I see it all carnitine Have a good one stay fit Stephon sign it out. Hope you have a good one

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  1. You got this! DON'T BUY TACO SEASONING IN A PACKET!! It has maltodextrin in it. Maltodextrin is 110 on the glycemic index (table sugar is 65 so yikes)! Make your own taco seasoning. Honestly, I have a video for taco salad but I don't want to toot my own horn so you can look up keto taco seasoning. It's easy to make. Keep it up!

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