Dairy-Free Diets Are Dangerous

Dairy-Free Diets Are Dangerous

It’s Mike here and today a quick video about bones and dairy and urban myths. About a week ago there was a seemingly organized onslaught, an armada of articles saying that dairy-free diets are dangerous. The common main point was, if you don’t get calcium from dairy you should fear for your bones.These articles came as a response to the National Osteoporosis Society’s press release about a survey they did on diets. The press release warned that a large portion of young adults are giving up or massively reducing their intake of dairy and hailed dairy as “vital in building bone strength when you are young” now it has been like 10 days since all of this hubbub, which is like three years in internet time, but honestly this concept has been conveyed to me for as long as I can remember, that we required dairy. So it was never new to begin with, and I do think this was a factor that prevented me from going vegan, from ditching dairy even sooner. I remember when I first went vegan I was swinging on a pole or something and my mom was like *gasping* *imitating* Oh my Michael, careful your bones are gonna snap because you don’t eat dairy anymore. Now where did she get that idea? So this idea does run pretty deep, and I do have several videos where I touch on the negative health impacts of dairy, but I wanted to present two concepts that I haven’t covered very much, that I think will make a good argument as to why this “Your bones will snap if you don’t eat dairy” campaign doesn’t make any sense. So two basic concepts that I think will put the mythical nature of this idea into perspective. Point number one, simply put, humanity basically wasn’t eating any dairy until about 10,000 years ago. And dairy consumption didn’t become widespread for another few thousand years, so let’s zoom out and get some context here. Anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens, have been around for about 100,000 to 200,000 years and their predecessors, which had about similar requirements of calcium, have been around for millions of years. To give the other side the benefit of the doubt I won’t go further back than our ancestors that walked on two feet. It’s not that walking requires more calcium than swinging from trees but, just for comparison, let’s draw the line there. Our first ancestor that went up-right and walked on two feet was Australopithecus and that was four million years ago. So this right here is the period in which humans have consumed dairy and this is the period in which humans and their ancestors ate zero dairy, those dangerous dairy-free diets, for literally 99.75% of this timeline. How do these people survive? How did they even form bones?! Actually, studies show that their bones were stronger than ours, that, right about the time that we started milking cows, coincidentally, our bones got less dense. As this study mentions “Compared with other primates and earlier human species, contemporary humans possess relatively lightly-built skeletons.” Yes, the bone density of people who didn’t farm and milk cows was approximately 20% higher. And no this was not some crazy overnight genetic shift. Modern people, who have an increased level of exercise, can easily achieve Paleolithic bone densities. And this is probably due to physical activity decreasing and a lot of things changed around the time of Agriculture starting, but this really does fly in the face of the idea that you need dairy to have strong bones. And if you were looking at human history only from the perspective of dairy and bone density you would think that dairy was the worst thing that ever happened to our bones. Point number two that makes these claims against dairy-free diets even worse is lactose intolerant ethnic groups. According to the National Institute of Health, about 65% of people on planet Earth are lactose intolerant past infancy. Yes, that’s the majority of the world and looking at particular ethnic groups, East Asians for example, are 90 plus percent lactose intolerant. In terms of indigenous Americans 80 plus percent. Ashkenazi Jewish populations 60 to 80 percent, and as Milton Mills mentioned in “What the Health”, which I highly recommend watching, because 70% of African Americans are lactose intolerant and the US dietary guidelines say drink milk from a cow daily, that the US dietary guidelines are a fundamental form of institutionalized racism. Simply put, it’s wrong that government recommendations define a healthy diet as one that includes a product that most people are genetically intolerant to. Finally, in case you are still afraid of weak bones on a vegan diet, here is a study done on elderly Buddhist nuns and they found that the vegans had the same density as the non-vegans. And I think it goes without saying that there are plenty of good sources of plant calcium. To add insult to injury to all of this the National Osteoporosis Society, the one that fueled this onslaught of articles, well, they are partnered with major dairy players, such as Yoplait, who makes yogurt, and the a2 Milk Company. No surprise there. In summary, I hope that looking at the different ethnicities of the world and their lactose intolerance, and how we haven’t been consuming dairy for 99.75% of the time we’ve been walking on two legs, and how those vegan nuns have the same bone density as non-vegan nuns, all comes together to create a strong case against the claims that dairy-free diets are dangerous, the claims of these dairy industry partners. The question is, will the dairy industry be able to keep these urban myths that we require dairy alive? We will see. For now I think that that 65% of the world that is lactose intolerant should reserve the full right to be offended by these dairy claims. We simply don’t need dairy. Alright, that’s it for today. Feel free to comment down below. I’d love to hear your opinion. Feel free to like, subscribe, buy out a non-profit foundation, release a press release about how dairy-free diets are awesome, and I will see you next time, thanks for watching.

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  1. I am allergic to milk and didnt eat much meat as a child and became vegetarian at 16 and now vegan at 18. But all throughout elementary school and middle school i was getting awards for physical fitness in gym classes. I was always more physically active and stronger. And elementary school through my senior year in high school i was scoring higher on physical fitness tests. I would always get comments like "wow. You are strong. You must drink a lot a milk" but i grew up drinking water and soy milk and now drink water and almond milk occasionally. Ive never had a problem with weak bones. I broke a toe and fractured my foot at the same time in 4th grade but didnt realize it until days after the pain had started so i really dont know how i broke it. I broke my nose when i was 4, i fell out of a tree. Then broke my nose a second time when i was 6 and fell down concrete stares. (No. My nose is not deformed. Infact it looks great, like i got a good nose job. Lol)
    But most of us have broken a bone or 2. And im sure most anyone who pancakes their face on concrete would also break their nose. I would definitely stand by the fact that milk does not make a difference in our bone structure. And btw why would we need milk meant for another species babies anyway?

  2. well, but what about calcium? he doesnt say which plants are high in it. also, what about probiotics? it would seem to me that something like whole-milk, plain kefir is a healthy thing to drink

  3. I am happy that more and more people are awakening!!!! Plus, calcium is a mineral, it would make more sense that it's in plants that get their nutrients from the soil! #plantbased #vegan #forlife!!!!!

  4. I am a 45 year old man. As recently as a week ago, I used to drink a gallon of milk every two days. I went vegan this past week after encouragement from my daughter and watching your videos and doing research. I have never felt better in my life. I am sleeping better, have more energy and just feel better overall. Thank you for the time you spend to educate us. My wife and 12 year old son have also made the switch. I can't believe I used to worry more about what kind of gas I put in my car than what I put in my own body. Thanks again!

  5. hi there, myself lactose intolerant whom experienced several years suffering pain; so i definetly connect with everything you mention here (as well as other studies/issues mentioned in your other videos. Such information & clear-cut facts concerning source of sickness or disease,-can really help others across countries to better understand what's going-on on a larger scale! Good luck with the work you are already doing☺👍👌✅

  6. My father has had massive digestive system problems since about 30, including; fatty liver, kidney stones, kidney cancer, colon cancer, IBS, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. On top of this he has a rare ocular melanoma, a fusion of his spine from a broken back, plates in his ankle from a motorcycle accident and depression. So a mess basically. After I saw 'what the health' and took some time to review the articles discussed not only did I make my Husband and 20 mo old boy start eating vegan but I begged both my mom and dad to watch it and please consider a diet change. What was most compelling to me for my father was the reduction in cancer risk and the increase in cancer fighting abality a vegan diet offers. All his cancers are in remission but it is well documented that at some point, ranging from mounths to years, the more rare cancer will manifest itself in the liver and then he will die soon after. After seeing it the response from my parents was very disappointing, from my dad most so "I am at a healthy weight and am happy with my life now, who knows how long I have so I would rather just enjoy my life and eat like I like to rather than changing everything just on the current fad idea that I might live longer. " 😟

  7. You fuckking piece of shit losers..!! They eat lots of meat products, instead of dairy.! Vegan losers doesn’t know the truth. How many years you gonna live? Vegan Losers.!! One life live it

  8. it' crazy that this is still perpetuated! We are weaned, like other mammals… and then started to drink the milk of another animal for no particular reason than we could! We survived before cows milk, and rather well by archeological records!

  9. I agree that less animal products in our diet are better for our health. However, this man should have read the whole journal article about the Buddhist nuns. They aren't vegan, they are vegetarian and milk products are part of their diet. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/24261317_Veganism_bone_mineral_density_and_body_composition_A_study_in_Buddhist_nuns

  10. And there is even medicine for lactose intolerance when people should not consume dairy in the first place 🙄 Pharmaceutical companies producing medicine are best friends with animal products industry…

  11. Dairy has calcium so…. it helps develop the bones
    Meat has protien so…. it help develop your muscle and not just muscles

  12. I got this alot, even before i went vegan. I was always lactose intolerant and would be the kind to get abdominal distress and even defecate white splotches (very common in people who consume dairy while being lactose intolerant) I had tried going dairy free and my dad would just tell me that I'm not actually lactose intolerant and that the more milk I consume, the more I'd get used to it and not have those issues. Well, safe to say that never happened and when I moved out, I cut all dairy out of my life for good, along with animal products.

  13. Think about it: every animal stops drinking milk after a certain age, but we continue on. if we needed milk, nobody would be lactose intolerant

  14. It is funny how very smart you are (I really enjoy your channel), yet you believe in evolution… Research Flat Earth, Eric Dubay is your best starting point. Peace

  15. I stopped drinking milk for almost a year, but I went back to it. Why? because it gives me energy. I can't function without it.

  16. You're not lactose intolerant you're just not a baby cow lol. When i was a kid i remember thinking that yogurt was the healthiest thing ever lol cos its what i was told. Like those munch bunch ads etc.

  17. In middle school my overweight health teacher told us “There are girls who didn’t drink enough milk and when they are 20 they break their ribs every time they cough.” She said this happens all the time. Not sure why it was specifically girls either. She said this would happen to all of us if we didn’t drink milk 3 times a day every day.

  18. As I teach Chinese and Taiwanese children, I often ask them what food they like to eat, and most of them say it's milk, amog other things. I ask them if it's soy milk or cow's milk, and they say it's cow's. Aren't they supposed to be lactose intolerant? It seems that Asian force younger generations to consume milk. This is very negative, as cow's milk is something that only a calf should drink. Asians have become greatly influenced by the Western culture. Parents think they are doing good for their children, but they are just exposing them to autoimmune diseases. Poor children :/

  19. Well that Milton Mills comment is extremely ignorant. In some parts of Finland 60% of population is lactose intolerant. In some parts of Africa people can use milk products. Some European groups in North- and East-Europe started using milk products very recently. Im Finnish and most of my family is lactose intolerant and I know a ton of people who are lactose intolerant, but most of them are not diagnosed. Here you ALWAYS have non-lactose option everywhere you go so many people simply dont use regular products. I dont believe the official stats at all when it comes to certain parts of Europe. They are probably based on diagnoses.

  20. The Buddhist Nun study is cross sectional and so cannot tease out cause and effect.


  21. Dairy-free diets are indeed very dangerous…for dairy farmers, who will no longer be able to earn a living through animal abuse.

  22. If you stop consuming dairy and then dont eat the plants that contain calcium then you will be deficient. Unfortunately, most people aren't going to eat an adequate amount of plants to get enough calcium.

  23. So you are taking the diet of the early humans as an example of why no dairy was needed to evolve the way we as a species did. But you are missing out on the fact that their diet was highly based on meat and that this was the reason why our brains evolved the way they did, yet this partucular part of their diet is also considered bad by a lot of vegans.

  24. Also a reminder but people mix often intolerance and dairy allergy. Allergy react on fat of the milk, lactose is from the sugar in the milk.

  25. Preposterous! Where do you think the flipping cows get the nutrition from …😀? Bones becomes stronger by using it. Dairy is poisonous & should be banned from schools and supermarkets.

  26. Should have included in your argument the excretion of heaps of calcium in our urine with an animal protein diet – article for example https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4446759/#__ffn_sectitle

  27. You say that, but i just snapped my phalanges on the keyboard because i have switched over to almond milk. 🙁

  28. I'm from Poland. From 1st to 6th grade they would give you milk at school everyday and tell you how important it is to you to eat it. I never liked milk so I would never drink it and everyone one was like "You'll never be higher than you are bc you don't drink milk"

  29. OK, I just lost it when he impersonated his mom, " Oh my Mike, you're bones are gonna snap 'cause you don't eat dairy any moah"…rofl. love your videos, Mic.

  30. I can't have dairy.. Literally!! I have a dairy allergy and pay miserably when I consume even the tiniest amount. I was never a big milk drinker but I loved creamy sauces, cheese everything, cream filled goodies.. But my body slapped me down for consuming it, this includes lactose, casin, and whey. It's not too hard being dairy free.. Lucky there are so many options out there now to make it less painful.

  31. I want to become vegan. yet in my research I keep seeing all these ex vegans who say that they drank raw milk and organic eggs and there health improved and they had more energy

  32. Hey Mike,
    I checked out this video today.
    I watch your channel on a regular and share it with friend & family.

    I broke my ankle and have a small surgery tomorrow morning to put a plate in place.

    Was wondering if you could do a video on Plant based Nutrition and healing broken bones. And what are the best foods to get to help heal broken bones and tissue as fast as possible.
    I am a Chef & Restaurant Owner and being down and out I am unable to be at work helping my husband with our restaurant. I am a very active extrem sports vegan and not use to all this down time.

    I am ready to get the surgery over with and get the real healing started. I hope you have time to do this video, I will be layed up for the next 6 weeks and I think others in the future could use it too.

    Let me know if you make one on this subject.
    Thanks for your work.
    Kinsey Varas

  33. Bone Density is primarily dictated by activity. That is what the study ( recent origin of low trabecular bone density in modern humans) basically concluded. Diet MAY have played a role (I certainly believe so) but we shouldn't make a statement about dairy being an issue associated with this study. IMHO only!!! Otherwise GREAT INFO.

  34. I still remember clearly sitting in school nurses office at 7 years young, looking at all those posters telling us to drink x-amount of milk or have other dairy products everyday to get calcium. All I was thinking that its stupid to drink milk from other species… and then later the nurse almost couldnt understand my words when I told I dont drink milk anymore. "But you need milk to get calcium!" uhm, nope I can get it from plants. "But you dont get enough of calcium from plants, you should have dairy for it" argh, theyre so brainwashed 🙁 If dairy is necessary for humans to consume, then why I had annoying mucus on my throat after having it? I wasnt lactose intorelant as kid, but later I couldnt even have lactose free ice cream, my stomach got so messed up. If we need dairy so much for calcium, why it does have such effects on people?

  35. Uffff when I told my dad I’m switching to plant based milk he laughed and said oh but cow milk has fat and protein that were designed for us. Hahahahahaha tell me why I’m lactose intolerant if that were the fucking case :))))

  36. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE this channel, one of the arguments is completely inaccurate. In the paper "Veganism, bone mineral density, and body composition: A study in Buddhist nuns" they actually do a study on omnivores nuns vs lacto-vegetarians (they consume dairy). So you might want to remove this reference.

    The only reason we should do it is cause the industry sucks, it's brutal, it's just wrong to hurt animals. oh and that pus in milk? just try to find alternative veggie sources or fortified products.

  37. Hey Mic! I have a question.
    Where do you think vegetarians a hundred years ago could get b12 from if they went vegan? Assuming, they ate washed fruits/veggies and did not drink dirty water. Though I think dairy is unnatural and very unhealthy, do you think dairy consumption could be justified for b12 a hundred years ago and before when there were no supplements like we have today. Please enlighten me with your inputs on the same. Thank you.
    P.S. I am a vegan.

  38. My mom used to preach against milk when I was a kid because she came across NotMilk.com, yet she consistently cooked with cheese, cream cheese, butter, whipping cream, etc. We were sick alllll the time and on antibiotics frequently… at which time she would give us yogurt because she thought we needed probiotics. Womp womp.

  39. good video. Thanks. I'm trying so hard. I believe in being vegan. Have only used soy milk for years, currently switching to nut. But I CRAVE, CRAVE, CRAVE butter, sour cream, heavy cream, anything cream! The fat in it? The salt in it? I don't know. it's like heroin to me! I'm juicing every day now, & eating tons of veggies, but it's interrupted my sleep patterns & I feel sad. Any suggestions?

  40. My mother in law literally just told me that raw nuts are dangerous for our bones unless we are drinking milk or taking calcium supplements. I was screaming on the inside but knew that nothing I could say would land with her, so I just cringed and said "huh". D:

  41. Calcium makes your bone stronger. Milk is not the only food to get you a calcium.

    Milk or dairy can give u high dosage of stiffness or boner tho . And more semen base on my experience. 🍆

  42. Do these morons who actually believe this "you need dairy for calcium or your bones will shatter" drivel actually know what dairy is?

    Dairy products are products comprised of cow's milk, so why would evolution make human beings required to drink the milk of completely different animal for a required nutrient for bone health?

  43. Ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Caucasian Civilization creators older than any, what do they have in Common?… MILK

  44. Ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians & Greeks, the greatest Minds & CIVILIZATION CREATORS, they fueled their Minds through MILK.

  45. The Agenda against the Higher IQ having Caucasians, is pretty clear. The Lactose Intolerant people could never create a Civilization. China came too late in History.

  46. Apes like the ones this guy is showing, were Hominids, & did not drink Milk & were Mindless. Wow desperate much Lefty? 😂

  47. I never ate dairy. I never ate an egg, drank milk, ate yoghurt as such. I did eat things where they were ingredients of. But from birth i hated pretty much all animal products. I learned to eat some meats but cheese and egg….cheese i ate for the first time when i was in my 20s.
    I'm 1.72 and healthy. Since about a year im vegan and never felt better. Oh and i never broke a bone in my life and 4 years ago my bonedensety was perfect….

  48. Fluoride locks up calcium. Great for teeth. But, maybe bad for every other bone. Just I my thoughts on osteoporosis.

  49. Mammals would die off without beginning their lives with Dairy. Primates nurse their young for, like, 3 yrs, Chimpanzees 5 yr. Dairy is an essential building block of life for Mammals and so clearly offers unique elixir properties. Factory Farming IS evil, but Dairy is good.

  50. Excellent human timeline. It’s the carnivore diet folks who should worry since they’re not eating calcium from milk OR plants!

  51. Whilst I agree dairy is bad for you due to the main reason of hormone injections, its laughably stupid for you to assume how humans used to look like and what they used to intake. Your argument is so weak, it's probably the main reason why not many people watch your videos. Just talk about the side effects and not how you think what humans used to take. Humans were not apes back in the day and they did not evolve so that makes your argument look like that of a 12 year olds

  52. Your good sources of plant calcium are riddled with oxalates and phytates… surely that's more ironic than lactose intolerance

  53. my mother has a pretty low bone density, now she says it'S because of the milk products she doesn't consume anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️

  54. i just wish these diets were cheaper at places other than farmers markets. i would love to go raw vegan, but its so expensive as i am also not near any bulk stores like costco or sams… once i move though thats gonna change

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