Day 1 | Intermittent Fasting | Meal Plan | Diet Plan | Weight Loss (In Telugu 2019)

Day 1 | Intermittent Fasting | Meal Plan | Diet Plan | Weight Loss (In Telugu 2019)

Followed 16/8 intermittent fasting method. The whole day in between drank water to keep body hydrated. Day 1 – Diet/Meal Plan Take a glass of luke warm water early morning Plain Luke Water Water. No honey or Lemon added Drink room temperature or luke warm water at regular intervals and keep body hydrated Started 8 hours of meals from 11:30am onwards Idli – 4 only (donot exceed the number so to be in control) Curry Leaves Powder – Very healthy dry chutney to improve blood sugar levels, anemia, cholesterol Improves digestion as well Add little clarified butter or ghee in this curry leaves powder and idli. Tastes so good Keep drinking water in between may be every half hour Lunch meals at 1:00pm Foxtail Millets Keema Curry Chilli Chicken Sambhar Make sure you take less quantities and then add more if needed. Especially Foxtail millets will be too heavy. For 24 hours I couldn’t eat anything after having this meal. So adjust quantities as needed Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Didn’t eat dinner as lunch was way too heavy. So skipped eating for next 24 hours.

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  1. Sis naku pcod undhi 5 years ga Medici use cheyalekaa chachipothunnanu asalu set avvadam ledhu na age 21 weight 65 height 5.2 andi doctors weight thaggamantunnaru naku asalu ela thaggalo ardam kavadam ledhu intermetted fasting meru chala baga exaplain chesthunnaru but nenu ela fellow avute baguntundho cheppandi sis plz nenu day antha water thaguthu food thinakunda ayina untanu but ala unte enka weight gain avutharu ani antunnaru nenu fast ga weight loss ela avvalo plz clear ga expain cheyandi sis day to night varaku ela em thinali enty ani plzz reply

  2. Hai.. Andhi… Na age 28..weight 72kg..height 5.0…pcod vachndhi andhi medicine m use cheyatm ldu… Nenu eh deit follow avali mam… Pls suggest me.. Ur mail id r mob no mam for some doubts i hav…

  3. Nenu OMAD i mean 23:1 tho diet start chesanu but naku result kanipinchatledu 3 weeks passed and only 2kgs loss ayanu so change cheyali anukuntunanu 16:8 ki change cheyocha ala avali can you please give me reply process amina untunda

  4. Nen 14:10 tho start chesanu 10:30 ki 3chapathi any curry 1:30 ki 1.5 cup rice veg curry 5:0 pm ki small cup tea night 1cup rice any veg non veg curry tisukuntunanu edhi naku help avthundha cheppandi

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